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Question about possbile whole collection and more sale.

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I haven't been an active member here for many years, so please forgive me if I seem unknowledgeable of specific terms such as part/set names. 


With my last child married off and my imminent retirement, I'm looking into the feasibility of selling off my late father-in-law's, husband's, and brother-in-law's collection. I'm going to move to Germany and need to drastically reduce possessions. 


The sets have been in a couple of large, heavy, plastic bins for many years. The sets are of the old version of robots including the animals from the first run of the sets and many, many different masks. There are some in the bins that I was unable to find in databases. I'm not sure if they are prototypes or MoCs. Many have broken joints and nearly all need some sort of cleaning. There's also another bin or two that are just parts. Would there be a market for such things here?


Thank you for your time.


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This image is an example of what I was talking about. This particular box is one that was started sorting. The box is a "bankers box" in dimensions.




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Sorry for the delay everyone. I'm doing referrals for over 300 children who need a new therapist due to my sudden early retirement.

My son took these for everyone today. This is out of that small box.


Sorry, I'm having severe issues with uploading these images here... I did this once... It keeps saying too large. I've shrunk them to 25%.

Let's try links.








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Were the plastic tubs outside?  Those look like they are sunburnt... of course maybe it's the camera or something funny in the way the picture files were compressed.

No, they were dusty. Nearly all of them were displayed and then put into boxes and not opened until recently.

I have more pictures. If there's still serious intrest I'll have this locked and make a proper posting.









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