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Beyond Okoto: A G2 Fan-fiction, Introduction


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I had never believed in Toa. It may seem like a strange thing for an okotan to say, but always thought it was another story, a bunch of mumbo jumbo based off of the ramblings of an elder who had eaten too much gullok fruit. That all changed, one fateful day.

Seeing that you sat through the first paragraph, I should probably share the Legend of The Toa. My Dad, the protector of Le-Koto, has told it a bajillion times around the public campfire, to all the okotans in our village.

Long ago, there were these two brothers, named Ekimu and Makuta. They made masks for our people, and we all prospered. We made a huge city on our island home, called the capital. But Makuta was jealous of his brother's talent. He started fusing masks of different elements, like fire and water, earth and ice, stone and jungle (I bet you can see from here how that turned out). But he wanted more.

Makuta made a mask breaking all of the ancient laws, a mask of all elements, a mask of "Ultimate Powah" as he called it. He took it to the capital, hoping to get at least some followers on his facebook page.

Ekimu, hoping to correct his brothers wrong-doing and terrible English, followed him. But by the time he arrived at his brother's demonstration, it was to late. Makuta had put on his great mask, and Ekimu had no choice but to duel him. Ekimu won, but the capital and Makuta were banished to another dimension, a shadow dimension. As for Ekimu, he was placed into a deep sleep forever, that is, until the Toa came.

Makuta eventually extended his influence beyond the shadow realm. He created an army of skull spiders and undead skeletons, and they terrorized the okotans. Only six heroes could defend the island. And as an answer to our hopes and prayers, they came.

No one knows where they came from. But as soon as they found the great masks, hidden around the island, they kicked some serious Makuta tushy, and awoke Ekimu.

Makuta realized he needed more. He created a being much more powerful than any Toa, a merciless hunter named Umarak. The Toa found new allies in the elemental creatures, but they did not prevent Umarak from winning back the mask of control, Makuta's first mask.

Okay now, deep breath.

Makuta mutated Umarak into a monster. While his thugs attacked the city of the mask makers, between Le and Ga Koto, Umarak found Makuta's first mask, and returned it to Makuta. Makuta had been changed into a giant, and now he had an army, so it would be impossible to stop him once he got out of the shadow realm, via the dark portal. But the Toa used all their elemental energy united to stop him, even at the cost of their lives.

What happened next? The elders are convinced they ascended to the stars above the island, but I'm not sure. It's just another mystery of life we will never uncover.

The creatures? They left without a trace a month after the Toa disappeared. The masks the Toa discarded when they found the golden masks are gone too. No one knows where they went.

Anyway, my story starts one hundred years after the disappearance of the Toa and their creatures. I'm Trilek, heir to the Le-Koto Protector seat in the council of elders, all around cool kid, etc. I'm only thirteen years old, but my dad still lets me ride razor raptors occasionally. I have an eight year old little brother named Kevaku. He's okay, as far as little brothers go. I never knew my mom, but dad says she was the most beautiful Okotan ever. I miss her, and wherever she is, I hope she's fine. I don't know how I can feel love for someone I've never met, but she's my Mom.

Anyway, get ready for a legend that goes beyond what we have known, in fact, beyond Okoto itself.

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Evil knows, that hope is afloat.


Where life is enslaved, all can be saved.


Light will unite, what now darkness divides.


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Read my epic G2 fanfic, Beyond Okoto, and find out what happened after the Toa left Okoto!


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My story begins one spooky summer night, as my father told the legend around the public campfire to us kids for the thousandth time. The day had been uneventful, and this was a boring way to end it. I mean, imagine someone singing the itsy bitsy skull spider like it was the most important story in the world.

Suddenly, an Okotan approached my father. He whispered something to him, and my father nodded. The two left for the tallest tree, also known as Dad's base.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, Johannex, this older kid, stood up."I will lead the story telling, unless there are any objections." He charismatically smiled.

One of the village girls giggled, but no one said anything. Go figure.

"Ok, let's begin. Once, there was a... Uhm..."

Did I mention Johannex wasn't gifted in the storytelling department? I nudged Kevaku, but he just sat there, completely enthralled. He's extremely nonjudgmental in that way.

I stood up discretely and walked away, towards Dad's base. Pushing my ear to the rough tree bark, I could hear muffled voices inside.

"...no survivors, sir. All we found are bodies..."

"Masks... Gone... Black Fire.."

"Intolerable. I will go find them myself..."

I recognized the last voice as dad's. He wasn't actually going, right? It could mean certain death.

"Sir, no! We can't lose you! At least take some scouts..."

Sadly, I walked away. I needed time to think.

I know, I know. You would have tried to at least convince your dad to stay, right? Well, when it came to the tribe's security, there was no stopping my father. He would risk his life any day to save us. I had always been worried when he left, even though he came back each time. This time, though... it felt way too dangerous.

I climbed up into my tree. It was a strong one, covered in a canopy of leaves so no one could see the branches in which I sometimes hung out. I felt more at home here than at my actual home, which was just plain weird.

Picking up a piece of wood, I began to whittle, whittle, whittle, until I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


I woke up to screams.

High pitched, girly screams. And something else...

Growling. Roaring. Running.

Now, I have a tendency to leap before I look. This actually helped this time around, but be sure to NEVER follow my example. I could be considered a bad influence for the next few paragraphs or so.

I grabbed a vine and swung out of the branches with a ferocious battle cry of "Palhandeyesanneu!!!" In mid swing, I realized that the screaming Okotan was a water villager. I also noticed that the attacker was seven feet tall. It could've been a Toa!

It was too late to turn back now. I shifted my weight to my legs and knocked into the attacker with one mighty blow. I glared down at him. He had a wiry, skeletal figure, but he still looked like he could break an Okotan in half. His mask was pitch black, and looked like a skull warrior's.

His staff had clattered to the ground. It was long and ominous, with a black, glowing flame on the tip. Black fire. This was the mask thief.

His pure red eyes narrowed as he reached for his weapon. Suddenly, another hand grabbed it, and before the mask taker could react, the weapon was plunged into his body.

The creature lay there for a long time, then disintegrated. I glanced up at the other Okotan. She held the shadow staff in her hand, and sweat dripped down her brow. Her stormy grayish-blue eyes stared down at the remains of the attacker. She had long, straight, dark hair with a dark blue feather in it that hung loosely down her shoulders, and a hyper look on her face, like adreneline was coursing through her veins at a thousand miles per hour. Yep, she was pretty, in her own way.

Suddenly, she looked up at me. "Wow. That was.. Wow."

I responded with something real intelligent, like "Uh huh." By Ekimu's Mask, that was me. I couldn't talk to a girl for my life.

She raised one eyebrow, and smiled. "Where did you learn those moves?"

