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  1. IC: (Jiyu Herupa) "I only know so much, I am limited by my responsibilities and what I have learned over the years," He said, clasping his hands together. :I politely ask that you keep an eye, or an ear to the ground. For others. Others who are disillusioned, who want change, who are tired of being ignored because of the parts of them they cannot change. All I ask for now is that you keep watch. Maybe, if you and I look for others, maybe we can make some difference.:
  2. So with exams here everyone's back again sorta, eh? So with the current arc wrapping up, we gonna do stuff on Kentoku again?
  3. Man all my everything is out of date, isn't it?

  4. IC: (Herupa Jiyu) A hand extended to grab and stop Shuuan, though Jiyu stopped before he touched her arm. "Shuuan, I... I would like to respectfully disagree. I think you are in the perfect place to... Lend a hand."
  5. IC: Jiyu Months after Jiyu's conversation with Shuuan, a good deal of rumors had spread across the archipelago. Some native to Oki known for exaggerated truths swore by their mothers that they saw Clan Herupa tear their ancestral home down and turn it into a massive boat to take them to Mata Nui. Some merchants had claimed that they oversaw a transaction that delivered quantities of high-quality weapons to the Herupa, who also claimed that they saw Vilda extremists working with the Herupa to spring their Toroshu in an act of rebellion. Others said, particularly those close to members of Clan Herupa heard murmurings that the Herupa Toroshu was dead- her immediate successor refused the position, and now the clan elders had appointed First Son Jiyu as Jito, steward, in the absence of the other Herupa heir. Some members of the Herupa even insinuated that the Rora herself had sent the other heir away to Mata Nui on purpose, as part of some grand scheme. The reality behind these rumors was that the Jito of Clan Herupa was having the clan's ancestral manor renovated. Under Herupa Jiyu's close supervision, the home was remodeled and refurbished- with an exception of a small, minor study that had been completely removed from the manor. The clan elders had called it a sorely needed update, also voicing their approval to Jiyu's plan of bulking up the defenses to the Herupa compound in general. Thicker walls, improved gates, and most conspicuously, space for weapons. Should the clan have to defend itself, of course. Everything took a little more than five months to complete, all the while Jiyu had become worried at the news from the mainland. Clan Herupa couriers then found their way to the gates of the homes of the Toroshu (and the imperial palace) not long after construction finished. A letter of invitation, for each of the Toroshu and the Empress to a banquet hosted by the Herupa. Valid for the head of each clans (or an appropriate representative) and a guest of their choosing. Most notably, all clans on both sides, Imperial or Dastana, received an invitation. With the exclusion of clan Vilda. As clan Herupa had previously announced their neutrality, considering how they provided advisers and bodyguards for both sides, it was expected that all would come in peace. With the banquet in one month from the invitation's arrival, it would be more than enough time for the Toroshu to respond- and for Jiyu to prepare. OOC: Who would like a little party?
  6. IC: Kristen watched attempt to decide. "If you can't decide on one, just get both."
  7. IC: "I was referring to how they don't bother to break out of it- But yea, that's a fair point I guess," Kristen said with a sigh, getting some of the meat pies for herself.
  8. IC: "All they can do is run and prey on smaller fish," Kristen pointed out, grabbing a tray for herself, "Whoever is the biggest fish wins, no ifs ands or buts. Even Sharks would run from a bigger fish, if there was one."
  9. IC: "When I said that, I meant actual meat. Not some wimpy fish," Kristen pointed out.
  10. IC: "Meat, always meat," Kristen said, after pausing for a brief moment to inspect what was offered As well as getting some for herself.
  11. IC: Kristen: Back to the the daily routine, though it was one that Kristen didn't mind too much- Working out and practice suited her just fine. Though she did take the opportunity of hitting up the mess hall and nabbing some chow, after depositing her meager possessions at her new bunk.
