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  1. Shoot me a PM! As I said, any role that doesn't have a "Yes" for confirmation means it's still open. You'll just be in competition with another voice actor for the role.
  2. TLDR; More artists and voice actors are needed, please comment if you're interested in joining our project! Hello everyone, I’m Joev14, or Joel. You may be familiar with my work on the Bionicle: Audio Narration Project, a project that included full voice acting, SFX, and Music for narrating the Bionicle Chronicles series, my Exo-Force Reviews, or my Podcast. Since completing Chronicles ANP, I have been searching for another project to work on, and was approached by a member of this community named Casiano (AKA Toa Fierek), to be voice director of a new project—a project that aims to create six video motion comics of the Bionicle 2006 story. I have now taken on the role of lead director of the project, and since then work has gotten underway. We currently have a team of five artists (Kevin Adorno, Julie Stewart, Felix Lortie, Henry Price, and Alice Rieker). I have posted some of Julie and Felix’s work below as a reference. In addition to art, the comic will feature a fully voice-acted cast for the various characters. I have included a spreadsheet with the various roles, as well as people who I’m considering for them. If an actor has a “Yes” next to their name, it means they have been confirmed for that role. Anyone who doesn’t has not been confirmed for that role, and other people are completely free to try out for that role; I will choose the actor that I think suits the role best. Those of you who haven’t yet heard of or joined this project, we have a discord server and would love to hear your auditions, or see your artwork! Many possible ways of helping with the project are still open, and we’d love to have you join us. Those of you who are already part of the project, please PM me your email so I have a solid form of communication with you as the project continues; this will solidify your role for voice acting or artwork. We look forward to presenting our first episode in the next few months; based off the 2006 short story “Hope”, written by Lady Kopaka (who has graciously offered to help be involved in the project).
  3. I'm sorry nobody has posted on this yet. This is super cool! I absolutely love the colorscheme and the leg design. It reminds me of Kraid from the Metroid series!
  4. I honestly think we did have a golden age of story driven lego themes, it just only lasted from 2006-2008, with Mars Mission, Knights Kingdom, Bionicle, and Exo-Force all being a part of that. I find it interesting you should mention ratchet joints. I actually prefer them when it comes to leg articulation at least, as I think it provides stronger stability. Lego nailed this in the final wave with the Deep Jungle sets, as the majority of the models had ratchet joints in places that were weight bearing, and ball joints in places that were meant to be more poseable. Sadly, Deep Jungle sold the worst out of all the waves. Some claim this was because people were already turned off by the Golden City Era, though I must personally say that while Deep Jungle did add a lot of nice parts and fixed a lot of the gripes I had with earlier sets, it just didn't jive as well with the two earlier years. Incidentally, my Uplink and Sentry review launched today. I specifically bring up the very nice poseability included in this super bargain priced sets. https://youtu.be/IDoTMu8gsX4
  5. Reviewed what seems to be everyone's favorite set!
  6. I do very much wish Exo-Force would be given a second run, or if they tried something similar to it. Comic books and anime are all the rage right now and so rebooting a series or starting a new one would be a really good move. Ninjago has some similar elements of Japanese design, but they aren't quite as full into as Exo-Force was. Incidentally, I just released my review of the Fire Vulture today. Check it out below!
  7. Well, it would appear the last Exo-Force group died awhile back, so why not breath some new life into it? I'm Joev14, the owner of the Lego Exo-Force wiki, and creator of the Bionicle: Audio-Narration Project. I'm a huge fan of Exo-Force and would even argue that the series took up more of my interest during it's run than Bionicle did at the time, as I purchased every Exo-Force set during it's run, though I tried my hardest to keep up with Bionicle during those three years as well, I missed quite a few of the 2008 sets at the time. I've recently recovered my love for the series, and have decided to start up a second YouTube channel where I will be reviewing every single set ever released in the series, plus a couple of sets that were never released, all in glorious HD! Alongside this, I will be creating audiobook version of the Exo-Force books, so you too can experience the joys of the series the same way I did. For those of you who are interested, here is a link to the Exo-Force comics that everyone is so fond of as well. Please post any comments you have regarding these below, I'd also love to see some MOCs and Stories related to Exo-Force, or just hear about any memories you have growing up with the series!
  8. Please see my channel for updates regarding the future of the series.
  9. Hey guys! We're back with the final book in the Bionicle Chronicles series! Check out the new topic here for the latest on the project!