I blushed. "Just something I picked up." In reality, I had acted on impulse, but I wasn't about to tell her that.

Her expression turned serious. "Thank you for saving my life. I need to get to your village leader. It's urgent."

I felt suspicious. "Who are you?"

"I am Elryx of Ga-Koto."

"I'm Trilek. Pleased to meet you."

I think that was when I noticed her arm hung loosely at her side. It was broken.

"We need to set that arm of yours. Our protector is gone for now on a mission, but you can report to his second in command."

Elryx nodded in defeat. "Okay, you win. Lead the way, Tri."


"I can call you that, right? My little brother introduced me to nicknames, and it's actually kind of fun to come up with 'em. "

As we walked back home, she smiled at me. "You're cute. Absolutely insane, but cute."

I smiled back, as I wondered if I had discovered the greatest treasure of all: An ally.

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Evil knows, that hope is afloat.


Where life is enslaved, all can be saved.


Light will unite, what now darkness divides.


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Read my epic G2 fanfic, Beyond Okoto, and find out what happened after the Toa left Okoto!


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We returned to the village near noon. An eerie silence had fallen across the peaceful homes. The amphitheater's fire had been put out, the band was not playing, and the streets that were always bustling with traders and children running from tree to tree were now empty.


Elryx frowned, obviously unimpressed. "This is your village? I was under the impression it would be more... well, inhabited, no offense."


"None taken. I don't know what happened here." I glanced at a lone guard making his way between a grove of trees, a battle axe slung over his shoulder.


Presently, we arrived at the base of my tree home. It was built inside the trunk of a tree probably 50 feet tall, and it was wide enough to hold all the basic home necessities inside. Inside, we had a kitchen, a living room, a basement, three bedrooms, a guest room, and two bathrooms.


I stood at the front door and knocked. No answer. I peered into the window, and saw Kevaku sitting on the couch, absorbed in some old novel he had come across in the basement a few weeks ago.


"KEVAKU! I know you're in there!!!"


Kevaku finally seemed to notice me. He walked up and unlocked the door. "Hello, big brother! Who's that?" He pointed at Elryx.


"Just a friend." I answered. "Could you cook up a gurro butter sandwich for our guest? I need to set her arm."


He frowned. "I wanna read my book!"


"Please, Ev. I'll make it up to you."


"Fine. Good luck with your friend's arm." He walked over to the stove. As I lead Elryx up the stairs, I could've sworn I heard him chanting "Trilek has a girlfriend."


But really, I couldn't care less.


When we arrived in the guest room, I pulled up a stool for Elryx. She sat down and gazed out the window melancholically as I rummaged around in the closet for medical supplies.


Elryx turned to me. "I like your house."


I picked up some gauze and started wrapping her arm. "Thanks. So, that message..."


"Well, you're the son of the protector, aren't you?"


"Yeah, how did you know?"


"All the memorabilia. I guess I can tell you, then. The enemies that have been attacking your villages- they're Makuta's servants."


I stared at her in dismay, like she had said something crazy (She did.)


"Makuta? That dude, from the old stories?"


"The enemy of all good, master of destruction. That's the guy."


"Oh." I scratched my head like a complete dummy.


"So, we think he breached the dark portal. That's how he was able to release some of his warriors."


"Some? As in, not just that one we stopped this morning?"


"Yes. That was just one of the soldiers in a huge army. Makuta's planning to open the portal completely. They've been stealing masks from our villages too. Our protector sent me to offer you alliance."


I felt confused."Why didn't he send other messengers to the other regions?"


"It isn't their problem. Since the Toa left, our unity has been dissolving. Tell me, Trilek, have you ever been outside the forest?"


"I-I- well, no." The truth was that she was right. My father rarely ever spoke of the other lands, besides in the legends. I had seen maps, and paintings, but that was it. I had only a vague idea of the other 5 regions.


"Exactly. I've been out once or twice, but never for long periods. Don't you see, Tri? The Toa's unity saved us from the first wave. We need to protect ourselves from the second!" Elryx looked so passionate, I thought she was going to explode. "Without unity, we cannot fulfill our duty or destiny! We're as good as dead now without it!"


I scratched my head. "You really believe in it?"


"In what?" She answered.


"In that Toa stuff. I mean, doesn't it sound a little, I dunno, ridiculous? "


Elryx's eyes became dark and stormy. "The Toa did exist. Makuta did exist. That warrior we fought was Makuta's."


I wanted to tell her her logic was all wrong, she was applying a part to a whole, and the warrior might have been a cos-playing weirdo, but her expression stopped me. Imagine trying to argue with an illogical tornado, staring you down. It was pretty freaky.


"Okay, yeah, sure. The Toa were real. But they aren't here anymore, And Dad won't accept your offer. I know it."


Elryx sighed and stared at the floor for a long time. "Would it really be that hard? All we need to do is find the dark portal, find a way to close it, and boom! Makuta's gone, and we're all united again. It's a Double Whammy!"


I blinked. "A Double what-now?"


"No, silly, a Double Whammy! Gali's great move of fury that struck fear into the hearts of enemies. She would slice one with her blade as she kicked one with her feet. I wish I could've seen it..."


I smiled. She was such a crack up, once you got to know her.


"And then she had the triple threat, I think she used it to save Onua once and-I'm getting off topic. The Ga-Kotans are all defending the villages, and we thought you guys could spare a few soldiers, maybe an elite strike team, ya know..."


I shook my head. "The council will have none of it. I don't even think outsiders are allowed here. Elryx, things aren't like they were before."


Elryx sighed. "What happened? The Okotans were supposed to be united. And now we only look after ourselves!"


We sat in undisrupted silence for a long time, as we waited for Elryx's arm to heal. You see, Okotans have faster healing abilities when we have our masks than other beings. A broken limb can heal in only a few hours. Of course, if we lost our masks, that would be a different story.


Our silence was interrupted by Kevaku, who had finished making 3 sandwiches. He passed one to me, one to Elryx, and then he left, chomping on his.


"This is good!" Elryx said between mouthfuls of gurro.


"Yeah. Ev is a great chef!" I agreed.


After our sandwiches were gone, we talked small talk, played a board game or two, and tried to enjoy ourselves for the rest of the day, which wasn't easy at all. It felt like Okoto was holding its breath beneath us. That night, I couldn't sleep a wink.





Rapping on the door. I got up from my bed and walked down our staircase carefully, being careful not to step on any of Kevaku's playthings.


I opened the door to my father's second in command, with a rather impatient look on his face.


"Avama! Welcome to my house! Come in, do you need anything to drin-"


He shook his head. "I don't need refreshments, friend. Your father, he, well- I don't know how to tell you this, but... we lost contact, and we found the remains of the escorting soldiers he had with him, but we saw no sign of him except for his shock bow. He must have wanted you to have this." Avama handed me the folded up, rapid fire, green tool of destruction.


