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  1. technically productive, emotionally reductive.
  2. Same goes for here. Do with Julia however you wish, but as of now I'm not going to be playing her.
  3. The local punching bag will be back in some fashion. EDIT: She won't, upon further reflection. I'm quitting officially, consider my characters missing or dead, whichever is more convenient.
  4. I'm in a bit of a good position here so I'll say that I won't be able to post for maybe less than a week (better than forever, I guess). Do not wait for me in any interactions, feel free to bunny. Luckily for me none of my characters are particularly pivotal to anything right now.
  5. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut "Well, alright." She stood herself up, softly patting Triage on the shoulder and looking up to Zsann, flashing a smile up at her friend. There was worse company to get into a battle with, that was for sure. OOC: @A-tak-nid @Tarn
  6. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut Her endearing, comforting smile was broken by a sudden, hacking cough that didn't last more than seven or so seconds but was harsh enough. "Ah, sorry. I'm keepin' ya from your meetin'. Reckon Cap wants you with him, right?" OOC: @A-tak-nid @Tarn
  7. IC: Falh - Zakaz, Approaching The Ruins Where are you, demon? I can feel that you're close.
  8. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut "If we win, you gotta take a day off and come on a nice drive with me. Ain't much to see out here, but..." She trailed off, patting Triage on the shoulder. "How's that sound?" OOC: @A-tak-nid @Tarn
  9. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut She looked him over before kneeling down next to him. Her smile hadn't faded. "Well, hey. How's about we make us a bet?" Mega's golden eyes glimmered, trying to find his own yellow gaze. OOC: @Tarn @A-tak-nid
  10. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut She understood him. He was just a cog, and maybe he felt under equipped and outclassed. Not that he should, but she knew the feeling. "That's all ya gotta be, least I figure." The Fa-Matoran's ruru lit up with a comforting smile. "A stitch ain't the same as a bullet, but they're both real important, ain't they?" She wasn't all that good at the life lesson thing, but she hoped it helped. OOC: @Tarn @A-tak-nid
  11. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut "But I ain-" He'd already started walking off. Mega sighed, not following him. A proper plan would formulate as soon as the Turaga gave some council, she guessed. The Fa-Matoran resisted the urge to light another cigarette, instead glancing to the Toa of Plantlife again. "Boy's real insistent." She murmured, trying to look more positive after the fact. "How you feelin', anyway, pumpkin?" OOC: @Tarn @A-tak-nid @ZippyWharrgarbl @Nato the Traveler
  12. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut She thought this over for a moment. It sounded risky, and she wasn't sure how she'd be on the front lines. She was sure Zsann and the others could handle themselves, but she wasn't sure they were the best candidates for storm troops. "Now hold on, I ain't sure we're too well suited for that. Van ain't that armoured, and I ain't a soldier." She put her hands on her hips, looking to Triage for support. OOC: @BULiK @A-tak-nid @Nato the Traveler @Tarn
  13. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut Speedster? It was an attempt, but seriously, he could do a lot better. "I ain't exactly know all that much about this League folk, so I ain't too sure my bein' there's gonna help things. But I reckon me and Yaushe can run ambulance duty like back at Po." Mega explained, nodding at Triage. "Zsann, reckon you should stick with us too, sweet thing. If the van gets ambushed, I ain't too sure me and Tri could hold 'em off all by our lonesome." OOC: @A-tak-nid @ZippyWharrgarbl @BULiK @Tarn @Nato the Traveler
  14. IC: Julia-G101 - Into The Storm (OF92, Nova-Two-Two) <<You're beginning to make that last bit sound tempting.>> She growled back on single beam, thrusters sending the frame forward after the Seraph. There was a bright flash in Julia's visor as the rotary cannons lit the seraph up, culminating in another detonation, blue and green mixed in with the endless black. She inhaled and exhaled, searching for more escorts to thin out. OOC: @Pteronura Brasiliensis
  15. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Van Time "We sure can." She smiled, but there was a new sense of determination in her eyes. "I'm gonna go tell Tri and his buddy we're in for the long haul." Mega lightly patted the van hud, before walking back to the crew of the Taku. "You got yourself a van, a Skakdi, and a pretty darn good mechanic, Flyboy." She said, grinning. OOC: @Tarn @BULiK @Nato the Traveler @A-tak-nid @ZippyWharrgarbl
