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Bonkle Rim

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When the worlds of Pacific Rim and BIONICLE collide, you can expect stuff to happen.

Kaiju begin falling into the Matoran Universe, and the Vortixx start building…




It’s now your turn to get a character, get into a Jaeger, and PUNCH A KAIJU REALLY HARD IN THE FACE! Or become a Kaiju and PUNCH A JAEGER REALLY HARD IN THE FACE!

To join the game, just fill out a profile and when you’re approved, jump into the game!


The aim of the game is to get as large of a killstreak as possible during the ten weeks of Bonkle Rim, by, as you can guess, if you’re piloting a Jaeger, killing Kaiju, and if you’re a Kaiju, by destroying Jaegers.


Because we want to make this fun, drifting is not necessary. You can create characters that pilot their Jaeger on their own, but be warned: if you do drift, your Jaeger will get some stat boosts. You aren’t allowed to create two characters which drift with each other; if you want to drift, you can only play one of the characters, and a different player has to play the other.


The MKs and Cats differ, MK 1 and Cat 1 and 2 are both fast melee fighters, MK 2 is a ranged sniper, while Cat 3 is a fast assassin. Cat 4 and MK 3 are both powerhouses with heavy weaponry and strong melee attacks, but slow. MK 4 and 5 and Cat 5 are reserved for BOSS characters.








Name: Arkie

Species: Kaiju ######-kicking Ko-Matoran

Gender: Female

Weapon: Crossbow

Appearance: Tall, white all over, wears a powerless Kanohi Hau.


Jaeger name: Jat

Class: MK V

Weaponry: Twin plasma cannons on the shoulders, capable of taking down a Cat 5 Kaiju; Rocket fists; swords stored in the arms, able to cut through a Kaiju’s hide with ease; “The Godkiller”- a hammer which easily crushes Kaiju skull.

Appearance: ‘Tis a colossus. 100 metres tall, painted in blue and white.

Crew: Arkie




Name: “Sharky”

Species: Kaiju

Category: 5

Adaptation: Knifehead, with huge teeth that leak kaiju blue when they bite, and a large dorsal fin on its back. It also has jagged claws on each of its arms. It’s tail has a large axe like feature on it.

“Gender”: Male

Appearance: He is a Knifehead. Much bigger than most Kaiju, with light green energy markings on his body. His “knife” is jagged. He also has a pair of “fins” on his back, which are actually wings.




Profile templates:



Species: (Matoran, Vortixx, Kaiju)

Category (Applicable only to Kaiju): (Similar to Jaeger, but Category 2 is more agile and weak)

Weapon (Applicable only to Matoran and Vortixx):

Adaptation (Applicable only to Kaiju):


Jaeger profile template:


Class: (Mk 1-3)(Mk 1 is fast melee fighting, Mk 2 is more ranged, and MK 3 is a powerhouse.)






Approved profiles:


Name: Klawz

Species: Kaiju

Category: 3

Adaptation: Kaiju Blue: Klawz can launch streams of Kaiju Blue from his mouth which melt through Jaeger armour like acid.

Appearance: LOTS AND LOTS OF SPIKES. Klawz has the standard brown Kaiju hide, with pulsing channels of red light running across the skin.

Player: Makuta Miras


Name: Omega

Species: Fa-Matoran

Weapon: A small handgun

Gender: Male

Appearance: Beefy, with a powerless great Ruru. He has an omega symbol painted on his ruru. Is black and gold.

Player: Sharkydane


Name: Forge Biter

Class: Mk 3

Weaponry: Large claws, and a cannon on its chest.

Crew: Omega

Appearance: Slightly hunched over, with large feet. The cockpit is shaped like a rahkshi head.

Player: Sharkydane


NOTE: If anybody steps out of line, you will be smited. No autohitting, no godmodding, and play nice. All the usual rules apply.

Written by Sharkydane, and Makuta Miras.

Edited by Sharkydane
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Whoa nelly. This looks like an RPG, and those are banned in this forum.
I encourage you to familiarize yourself with BZP's RPG forums and get the game approved appropriately. Until next time ...


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