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Gathered friends, listen to the rap battle of the century!


On this side, all the way from Ta-koro, let's welcome TAHU!


And over here, from the jungles of Le-Wahi, let's give it up for LEWA!


1... 2... 3... RAP!




I've been in charge since year '01

With a sale so hot that it's hotter then the sun

Sure, I run high and I never eat my greens

I can save the world while you're lying in the trees


Year's end, Set's end

I have set three new trends

I can make your mind bend

Until the world ends

Got my flaming fire sword

And my mask of shielding

Do you hear that loud sound?

That's the Ga-Matoran squealing!!!





Windfly out of the way, dude

The hero's comin through

Ima flyin through the trees

With my favorite Miru


Comic numba two

My awesomeness showed you

Gali chilled with me

As you surfed without a crew

Mata Nui smiled when you did a Hau-plant

Now Sing-song with me and my awesome jungle chant!





Now, viewers, continue the alternating rap battle! For example, one person will do Tahu, Next Lewa...


Spread the news!

Evil knows, that hope is afloat.


Where life is enslaved, all can be saved.


Light will unite, what now darkness divides.


Spark the flame of the heart





Read my epic G2 fanfic, Beyond Okoto, and find out what happened after the Toa left Okoto!


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Keep your chants in the tree

Along with your tree speak

For nobody knows what rahi your speaking.


Let's not forget whos number one.

That's right, it's me, I'm top set now

been best seller since 01.

Not a shocker since I've never needed saving.

Edited by Rassilon (TTL)

Hey I got a Flickr because I like making LEGO stuff.


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Well that's lucky for you

'Cause you've managed to tick off

Everyone else on the crew


Your mask is overused,

Even Mata Nui don't like ya

Makuta did him a favor

Stickin' him in that Ignika!

Voicing your opinions with tact is the best way to keep a discussion from becoming an argument.
So far as I'm aware, it's pronounced like this: We're ee ah moo.

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