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First Drawing, Dilphlanix

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First off, I'm not a great artist.Second? This isn't my first drawing, but it's one of the ones that turned out good. The others aren't worth mentioning.So, onto the drawing!Explanation? Dilphlanix is a newer character of mine, so new I don't know what species to make him (people suggest him to be a member of Pridak's original species... Or a member of my reptilian species, a Draconian). He wants to gain immortality, and to do so, he thinks that learning every power in the universe will allow him to do so. He's mastered the six basic elements (Earth, Stone, Fire, Water, Ice, Wind) and will let nothing stop him from achieving his goal.Constructive criticism and comments wanted!

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I like the drawing a lot, it actually looks really good. I can't really say much about the pose, he looks a little stiff, but you got all the little details and everything on there and it ended up looking really cool. There are some things I want to point out though which might help you with future drawings. The elbows and knees look a little awkward. Normally that wouldn't matter if this was a human drawing or something, but since this is Bionicle it really looks weird. There doesn't seem to be any actual elbows and knees present, so the arm/legs just curve, there is nothing that really separates the lower arm/leg from the upper arm/leg. It might help to examine other drawings and see how they did things in certain ways. The ankles look a little stubby and suffer the same fate as the elbows/knees. It might help to practice on joints in future drawings. Rest of the body looks good and detailed, nice work. I also liked the explanation you put up. This is a really good drawing and although there are some things that could make it better, it still looks fantastic. I hope to see future art from you,~Soran


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