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  1. Super interested in buying the pg kraahkan! I have a few duplicates of sealed G1 sets and G2 sets available I'd be happy to trade. Also loose G1 rahi if you're interested. Obviously, US legal tender if that's more your style.

    Thank you!

  2. That's partly because he's only selling to people who have time machines. Limited demand.
  3. Just thought you might be interested. 3 feet of 4 different colors. 99cents only stores are found in California, Arizona and Texas. Probably useful in making a display or in that MOC where you really want a rubber 2x plate.
  4. Thanks for posting that. I lost. I tied with the winner but his bid went in 13 seconds before mine so he had priority. The most basic rule of Internet auctions: NEVER, absolutely NEVER place bids ending with .00 cents. It is the easiest way to lose auction. Always add random cents ending to overbid people in situations like this. I'm doing this since 2006 and thanks to this rule I won over 50 auctions which would be lost if I placed bid with 00 ending. Many times I trolled people by overbiding them by one cent - the most satisfying way to win auction . You say these words. Will eBay even accept $500.01 as a bid over $500.00? No. The minimum bid increment above $500.00 is $10.
  5. At B&N last Friday we noticed HP decorations. My wife asked and was told we had missed the event but they gave her posters. There was no mention of LEGO though. Maybe it was a separate HP event... maybe it's already past at the store near me. Al the more reason to call.
  6. Ha! You had me going with that Gold+Trans-green thing. I was thinking "What?? Never heard of that!!" Then when I looked at the photo the gold one had undertones of neon green (maybe that's reflecting off the TNGM or maybe it's my monitor). All these years and I'm still enthusiastic. It looks like the copper Hunas are 5x European and 1x US. Everyone says the distribution of the types were separate, but I know the ones at my local TRU were mixed.
  7. You can slide the cards around in the packs to see the codes on the edge. I bought a store-pack back in the day. I wanted the bag of orange Krana but also got cards, posters and a few printed mylar balloons. I still have a stack of the posters.
  8. Hey Bub, You have mostly "bulk" parts there. Those sell on eBay for 7-20 a pound (shipped) in random assortments, though I see someone gets $30 while adding shipping. I guess it depends on how patient you are. I'll be selling my son's stuff soon. I'll be disappointed if I don't get $10/lb ($20/kg). An option is to reassemble the sets but it's a lot of hours and you'll need all those pins and gears. My son refuses to even look at them. Some people separate out the masks because those sell for more. Some people leave them in to get more from the bulk. If you want to have selling them be your hobby, Bricklink will let you sell each piece separately. (That $30 guy might have sold pounds at a lower price earlier. With the new higher price the old sales would still be shown making it look like he sold them at $30. Personally, I doubt any random pounds have ever sold at that price.) Oh. Pull out the kraata. (double-click the word then right-click and search google) but you only have a couple that are "wild". The good ones are NOT green/green, white/white, blue/blue etc.
  9. The mass of the disk I made is 8.79. Mine is mostly copper, so ~8.96g/cc. Converting to steel (~8g/cc) gives 7.8g. Converting to sterling (10.5g/cc) gives 10.3g Converting to 14k gold (~14.2g/cc depending on the alloy) gives 13.9g. If a genuine disk actually masses 14g, it's solid gold.
  10. Here's a brass kanoka I made back in the day. You can see it's very thin. I'll mass it tomorrow. I'm sure the LEGO originals aren't steel. Steel has a very high melting point and it's a pain to plate it. Typically they plate it three times: Copper then nickel then gold or something like that. Of course you could grab a magnet and prove me wrong. Sterling is a good choice. It's not that expensive and they were not making that many disks. Gold plating sticks very well. Cheaper than silver is "German Silver". It's basically brass that has had enough nickel added to it to turn it white. That's what I used to make weapons, krana, kraata and "Platinum" Avohkii.
  11. Were the plastic tubs outside? Those look like they are sunburnt... of course maybe it's the camera or something funny in the way the picture files were compressed.
  12. Thanks for posting that. I lost. I tied with the winner but his bid went in 13 seconds before mine so he had priority.
  13. Commander Kumo found the chest armor on BL last summer and fall (Thanks CK!). Shoulder armor is easily available for 2 cents. 56 axes were sold recently (since November) for $5-7 each. But that's the past. Is it worth $100? The description looks 100% accurate. He says it's a MOC and has unreleased parts, which he lists. There's a single axe for $17 shipped and the variant cover comic someone was just looking for. $40 for that.
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