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NGD_GD01 / "Genesis"
When you're as famous - or infamous - as the Nyrah Ghosts, whose engineering prowess produced the Fohrok and the Ghostblaster, it's only a matter of time before over-ambitious customers think money can make the impossible possible.
The Order of Mata-Nui, a returning customer, once placed a pretty tall order - an autonomous army made up of machines which, unlike the dull Vahki, can think for themselves, reason, and even learn by editing their own programming. 


The weapon builders constructed a highly advanced machine, but struggled with the programming. They eventually devised a "drone-chain" concept, where the units would be networked and added to the network sequentially, and each new drone would learn from the experiences of the one before it. Unfortunately the system proved too complex, and the Ghosts failed in making it work. After several missed deadlines, the Order retracted the project, and instead bought 600 crates of Zamor launchers. 
However, one among the Nyrah, who was more motivated by academic achievement than profit decided to continue developing the idea. The first unit, the "genesis drone" of the chain, was already build, so he decided to created a self-enclosed system requiring no further units. Eventually he succeeded, and the drone was given an adaptive program capable of dynamically rewriting itself. The unit was given a strict ethical subroutine, disallowing harm to be done against any innocents and a strong simulated sense of justice. Finally, the creator gave the unit a purpose - to observe and study living biomechanical beings to alter his program accordingly and achieve sentience - be become "alive". 


By now, Genesis developed to a point where he's chosen a name for himself, and added certain beings to his list of high priority (something these beings insist on calling "friendship"). 
During his travels, he's helped several Matoran communities who didn't have their own Toa protectors, and strives to once have his deeds recognized with an honorary Toa title. 
The build process for Genesis was spawned by an idea that came to mind while building another MOC, and I ended up tossing this guy together in a few hours as opposed to the usual ~1 month build period. There is plenty to improve on him, and when I get the time, I will.
The idea was grabbing a set from just before Bionicle G1 - a Roborider - and something just after Bionicle G1 - Hero Factory - and mashing them together with the goal of getting a result that is Bionicle-y. 

As always, criticisms and suggestions are welcome, and more pictures can be found here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmbvvmCB
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I write stories, which you can read at A Beach, Somewhere. My MOCs can be found on Flickr and Instagram

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I love the arm claw function.

The concept I like but I think it could be better. Some reworking in areas could make this MOC pop.

To make it better have a better flow where construction in the arms flows more into the body design and maybe a different choice of thigh armor maybe more smoother to match the smooth texture of the CCBS Chest and Nuva chest/shoulders. Also finding those toe pieces in white or grey would look nice.

(the last one is a bit net picky but black is just to harsh on his feet to me.)


Over all a well executed MOC.

Edited by Rassilon (TTL)

Hey I got a Flickr because I like making LEGO stuff.


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