I slammed the door. Looking back, that was pretty irrational, but I had just lost my dad. Define irrational. I hooked his shock bow onto the wall, since it was more ceremonial than practical, and I knew it wouldn't mind collecting dust there for a few millenia. Sitting down on the couch, I put my head in my hands and whimpered, like a cornered tundra stalker.


Just then, I heard Elryx quietly walking down the stairs. She sat down next to me and put her arm over my shoulders.


"I'm so sorry, Trilek."


"It wasn't your fault." I replied. "You need your strike team? I'll be your strike team."




I stood up. "We're gonna follow the soldiers of Makuta, find this shadow portal and close it. If you're correct, if the legends are true, Makuta won't be hurting anyone else."


Elryx smiled weakly. "I knew you'd see! The island depends on us! But should we tell..."


I thought about it. Probably not. The village elders would send their best warriors with us, and the village would be defenseless.


"No. Let's not. Just you and I will go. We're less likely to attract attention."


"And Kevaku?"


"No. We don't need anymore distractions."


Elryx looked offended. "Trilek of Le-Koto, I live with a brother AND two sisters. Do I look distracted???"


"Fine, we can take him. He won't do any good, though."


"That's what you say now."


"We aren't telling him about Dad."


"I agree. He is alive and well to your brother. Wait, what about the bow? Are you taking it?"ft


"Sure." Just another bow to Kevaku.


Just thinking of Dad filled me with sadness. Why did he have to go on that mission? But, we might have been headed for the same fate.


After waking up Kevaku, we headed for the Razor Raptor pens. Have you ever seen a Razor Raptor? I think I mentioned them before. They were the superior predators in the jungle, before we started training them a few centuries ago. Now they're the steeds of warriors, strong beasts of burden. It's rumored that there are more lurking around in the wild, waiting to kill whatever crosses their path, but none of us have seen any since my great great great grandfather's time, when Lewa, the Toa of Jungle, stumbled across a nest of 'em. He barely escaped with his life, according to one account. Whoever domesticated them in the first place was either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. I'll let you decide.


Anyway, we filled Kevaku in on the whole "Saving the world" thing, and he was just thrilled.


"You actually mean we're gonna be like those Toa heroes from the legend? We can be like-" (Insert annoying sound effects, explosions, laser blasts, etc.) "and Makuta's gonna be so scared, he's gonna wet himself, and we can ride Razor Raptors and save Okotans and make things go boom!"


I nodded in silence, although I hoped he didn't mean all at the same time. Elryx laughed. "Sure thing, buddy!"


Approaching the largest razor raptor, I held a bridle in my hand. She was named Jenny, and she was the most impressive beast I had ever seen. Silver scales, bright orange eyes, fearsome claws, and a long, swishing tale make her look like she could be a very powerful ally, or a very dangerous enemy.


"Here, girl. I'm not gonna hurt you. There we are." I said as I approached Jenny. "Can you carry three Okotans? Yes you can! Yes you can!"


Jenny nuzzled me as I slipped her bridle on. Elryx stared at me in amazement.


"You certainly have a way with animals, Tri." She said as she climbed up onto Jenny's back. Kevaku hopped up behind her, and I straddled it's neck. Grabbing a hold of the bridle, I placed my feet in the stirrups and leaned forward.


"Hi-Ho, Jenny, away!"


ZOOM! The forrest was a blur around us, and we couldn't hear anything but the sound of two, fast-moving feet over the rushing wind. Presently, Jenny slowed her pace to a steady gallop, and I could finally feel my eardrums again.


I turned to Kevaku. He looked comfortable enough. Elryx didn't look to good, though. She looked like she could peek over the edge and puke at any time. I offered her a barf bag from Jenny's saddle pack, but she just said something like "I don't need one of these!!!" Girls.

Evil knows, that hope is afloat.


Where life is enslaved, all can be saved.


Light will unite, what now darkness divides.


Spark the flame of the heart





Read my epic G2 fanfic, Beyond Okoto, and find out what happened after the Toa left Okoto!


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We traveled on through the jungle, until we came to a burnt village. "Folks, we found the Warriors." I murmured solemnly.


Kevaku hopped off. "Now can we do some fighting? Huh? I'm not scared! I can fight the lot of 'em. LETMEATEM! NOW!"


Elryx was the only one of us who looked truly worried. "So, where do we go from here?"


I scanned the carnage around me. Toppled buildings, burned trees, and lifeless Okotans stripped of their masks littered the ashen village.


No. Not burned trees. This was something way more dangerous. Okotans honored fire, some used it to get rid of bad crops, others to fertilize fields. But this was evil. Something far beyond Okotan's control. This was shadow.


I looked into the jungle. The trees bent backwards in one area, creating a pathway. The ends of the trees were charred black. They were trying to get away from something. I instantly knew which path to take.


"Everyone, saddle up. We need to hit the road."


"What do you mean?" Elryx asked. "What road?"


"The road of destruction." I answered melancholically.


As I walked back to Jenny, I stumbled upon the lifeless body of an Okotan. Death was a terrible thing. I walked over, picked up its mask, and placed it gently on its lap.


We followed the path of destruction for a while. It didn't take long for Kevaku to get bored.


"Ohhhhhhhh, we're merrily merrily on our way to nowhere in particular!" He sung as we tried to plug our earholes to block the sound, but to no avail. Elryx finally mustered the courage to nudge him.


"Please stop, Kevaku. That's kind of annoyi-"


"I'M TELLING!" Kevaku turned to his side only to face endless jungle. "Mister Tree-ee, Elryx said my song is annoy-ing!"


I fabricated the ultimate face palm, and Elryx giggled. My brother could be a pain in the neck, but honestly, there was no one else I would journey with instead. And Elryx... She had just come into my life yesterday, but I had a feeling we were destined to meet long before this. She was different. We all were. Elryx was meant to play a huge roll in the quest to save Okoto.


As I watched the path before us, I thought of my Mom. My thoughts always returned to her. I don't have memories of her, just glimpses. A sound, a smell, might be just enough to catapult me into a warm fragment of a memory. Why did Elryx remind me so much of her? I caught a glimpse of her long hair blowing in the wind. She reminded me of early memories, too fuzzy to make out. I tried not to think about it too hard. It was not beneficial at all. But Elryx almost made me feel better about my loss.


I thought about my family. If Dad was gone, I didn't have anyone left except for Evaku. But there was hope. What if Makuta had taken him? He could be a hostage right now, a prisoner of darkness. Would I ever find him? Wait. If he was a prisoner of Makuta, he would have to be inside the Shadow Realm, the same place we had to close. If we succeeded, we could risk having him trapped inside the Realm forever. If we went inside and tried to get him out, he may not be there, and we would be killed. Gosh, did heroes have to make decisions like this all the time?