  10. So it's been an eternity and a half (actually a year and a half, look how times flies!) since the previous release of the Bionicle: Audio Narration Project. I'm finally here to wrap up the Bionicle Chronicles Series, and will also be starting up a new project for those of you who stay tuned! So without further a do, Bionicle Chronicles, Book 4: Tales of the Masks. Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
  11. Fantastic look! The claws and torso especially are eye-catching. Though, I have to address something that I see a ton of people doing, and I can't quite understand why. The mask really terribly breaks up the rest of the model. While I understand your want to use the infected Hau, it really breaks up the colorscheme of the rest of the model. I would say either implement some more red to the rest of the MOC, or simply swap out that infected Hau for a black Hau Nuva (they do exist).
  12. My theory senses are tingling. This is so cool.
  13. The project was reopened with a reduction in the voice cast.
  14. After a long hiatus, the Bionicle: Audio-Narration-Project (or ANP for short), has finally returned! The entire third book in the Chronicles series, Makuta's Revenge, is available to listen to all at once right here!
  15. This is precisely what I was thinking, only in a cleaner 3d printed look. This is certainly the idea I had in mind though! Is anyone here capable of (and willing to) 3d print the separate parts and assembe them?
  16. When you look back on the years of Bionicle (both generation 1 and 2), Both series had wonderful set designs and concepts, but there is absolutely no denying that the newer models had better articulation. In our final year, 2016, we got to see something that was previously exclusive only to the largest of Titan sets: waist articulation. Looking back even further to the classic/golden years of Bionicle (2001-2003), we had even less articulation! Necks and knees were introduced in the very last wave of canister sets in 2003, and we didn't get to see the standardization of elbows until 2004 and onward. I've seen dozens of people pouring their hearts and souls into 3D printing masks (specifically the 2016 Mask of Ultimate Power), but I've been shocked to see that nobody has thought to try some other things with 3D printing at their disposal. The classic Bionicle sets are some of the most beloved sets in all our hearts, I have no doubt, namely the 2001 Toa sets. But these very first sets were limited to mere ankle, hip, and shoulder movement, only some of them even had wrists! Ah. The classic Bionicle arm/leg piece. Something I'm sure many of you recognize. Maybe you even get a little bit of a nostalgic tingle in you when you see it. But despite this, it hasn't aged well in comparison to some of the more advanced CCBS limb articulation designs, has it? Looking at this piece's design, you can see the greebling to make it appear as though it can be articulated in the center, with pistons and an opening in the middle as though it was meant to bend. In fact, as you can see in the first picture of Tahu above, much of the box art and promotional design showed sets with these pieces bent in these exact ways! What if it could bend though? Surely with the technology of 3D printing at our disposal, it's possible? This piece is only the first I would love to see modernized. Is it possible? A few ideas jump to mind, namely taking the piece and separating it in the middle, and placing something like one of these on each half, allowing them to connect and bend. I believe the standard leg/arm would be the simplest to design, but there are plenty of other classic parts that would do marvelously with additional articulation, such as these The biggest challenge, however, would be in finally bringing the 2001 sets up to date with the 2016 ones entirely, by giving them waist articulation in this piece. Have you ever wondered if this was possible? Do any ideas that I haven't mentioned jump to mind? Please post and help me make this idea a reality!
  17. (Let me preface this topic by stating that I'm pretty sure this isn't quite the proper subforum for this topic, however I'm not entirely sure where it would fit. It's more of a showcase of various Bionicle media more than anything). Some of you may know me for my 2001 Rahi Revamps or my Bionicle: Audio-Narration Project, but for those of you who do not, I am Joev14, owner of Infinite Inspiration Incorporated. As a huge collector of Bionicle, and of Lego in general, most people are impressed to hear I own every single Bionicle set from 2001-2010 and 2015-2016 (including Click, Klakk, and Turaga Lhikan, while excluding all other non-canon promo sets). However, while I am personally proud of my collection of sets, I am in many ways even more proud of my collection of Bionicle Literature. Over the years I have not only collected every chapter book, but also every other piece of literature and media you can imagine, from comics, to games, to physical copies of story serials. So get ready for a showcase of every piece of story material you might need to immerse yourself completely, in the world of Bionicle. For reference, I plan on creating physical editions of The Crossing, Journey's End, and a compiled edition of all the Bionicle short stories. Overview Chapter Books/Informational Books/Movies Informational Books (Credit to Tolkein for the Matoran Dictionary Second Edition) Custom Bionicle Bookmark (Link to inside) Bionicle Story Serials (Link to all serials) Bionicle GBA Games Bionicle Comics Collection (Link to inside) Bionicle Mata/Nuva/Ioka Black Light Scene
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