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BBC #69: Vezon - Master of Anarchy

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Hello everyone, today I am here to show you my entry: Vezon - Master of Anarchy!
Entry Picture

On one of his many dimension hopping adventures, Vezon ended up on the mystical island of Okoto. There, he realized the the local Toa team did not recognize him, so he hatched a dastardly scheme. He claimed to be the Master of Anarchy, and vowed to fight beside the Toa for justice. But that charade can only last so long, and Vezon will eventually have to kill Tahu and his friends.

Close Up

Spear of Fusion
I wanted to do a different take on the Spear of Fusion, so I took inspiration from Vezon's debut comic appearance where his spear is oddly warped. It also reminds of Loki's scepter from The Avengers, and who doesn't like Loki?

Side View

Back View

I dunno
Vezon doesn't know how he got here.

Heroic Pose
Vezon strikes a pose to show how much of a hero he is. He got sick soon after this photo was taken.

Shhh, be vewy quiet, I'm hunting Tahus!
Vezon arrives on Okoto and prepares to take out Tahu.

Let me tell you a tale
Vezon recounts tales of glory to his new BFF Tahu.

The inevitable betrayal
All good things must come to an end, including the Master of Fire.

So there you have it, I hope you guys like him and constructive criticism is welcome. I don't think I'll win but hopefully I'll get a few votes at least. Anyways, have a nice day.

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Library Topic ^ Credit to Llortor for the custom Nuva Symbols

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Nice work you've got here. I like how it captured Vezon's original "spindly yet savage" appearance. The updated spear of fusion was a nice touch, too. Good job!


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Ah a fellow Vezon contender  ;)

I like how the larger silver spikes look on his feet. I only had the viking horns so I couldn't try out using the larger ones, nice to see it in use here. 

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A simple design, but it works in capturing Vezon's look. Love the feet and their resemblance to the original Piraka pieces. Redesigned spear is pretty nifty too.


Honesly, not much to say. It's simple but effective - sometimes that's better than complex and effective. Great job!




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