We continued to ride on through the evening. The sky darkened, and I felt a tinge of fear shudder down my spine, like a million skull spiders were creeping in my soul.


"Hey, Tri." Elryx said behind me. "Let me take over, you need some rest."


We switched sides, and it wasn't long before I fell asleep.


Of course, I dreamed of the Shadow Realm.


The first thing I noticed was the rain. It felt acidic, and hissed as it fell through the sky. The place looked like a huge city. The buildings were tall, black monoliths, decorated with purple markings. In the center of the city was a dome, with purple windows all around.


Okotans aimlessly roamed the streets. No, not Okotans. They were more like AntiOkotans, with hollow, dark eyes, skeletal frames, and zombie-like composure, like me after not getting any sleep. I recognized Shadow Warriors, guarding the entrance to the dome.


I could see inside the dome. A huge being, frozen in red crystal, seemed to be speaking with the wiry silhouette of an okotan. He didn't look like the others, for he was no zombie. His yellow eyes scanned the other creature. His features were sharp and sinister, but I couldn't make out enough of his face to recognize him in a crowd.


"Good, good. My plan is almost complete. Umarak stirs in his sleep. I will wake him again as my temporary, errr, body. I can finally walk outside of this cursed planet, and begin my conquest. And when I win, you win." The crystalized monster growled. His mouth did not move, but I felt his voice just as strong as any other. I knew who he was- the master of destruction, Makuta.


"Sir." The Okotan said. "The resistance is coming. They are powerful, they can stop you.


"THEM AND WHAT ARMY?" Makuta shouted. I could've sworn his right eye twitched. "You know I have an army that can never die. I can reform them, and recreate them over, and over, and over again! And we are facing Okotans. The worst they could do is find their destiny. And I'll make sure that never happens."


I woke up with cold sweat beading down my face. We had stopped. Jenny was breathing quick, short breaths, and Elryx looked deathly pale. Her eyes were fixed on a pasture. Yeah, just a pasture. Except the grass was pitch black, and it was covered in Shadow Warriors.


A ghostly, gray fire burned in the moonlight. A figure seemed to materialize inside, piece by piece, creating a seriously buff figure. As it stepped out of the portal, the grass burned around it. I was looking at a huge, tank like warrior, with titanic claws and hands, glowing red highlights, and a mask. At least I thought it was a mask. It looked like a burning flame, and all I could make out were its eyes.


"Now, but an ounce of my power has escaped to the real world! Muahahaha!" It laughed as its claws grew red.


I was thinking it was Makuta, or Umarak, or Makarak, or Umkuta, or whatever. I'm gonna call him Makuta, just to avoid confusion.


He turned towards us, and my body felt freezing cold. He slashed through multiple trees, coming closer, and closer, until...


"Oh, how I've been waiting for you, Okotans." He grabbed me by the neck and lifted me up.


Elryx and Kevaku tried to run, but they were grabbed by the Shadow Warriors.


I felt his burning touch on my green armor. Grunting, I kicked against him, twisted, and thrashed, but to no avail. His grip was just too strong.


"I want you to suffer, Trilek. You will not be able to fulfill your precious destiny with fear in your heart. Now, kill them."


Suddenly, I was aware of everything: The Warrior's blades getting closer to Elryx's and Kevaku's throats, the way Makuta's eyes gleamed, the lightning bug crawling on a leaf in the tree about 40 feet away from us. I felt like I was awake, for the first time in my life. Not only that, but my mind was racing, and my entire body seemed to course with energy.


Then, I pulled out my shock bow, and it grew. In fact, I think I grew, my feet were almost touching the ground. I kicked Makuta onto the grass, activated my shock bow, and sent a wave of panic through the ranks of the army.


Makuta looked flabbergasted. "This is a battle we cannot win, Toa, but I'll be back." With that, the entire army sunk into the ground just as easily as stones into water.


I watched them leave, then I turned to Elryx, all like "Did you see that??? I came, I saw, he beat it!" That's when I realized Kevaku was staring at me in astonishment, Elryx in horror.


"You're... Um... super tall and super buff." Elryx looked me up and down. Now, I know that some people might've given their right big toe for a girl to say that to them, but her face looked like she had seen Alien, Predator, Terminator, and Invasion of The Body Snatchers all broadcasted at the same time.


I also realized I was looking down at her. From our talk the night before, I learned Elryx was only about two months younger than I was. We were both thirteen, and about the same height. How could I be looking down?


I backed away and looked down at a peice of volcanic glass from the shadow fire. My mask was completely altered; instead of the usual Okotan mask, I was wearing a mask with two eyeholes, a visor over the mouth, and three prongs jutting out from the back. This was incredibly weird.


I started to sway, and I fell to the ground. Elryx and Kevaku tried to help me up, but it was no use; I was seven feet tall and about two hundred pounds! My eyes closed, and my last thought before falling asleep was what Makuta had called me: A Toa. I wasn't sure if I was excited, happy, worried, mad, or unsure of myself.


And then I blacked out.




My vision was very strange.


I saw Okoto, with an endless night fallen over it.


Six heroes, restoring peace and order.


I saw Okotans traveling in huge- what, airships?


Finally, a symbol appeared in the blackness. It looked exactly like my mask.


I saw an inscription under it, it read "Awake, Child of Light!"


Child of Light? Wha?


I woke up with start. I saw Elryx's face above me, looking down. "Oh, by Gali's mask, I'm glad you're okay. You weren't even breathing for thirteen minutes!"


I stood up and realized I was five feet tall again. Whew. I was worried for a second there.


I blinked and rubbed my eyes. I felt like I was coming down from the highest sugar high in all of history. "Am I still super buff?" I asked hopefully.


Elryx chuckled. "No more than usual, knucklehead."


Kevaku popped out from the bushes. "Don't scare me like that, brother!" He ran up and hugged me. "Why did you do that? I thought you were dead!"


"Good to see you too, buddy!" I gasped for air as he squeezed me like a bog snake.


I realized something. The Warriors had gained the ability to shadow travel with Makuta on their side, and now they were undetectable. How were we going to find them now?


Elryx steered Jenny that early morning. I didn't have the guts to ask where we were going. The sun wasn't even out yet, so I thought about laying back and catching a few winks... until I noticed our surroundings were changing. First deep, swampy marshlands, then a river running through a meadow, with no trees.


I finally asked her. "Hey, um, Elryx? Where are we going? Pretty sure this is no where near the dark portal."


Elryx didn't even glance back. " We're going to get some help. From a professional. I live here. My first cousin is a scholar of historical events, he could probably understand what's happening."