  16. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Van Time "I mean, it's not like hero work is species-limited." Mega looked back to Yaushe, roughly to where she might imagine she'd be sitting. No Toa had ever told her that before. She nodded, something in her eyes changing as she smiled. "No, I...I wanna stay. I ain't about to let those League folk try and tear ya apart and sit by. I've done enough runnin' for a while." The Fa-Matoran looked over both of her friends. She'd only met them so recently, but she already appreciated them more than words could say. OOC: @A-tak-nid @ZippyWharrgarbl
  17. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Talking With The Van She chuckled at this, glancing back to the ever bashful medic for a moment. "Well...how'd ya feel about stayin', Yaushe? They want our help again, reckon in the same fashion as back in Po." Mega asked, leaning against the door and looking to Zsann again for a moment. "I'm...from what I understand, odds ain't the best." The odds were awful, in fact, but Knichou had a strong point. She'd have supplies, a place to stay temporarily, and maybe even a chance to get her old home back. Maybe. OOC: @ZippyWharrgarbl @A-tak-nid
  18. IC: Zai - Zakaz, Tactical Panda II She could tell her presence wasn't scaring Korio anymore. Kor knew Yumiwak's punishment had kept her in line, and that she couldn't afford to slip up again. Zai breathed in, inner urges hissing at her. She tried to tune them out, red eyes narrowing. "Grunt." Came a clearly irritated murmur as the Ta-Skakdi eyed Korio down. He'd be singing a different tune when Zai had the Warrior at her knees, swearing fealty to Lady Yumiwak. OOC: @Tarn
  19. IC: Zai - Zakaz, Tactical Panda II Zai fell back onto the ground, bucket now on her head. There was a low growl that quickly turned to a roar as she ripped the bucket from her head and threw it at Korio, eyes burning with fury. "You half-wit!" OOC: @Tarn IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut "Now hold it on there, flyboy." Mega frowned. It seemed like Knichou was trying to coax her. She appreciated Triage's sincerity, but she'd need a final opinion before she did anything. "Give me a minute." She nodded to Zsann, beckoning her to follow. Yaushe would soon recieve a knock on her door. OOC: @ZippyWharrgarbl @A-tak-nid @BULiK @Tarn
  20. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut She looked the crew over, a little frustrated. She didn't want to fight, she was tired of feeling on the knife's edge of death. Maybe they were right. Maybe she could get the shop back, things could go back to normal. But... She rubbed the back of her head, looking briefly to Triage. Her look turned to Zsann. "What do you reckon, darlin'?" OOC: @A-tak-nid @Tarn @BULiK @Nato the Traveler
  21. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut "Well, we really just came to warn these folk. After this...me and Zsann'll probably hit the road again. Ain't no use stayin'." She took another drag from the cigarette, sighing.
  22. IC: Mega - Zakaz, Outside Sans' Hut "Well, I..." She adjusted her bandana, expression having changed. "Nektann didn't stop after Po-Koro, pumpkin." She smiled, sadly. "Ain't got nowhere to stay." OOC: @BULiK @A-tak-nid @Nato the Traveler @Tarn
  23. IC: Vent - Zakaz, The Tunnels "...Is Blue Guy okay...?" Vent groaned, Garai moving up to try and look at the others. "Prov...my head hurts. Can't think." OOC: @Sparticus147 @Burnmad @Vezok's Friend @Snelly
  24. IC: Vent - Zakaz, The Tunnels "...nghh...who's blind?" Came a tired, disorientated voice. OOC: @Burnmad @Vezok's Friend @Snelly @Sparticus147
  25. IC: Julia-G101 - Into The Storm (OF92, Nova-Two-Two) <<Eyes on Bandit, Nova Lead.>> Myra's spot was incredibly invaluable in that moment. Julia's HUD flashed and she, on instinct, turned the cannon around, having charged up as Artur had peppered the other Banshee into the freezing embrace of the great vacuum. She wasn't quite fast enough this time, the projectile crashing into the Banshee's left wing and clipping it, but not destroying it entirely. Gritting her teeth, the frame curved around as the rotary cannons began to spin and fire, blasting into the mal-adjusted craft and sending it into an assisted detonation. Julia took a breath. <<Raptor down, thanks for the spot.>> She said over TEAMCOMM, addressing Myra. Julia needed to shake the tunnel vision. A Seraph rocketed past her, blasting plasma weaponry at the shields of the thruster. The shields absorbed some of the shots but the Spartan moved the thruster to dodge some of the rest. OOC: @Pteronura Brasiliensis
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