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  1. None of them are technically sealed. It's just a plastic blister that pops open, a "never opened" and "opened dozens of times" will look the same. You won't find it for less than $800, if you expect to get just the mask for $100 or something ridiculously low, it won't happen.
  2. Last two items need to be sold! https://imgur.com/a/Yi6dJ Xa - $250 SOLD Ca - $200 SOLD Send a message if interested! Thanks!
  3. I do not have a misprint gold kraata.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/Yi6dJ SSKK - $2000 - SOLD VMKK Xa - $300 VMKK Ca - $250 Prices are in USD. If you're interested in these pieces, now is the time. I have a sick snake that needs immediate vet attention and don't have very much money to pay for it. Thanks for looking. I have wild kraata I can sell as well. If you're interested in those I will take some pictures, please let me know. SOLD
  5. Lol those names don't mean too much to me. Even though I collected them all I never learned exactly what was what for color and the actual names. I'll take pictures of what I have and you can point out anything you need.
  6. Hello, I have the following items available for sale: VMKK Xa - $300 VMKK Ca - $250 SSKK - $2000 Please view the following image album for pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Yi6dJ I also have an assortment of various wild kraata that I would sell, if there's interest in them still.
  7. Thanks for taking my advice and not listening to the clowns who downvoted me. Lol
  8. They are all the same. I've been through hundreds of these masks and the color is not different.
  9. Well, Andre is back offering for the SSKK. As it was originally his, he has first priority and I'm only asking what I paid, which is $2k USD. The VMKK are still up for grabs though.
  10. I have a VMKK Xa and Ca, as well as a SSKK. http://imgur.com/a/Yi6dJ $250 for the Xa and $200 for the Ca
  11. They were in Canada too. I found one in a large lot of parts I bought locally.
  12. Current highest offer for the misprint kraata is $100 USD from Flintsmith. All other bids should be posted on this thread, thanks!
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