I frowned. "What's a first cousin?"


"Your mom or dad's cousin. My Mom is a teacher, and my Dad is the Captain of The Storm Brigade."


"You mentioned you had a brother..."


"And two sisters. Their names are Alexri, Adaliki, and Eeuvat. Eeuvat's probably off with his friends playing soldier, and Alexri and Adaliki are at swimming lessons, so we might not see them for a while."


"You have a big family."


"Oh, no. It's a regular size. You should see Tennax, he has nine brothers and sisters... Anyway, we're approaching the border. You might wanna hop off."


Kevaku and I climbed off of Jenny. It felt awkward walking again, and my tailbone ached from siting on the beast's spine for too long. A river ran down the grassy plateau, disappearing in a sea of mist. As we gazed beyond it, we saw an endless sea, with multitude of lilypads, connected by long wooden bridges. It was build on the same reliance on nature us Le-Kotans had, but it was... Well... Tiny. It could've be a village, but it would never qualify for a region.


Elryx tied Jenny to a tree. "Our man-made islands are just the beginning of our villages. Most are underwater, but we have air in them. Of course, you could go E.V.A, but that would be suicide to a leaf dude like you. "


It was then that I realized the mist was a waterfall, and I was looking off to the sea it fed.


We followed a walkway down to the beach. It had to have been around here since the Toa came, it was etched into the rocks themselves. Figures were carved into the rocks, which meant they either prophesized future events or they had been attacked by some serious taggers.


My shock bow remained on my back as I ran my fingers over myths the elders had left behind: Predak and Madusi, Oriak the hunter, Lioiocles off to slay beasts of darkness. And of course, the Toa. All six of them, perfectly spaced out- it sent a chill down my spine. As I placed my foot on the last step, I read the inscription. The stone was cracked and covered with sand, but I could make out a portion of the writing: Telescope No. 1, F-35 Klusmos Brigade.


As we walked onto the beach, I felt the misty sea air brushing against my face. Kevaku skipped around like this was the best day of his life. "Hey, Trilek, wanna build a sand castle? Or," he whispered real discreetly, "Bury Elryx in the sand while she's sleeping?"


I shot an unamused look at Kevaku, but Elryx just smiled. "You know I can hear you, Ev." Kevaku just shrugged and looked up at the sky, real innocent like.


Elryx led us to a seastone gate and knocked. Nothing happened. "Ugh, the Ga-Kotans must still be asleep." She mumbled. The gate was small, and beyond it lay a wooden bridge and the lilypad village. We could've swam to the city, if it wasn't for the sharp pikes that seemed to come straight out of the water, blocking any passage there.


"I guess we'll just have to wait. Kevaku, feel free to bury me." She lay down and stared into the sky. Then, suddenly, the sound of a conch shell horn blasted through the air, and I could see tiny figures of Ga-okotans exiting their homes, with various tools slung over their backs, (fishing poles, maybe?)


Elryx continued to knock. Finally, a speaker at the top of the gate sprung out, blaring over the steady sound of the waves. "Hey there! Welcome to the Region of Water. Who are you?"


Elryx rolled her eyes. "You know who I am, Uvetaz. I'm coming with two friends."


The speaker cut out for a moment, then resumed. "Sure, Ellie. Bop on in!" The Okotan speaking sounded very affable, like a radio telemarketer who wants to sell you something, but Elryx sounded annoyed. She turned to me, and she would've said "Can you believe this guy?"


The gate opened, and we walked inside slowly. The wooden walkway was two hundred feet long, but soon we made our way to the town square. The place looked a lot more beautiful up close! We could see Ga- Okotan walking too and fro, not really bothering to look at us, and the buildings were made out of huge leaves. Boats made their way around the harbor, and groggy merchants unloaded packages and placed them into their shops.


Kevaku stared at each of the shops we passed, his eyes wide with glee. Elryx, on the other hand, seemed bothered. Matching my pace with hers, I kept my tone casual as I spoke to her. "So, that guy a friend of yours?"


It took a while before she answered. "Maybe he thinks he is, but I'm not as trusting in him as everyone else. I'm not even sure if Uvetaz is one of us, because... No one knows where he is most of the time. He doesn't live in the village." She kicked a stone out of the way and cringed. "Plus, I hate it when he calls me Ellie."


I looked up at the sky. "Ellie? That's not too bad. Are we anywhere close to your first cousin's house?"


"My family lives in the underwater village. We can take the Subelevator down there, we're almost to the station. And as I said, I hate the name Ellie." Elryx responded. She kept her eyes fixed on the road ahead of her, and I decided not to talk with her for a while.

Evil knows, that hope is afloat.


Where life is enslaved, all can be saved.


Light will unite, what now darkness divides.


Spark the flame of the heart





Read my epic G2 fanfic, Beyond Okoto, and find out what happened after the Toa left Okoto!


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Soon, we were headed down the underwater chute system to the city, made of buildings embedded in cliffs. It looked magnificent, all the yellow lights twinkling inside and the bubbles floating into clay vents. That must have been how they farmed oxygen from the depths. I would've enjoyed it too, if I wasn't riding with an overly enthusiastic kid and an angry girl.


I noticed a stand alone building. It seemed so different from the others, more like an underwater fortress. "What's that?" I asked, trying to get Elryx's attention.


She answered without turning away from the see-through wall. "My Dad's military base. He's a general here, and he answers only to our Protector. He's seen as a hero among us Ga-okotans. We haven't seen each other in a while, he's busy on some sort of defense project or training method." Sighing, she touched the glass dolefully, and lowered her head.


Meanwhile, Kevaku was vibrating with excitement. He would squeal and point at each fish passed by. The kid obviously didn't get out much.


We left the Subelevator presently. I gazed in wonder at the tall, strong, abalone walls, and the magnificent view outside the windows. Ahead of us, a beautiful statue of a protector stood, and gray stone huts surrounded it. I was in the city now.


The smooth marble under my feat squeaked, and a few Okotans were looking at me strange, like I had passed gas in public. Elryx nudged me. "Try to walk lightly, Trilek, the Okotans here aren't exactly used to outsiders. Also, you kind of stink."


I scratched my head, and I felt plenty of dust in my unruly brown hair. "Huh, never crossed my mind." The truth was, us Le-Kotans weren't exactly hygienic, we liked to smell like nature. Just as I was about to ask where the showers were, I caught a glance of a skinny, pale teenage guy making his way through the crowds. I thought he looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite place him. He had gold eyes and an upturned, snobby nose. Elryx took a sudden interest in the tiles on which she treaded. "That's Uvetaz. Don't look at him." She whispered to me.


Uvetaz didn't look like much of a threat. In fact, he looked comical in a way, like he was just another nerdy kid. But something, I couldn't quite place it, was unsettling about him. Was it his shadowed face? His thin scar running down his cheek? The way his eyebrows lowered as he saw me? How he passed us by, and muttered something I couldn't say in a family friendly book? I'm not sure. He disappeared into the crowds before I could read him.


We continued to walk until we reached a bulge in the wall, with a door at the end. It didn't seem large enough to be a hut, but then I remembered the long ovals I had seen jutting out of the cliffs. This was just an entrance.


I opened the door slowly to a bearded, middle aged Okotan hunched over a long scroll, spread out on a long table. He studied it diligently, scratching his head and tapping his quill on the table from time to time. He had sandy, curly hair, so he reminded me of a philosopher of some sort.


As he heard us, he shoved the scroll off of the table, took off his gold-rimmed spectacles, and stood up. "Ah, my cousin! How go things, Elryx?"


Elryx smiled. "Confusing, Leoka. I finished the mission, but there was quite the change of plans, and there have been some strange things that happened."


Leoka raised an eyebrow, like he knew what she was talking about. "Have a seat, children, and tell me everything. From the beginning." He gestured towards the rug next to the table.


After we had made ourselves comfortable, Elryx started the story. She introduced me and Kevaku, explained how I transformed into a Toa, and how we arrived here to get help. I even pitched in on my dream, when I heard the call of the "Child of Light".


Leoka listened, with the occasional "Hum..." and "Go on".


When Elryx finished, Leoka nodded and drew a sketch on a brown piece of paper. It looked suspiciously like the mask symbol from my dream, my mask. He then sketched five more masks , so the drawings formed a circle. He connected them with 3 lines across the center, so each mask was connected to another mask on the opposite side.


"Ah, I see." He started. "The Legend's prophecies told of them. Are you familiar with the Mask of Time?"


I shook my head. I had heard of the Masks of Creation, Control, and Ultimate Power, but never of Time.


"I thought so. It was a special mask carved by Ekimu. In this mask, he foresaw the coming of the first Toa. But thanks to a manuscript I've been studying, I know that he traveled even farther, and foresaw even more events to come. He wrote that one Okotan would rise, and become a Toa warrior. This Okotan would then search for 5 others, whose names are inscribed in the hidden temple underwater. These Toa would be present at and play a huge role in the end."


I noticed that he shifted when he pronounced the word end. That means, I was the Toa warrior, I would find the others, and I would watch the end, whatever that meant.


Kevaku couldn't sit still. He lost interest in the prophecy in the first few minutes, so he wandered off upstairs to peer through a telescope. Elryx, on the other hand, looked at me in silence. It was just her and Leoka staring at me, but I felt like a hundred eyes were upon me. I had never asked for this responsibility, and "Playing a huge role in the end" didn't sound so appealing at the time.


Leoka absently coughed, and his gaze fell down towards the table, but Elryx continued to search me up and down. She thought I was a hero. That was enough to push me into doing something incredibly rash.


I stood up abruptly. "How do we get to this temple? The search starts now. Then we can close the portal."


Elryx nodded. "Wherever you go, I'm going too." Her face had a new sense of hope in it."You'll need some help on this quest."


Leoka smiled as he watched our eyes meet. Then he stood up abruptly and started walking towards a garage sort of thing. We followed him.

Evil knows, that hope is afloat.


Where life is enslaved, all can be saved.


Light will unite, what now darkness divides.


Spark the flame of the heart





Read my epic G2 fanfic, Beyond Okoto, and find out what happened after the Toa left Okoto!


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Inside, the garage looked like a giant swimming pool. And planted in the middle was a manta ray-shaped vehicle. It was sleek and fast-looking, made with steel and seashells.


Leoka pushed a lever, and the submarine spun till its cockpit was facing us. "How's that for a vehicle? I've plugged in the coordinates for the ride, you will be there very soon. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the view. Plus, the entire temple is inside a cave, so you'll have plenty of oxygen... I think."


Yeah, plenty reassuring. But this guy was our only hope at the time.


"Ok." I responded. "Take care of Kevaku while we're gone."


Moments before entering the cockpit, I turned back to Elryx. "You don't have to come, you know. It's not your duty, it's mine."


Elryx hopped in and grinned. "Why would I let you have all the fun?"


Leoka pushed a lever in the wall and left, and the doors in front of us pulled apart. Water started to rush in, flooding the entire room all the way to the ceiling.


Then, the propellers on both sides started spinning, and after a few moments, we were hurdling through the waters speedily.


Okay, truth time. Moving through the depths at this speed made me a little uneasy. It mostly had to do with this little incident at the watering hole with the Takeas when I was three years old. Even though that had been ten years ago, the memory still lurks in my mind to this very day. Swimming? That's cool. I can even tolerate riding a see-through elevator down to the ocean floor. But when I'm going fast, I might hit something and kill myself. Especially in this water, which was getting murkier every minute. I needed to think about something else.


"So, why exactly did you go on the mission alone, Elryx? To deliver the message?"


My friend scratched her head and answered. "You know, my tribe was just as opposed to unity as you were before."


"Hey!" I was gripping the sides of my chair so tightly, I thought they might rip off. This was sheer torture to a "Leaf Dude".


"Leoka sent me because he thought that it was necessary to unite the tribes. The Jungle Okotans were said to be the friendliest and most hospitable."


On the right, I could see a great cave mouth. To my surprise, the submarine banked towards it, and we zoomed through the darkness silently. The cave walls were covered in steadily glowing green algae, with dark, craggy writing on them, barely visible. Then, we turned upward, and burst into a chamber, filled with air.


Elryx and I popped out of the vehicle and gasped in awe. The place wasn't extravagant or anything. What caught our eyes was a glowing stone with six scribbled names on it, at the top of a staff held by a sea stone Okotan statue.


I was the first to move. I quietly crept up the back of the statue and reached for the stone.


Suddenly, the room went black, and, in shock, I fell back onto the floor, knocking the stone out of place.


The statue turned as black as a solid nightmare, and its eyes glowed purple. It seemed to radiate fear, and I couldn't help but tremble a little bit. Then, a booming voice filled the room. "Hello, Toa. I believe we have met."


I was too frightened to answer, but Elryx managed a horrified yet disgusted whisper. "Makuta."


"That is me." The horrible statue answered. "I am offering to spare your life, under one condition: That you leave the stone here and go back to your island home."


I slowly extended my hand towards the stone.


"You refuse my goodwill? I wanted to be a hero too, once. I wanted to help you. But Ekimu always wanted to be better. When I made my first elemental fusion masks, he outlawed them, so I would never be better then him. And I made the mask of ultimate power, he knocked it off my face. But now, the mask has taught me that you fickle Okotans will only favor someone they fear."


Was Ekimu really that bad? Or was he worried for his brother? I guessed anyone can make themselves the hero of their story.


Makuta continued. "Even then, I tried to keep my brother safe... Asleep. I met the Lord of Skull Spiders, and he sent his troops to scare off the villagers of the City of Mask Makers, and I posted undead skeleton warriors at the city, so no one would find Ekimu. But those blasted Toa ruined my plans. In the years I was trapped in the Shadow Realm, I raised an army, and found a way to transport them out of the portal. I broke your unity, and the City of Mask Makers was abandoned once more. My troops have captured it now. Your mission is hopeless. Give up, and I will let you have a future. Perhaps together. Try to fulfill your destiny, and you will perish down here, in the dark, alone."


I would like to say I found the true hero within me, unleashed the power and jumped on the statue's face, but I didn't. Elryx did.


She grabbed the stone, spit on the statue, and started running. But then, the ceiling started to collapse. A huge boulder blocked off our path, cutting off all light, and water poured in. In a few seconds, the water had risen up to my knees. I could almost hear Makuta cackling.


Elryx grabbed my hand. "You need to trust me, Trilek. I couldn't read the names, but I have a feeling... Just hold on, and don't let go." Then, she started glowing.


Blue rays of light bounced off the walls. We were floating, and I could barely keep my head above water. But I was too shocked to be worried. My friend was growing, her mask changing, her armor mutating. Then, we shot upward, right towards the roof of the cave. I gulped in as much air as I could hold. And then, we broke through the solid rock.


My entire body froze from shock as the salty water covered me. Everything happened so fast, until Elryx let go and pushed me towards the surface. She disappeared into the murky water, but I could do nothing to save her. I was moving too fast to turn back now.


My head bobbed back, and I took a huge breath. For a moment, I was super amped to still be alive. Then, I realized Elryx was still down there. I dunked my head underwater and screamed her name. No answer.

Evil knows, that hope is afloat.


Where life is enslaved, all can be saved.


Light will unite, what now darkness divides.


Spark the flame of the heart





Read my epic G2 fanfic, Beyond Okoto, and find out what happened after the Toa left Okoto!


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I never felt more alone in my life.


I was swimming, head above water, desperately watching for a friend who said she would follow me wherever my quest took me. And now, she was gone.


I couldn't help but shout to the heavens, if anyone up there was listening. Why me? Why was I the one who lost my mom, dad, and closest friend? I tried to blame Makuta. But even more, I blamed myself. I could've stopped Dad from going. I could've declined this stupid quest. I could've asked Elryx, the one person outside if my family that would ever truly care for me, to stay safe. And I could've helped her, when she saved my sorry gears.


Then, the water bubbled around me, and a familiar mask popped out of the water. It was Elryx!


I stared at my friend. She was an Okotan again. She seemed more powerful then ever, like she didn't need a weapon to fight the darkness, like she was one with her element. Cool. Calm. Beautiful. After a few minutes of relief, I stretched out my arms and hugged her. And for a moment, nothing else mattered. An asteroid could have hit Okoto, and I would still be hovering in the water, grateful that she was safe.


"Elryx, I-I... You're a Toa. How did you know? You didn't look the stone!" I sputtered.


"I didn't. I just had a feeling... Just for a nanosecond... And I made a choice. I couldn't get you up in time, so I pushed you, and I turned back to an Okotan. I have the stone."


She pulled up a pulsing, bright stone. In small letters, six names were inscribed.














Next to each of the names, there was an elemental symbol. I had never heard of the last four Okotans, but by Ekimu, I would find them, and together, we would stop Makuta. Everything was going to be downhill from here!


As always. Shouldn't have spoken to soon.


Suddenly, Elryx froze. "Oh, no. No, no, no."


I turned around, and beheld a horrible spectacle. The lilypad village was up in smoke. The sea stone gate had been destroyed. And shadow warriors rampaged, setting huts on black fire.


We were within earshot of Okotan's screams. Most had managed to escape to the Subelevator, but the others were not as lucky. The warriors grabbed them and tied them up.


A small figure was giving them orders, and we could hear his voice resonating above the sound of the waves. "Destroy the chutes. The underwater village will be vulnerable to an aquatic ambush. And load the slaves onto the carts."


Elryx scowled. This was the first time I had ever seen her so angry. The ocean seemed to rage with her. But it was too late. We could never reach the village in time.


I didn't know what to say. In the face of what she was seeing, part of her village destroyed, her people doomed... It didn't seem right to apologize, to pretend to understand. All I could do was try to help her.


The shadow warriors left with their commander, carrying the villagers with them.


We stared in disbelief at the ruined, slowly sinking village. Then, Elryx burst into tears. "It- it was my f-fault Trilek. I shouldn't of-"


"You did the right thing, Elryx. When we succeed with our quest, we'll get rid of Makuta forever. And we couldn't have done it without this stone." I responded quietly. "You're a hero. Makuta made a huge mistake, messing with you."


Elryx stared down at the water, still sniffling. "The Klusmos Brigade might be able to hold off Makuta's attacks, but only for a while. Your brother will be safe with Leoka. Can you swim?"




"Let's get to shore. Watch out for Takeas."


I had seen even more of the destructive powers of Makuta, and if anything, I was determined to stop him even more.


Elryx and I started swimming towards the shore, and soon, we reached it. We left the same way we had came, just with less cheerfulness and determination beyond what we could have ever imagined before this.


And, after all of this, my father's bow was still strapped to my back.

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Evil knows, that hope is afloat.


Where life is enslaved, all can be saved.


Light will unite, what now darkness divides.


Spark the flame of the heart





Read my epic G2 fanfic, Beyond Okoto, and find out what happened after the Toa left Okoto!


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Cool fic so far man...you got a review topic?

Voicing your opinions with tact is the best way to keep a discussion from becoming an argument.
So far as I'm aware, it's pronounced like this: We're ee ah moo.

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Chapter 10


Ok, even I hadn’t expected Ko-koto to be this cold.


Elryx and I had circled around to the beach, and we made our way through the swampy wasteland, always continuing towards the snowy mountains ahead of us. There, we would find the first Toa, Larai.


We had been surviving on the little rations we were able to buy from a traveling salesman, and seaweed from the beach. You may be wondering about Jenny, our faithful Razor Raptor. It turns out we didn’t tie that knot hard enough, and she was able to break out and escape to the forest, carrying our supplies on her back. I doubted we’d ever see her again.


Most of all, I missed Kevaku. Sure, the little twerp could be a pain in the gears, but he could make a trip like this one seem so much shorter with his positive outlook on life and his carefree attitude. And now, he and the rest of the Ga-kotans were in danger.


Elryx was quiet these days. She seemed to be contemplating the destruction of her village, and when I asked her anything, she would reply in a short, monosyllabic answer. To be fair, I would act the same way if I was in her shoes, so I decided to give her some space.


Anyway, our quest brought us to the edge of a cliff. The view was, to say the least, breathtaking. The white mountains of Ko-koto lay ahead of us, and below, a sparkling blue river snaked between the walls of the canyon. And (Lucky for us) there was a ski-lift that would take us to the other side!


The problem? I had no idea how to work it. I walked over to the box which seemed to hold the inner workings, and opened it up. Nothing but gears, wires, and belts. I slammed the panel closed in frustration.


I heard Elryx laughing for the first time in a while. “Hey, Poikiri brains. Once you’re done over there, we can use the lever.”


To be honest, I was feeling pretty inadequate at that moment, and Elryx wasn’t exactly helping out, but I smiled back anyway and pushed a large bar which seemed to be the lever she was speaking of. The ski lift’s gear box whirred to life, and we jumped on right as it was leaving.


I felt the wind rustling my hair, and, during the course of the whole scenic ride, I gazed up at the sky, continuing to remind myself to not look down. The cable looked like it hadn’t been used in a while, and every time a bump disrupted the otherwise smooth ride, I gripped the armrests to my seat, ready to embrace Artahka.


It seemed like forever before the lift jerked backward, and ceased at the edge of the icy cliff on the other side.


As I shakily took my first step onto the powdery snow, the radical change in our environment seemed obvious, and I found myself staring at the other side of the canyon, longing for the moderate temperatures of the region of water.


I closed my eyes. As I did this, I felt a peaceful vibration, and then a vision flashed past my eyes, of the two mountains ahead of us. Built into the side of one of these mountains was a cave, and as soon as I saw this, I realized the person who we were searching for, Larai, had to be somewhere inside.


As I opened my eyes, I realized Elryx had opened hers at the same time. She smiled, and I knew we had both seen the same thing.


After about an hour of trudging through the snow towards the mountains, the sun started to sink beneath the horizon, and I scanned my surroundings for any shelter we might be able to use. We hadn’t made as much progress as we hoped, and there was no way we would be sleeping in the snow, so the only choice was to hike on through the night.


As the last moments of daylight faded away, Elryx spotted a ledge jutting out of a boulder. Underneath it, there was only frozen grass, a sleeping mat made of reeds, and a few blankets. Although it wasn’t ideal, it would serve as a good place to rest, thanks to the absence of snow.


Of course, as a gentleman, I let Elryx sleep on the mat as I slept on the icy grass. We both covered ourselves in blankets, and lay in silence for a while.


I was just about to close my eyes when I heard Elryx call my name. “Trilek?”


I answered back without turning towards her. “Yeah?”


“My dad always said that… sometimes, a hero does something amazing and comes back bathed in glory. But other times, a hero has to make a sacrifice for people who he doesn’t know, and who don’t know his name, but he won’t be covered in praises. Either way, he will become a legend.”


I nodded my head and continued to listen.


“Trilek, no one knows about our quest. And we are going to help a lot of people. I’ve always thought that this quest was one of the former. I- I just wanted appreciation, and attention. You’ve really taught me what it means to be a hero. You were the one who didn’t want to let anyone know of our quest. And knowing that we are going to save the world… that makes me feel better than any glory could.”


I turned towards her, finally. “Thank you for staying by my side. I guess I wanted the same thing. That’s why I was reluctant to take your help, back at Ga-Koto. If it wasn’t for you, I would be dead.”


She beamed, and closed her eyes. In the moments following, I was brought back to a moment. A happy moment, when I was six years old.

Evil knows, that hope is afloat.


Where life is enslaved, all can be saved.


Light will unite, what now darkness divides.


Spark the flame of the heart





Read my epic G2 fanfic, Beyond Okoto, and find out what happened after the Toa left Okoto!


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My six-year-old self sat on a log, watching my dad fire a million holes into a wooden disk he threw up into the air with his shock bow. When it landed, I looked up at him in amazement. “Daddy, I want to be just like you when I grow up!” I exclaimed.


“You will, my son.” He replied as he prepared to throw another disk. “You have a large responsibility on your shoulders. Soon you will lead the people of Okoto, when I am too old. And you shall also inherit this.” He gestured towards his weapon.


I fingered the shock bow, which now lay right next to me. And then I remembered the one time I ever saw him miss a shot.


He tossed the discus a little too high that day, and even though he fired he fired a round of shots at it, a gust of wind carried it away without a hole in it. It had to be fate, or the great being above, but it landed somewhere in the tall grass somewhere. He went to get it, but he didn’t come back with a disk. He came back with a baby Okotan, with no mask on.


His expression was grave. “Trilek.” He enunciated with authority. “This baby was sitting in the reeds. Alone.”


“Where’s his family?” I asked.


“He was abandoned. I will take care of him until we can find a suitable home for him.”


We never did find his parents. My father adopted him as his own, second son. He commissioned a green mask for him, and named him Kevaku, Wind Found in our language. If it wasn’t for the wind, we wouldn’t have found him.


A wave of guilt spread over my mind. My dad wanted me to always take care of him, no matter what. And I had wanted to leave him in Le-Koto. In addition, I had abandoned him in Ga-Koto. My eyes blurred from tears. Even if I found my dad, he would never forgive me for my attitude towards my brother. And my responsibility.


What was in the past was in the past. I would never be able to go back to him until Makuta stopped attacking the village. I was entrusting his safety to complete strangers. Now I was feeling like a Mukaku-dung. I fell asleep, knowing that as soon as I complete my quest, Kevaku would be the first person I would rescue.




I opened my eyes to blinding white. Elryx was shaking me awake. “Trilek, we need to go. It’s a snowstorm!”


The next hour was a blur. I wrapped myself up in blankets, and pushed on towards the snow, my field of vision limited to about 5 feet in front of me. We wandered aimlessly through the drifts. Had I seen that rock before? Was I going in circles?


I heard a crash in the snow next to me. My friend had collapsed in the snow. I rushed over to her, but she seemed to have fallen from exhaustion, or the cold. I tried to remember how to carry someone… my dad had taught me… I had to carry on…


I slung Elryx’s limp body over my shoulders, and I walked forward in what I thought was the direction of the mountain. I took my blankets and put them on both of us, in hopes to warm her up.


I felt a strange feeling fall over me, and my eyes started to close. The last thing I remember were footsteps towards us, and the cold feeling of snow filling my mask.

Evil knows, that hope is afloat.


Where life is enslaved, all can be saved.


Light will unite, what now darkness divides.


Spark the flame of the heart





Read my epic G2 fanfic, Beyond Okoto, and find out what happened after the Toa left Okoto!


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