  12. Name: Kristen Marie Varella Age: 30 Gender: Female Occupation: Pilot, "Raptor Squadron", Lance Corporal Appearance: Average height, lighter weight than average, much to her doctor's dismay. Red hair, cut short, military regulation length. Piercing green eyes. Spends most of her time in military uniform, if off-duty, will rarely bother to wear much more than tank tops and cargo pants. Has small, but numerous amount of scars on her back and shoulders. Equipment: Raptor, 9mm handgun, survival kit, two combat knives strapped to her legs, deck of cards, music player and headphones (not actively carried with her), as well as a small jewelry box (not actively carried with her). Skills: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, as well as having a reputation of being a ruthless pilot. Actively assists on the maintenance for her machine. Has some skill at cards, as well as rumored skill at singing and playing the drums. Personality: Quiet and unassuming, and usually work-oriented as well. Hates being bothered, or touched. Loves to fight, to the point where she has little objections over spilling blood. Somewhat aggressive and hot-blooded while on missions, and freely lets others know her mind when on the job. Despite this, highly distastes claiming lives. Has noted anger management issues- though by this point it's not an easy trigger as when she was younger. Really loyal to the people she refers to as friends. Actually a big music buff, and enjoys playing cards- though solitaire is her favorite. At least makes an attempt to interact with her fellow squadron members, she just doesn't subscribe to small talk. Bio: Born somewhere on the eastern coast of America, Kristen and her twin brother Christopher were adopted in late childhood by a family of ranchers- Wherein Kristen began to promptly display her tendencies for extreme violence under pressure. Following several years of therapy, and disciplined living, Kristen put the shared trauma of her and her brother's early childhood behind them, and she soon found herself graduating from high school, and soon enlisted in the Federation military. Having been in the military since the age of eighteen, Kristen was one of the first to use Assault Walkers in military practice- And easily adapted to the new technology as one of the Raptor test pilots for the Federation. After an extended medical leave, Kristen has returned to active duty, and has been assigned to the "Raptor Squadron", for one of the machines she had helped to test. Weakness: Wrath. She relishes close combat maneuvers, and prefers to eschew ranged weaponry. Base Model: FAW-022 Raptor Designation: Wild Card Appearance: Other than its red and crimson color scheme (with white trim), this particular Raptor is emblazoned with the silver emblem of the joker card, as well as the squadron symbol. Armaments: 100mm rifle, head-mounted 20mm Vulcan guns, 2 leg-equipped heat knives, heat war handaxes, 4 AIM-120 AMRAAMs, 4 AIM-9 Sidewinders, and chaff launchers. Weakness: Like all Raptors, fighting in one is exhausting- and the Wild Card is no exception, especially given Kristen's tendency for high-speed hit and runs with her close combat weaponry. Not to mention its lighter armor. Pilot: Kristen Varella.
  13. With EmperorWhenua back, so am I it seems. With recent events in mind, would Yumiwa be willing to reconsider Jiyu's mantling of the title of Toroshu for Clan Herupa?
  14. IC: "Shuuan, deep down I'd love to watch all of the Empire's pretentious systems and castes and religion tumble over in flame," Jiyu said with a slight scowl, rubbing his wrists, "However, I have obligations to my Clan- And I've come to realize that the only way to truly change things is to remove prejudice and conflict from within my Clan. Maybe then, when we try to advise this pile of dung Empire, we wont breed internal conflicts such as, well, whatever's going on right now."
  15. IC: :Yes but I feel charged to... Respond,: Jiyu responded, scowling as he finished his fruit, :It may not be my place to change other's behaviors- But if I could I would discard the whole silly business of faith or its institutions.:
  16. Per usual I picked a terrible time to step back into things, mea culpa. So, for starters I'd like to apologize. Before I went off the radar, I feel like I was acting like an to a lot of people, who really didn't deserve it. I'm sorry. I joined up here in the thick of my teenage years, and now that I'm older, and a bit wiser, I realized that I made some missteps, and that I should at the least try and make up for them. Or at least, come back around and try to nice to the people I was acting like dicks to. Secondly, I remember awhile back that I said I was going to be leaving the game because of school or what-not, and I've decided to retract that statement. This is a good thing here, and despite my whining and angst-ing, I did enjoy this game. I also realized that the reason why I later said that I was leaving was stupid- I just simply didn't feel like I was involved. Which is stupid because one can just jump into this game with no prior planning and end up doing amazing things, if they invest the time. On that note, I'll be doing a clean sweep of my character sheet- Revamping it and making sure everything is up to snuff before throwing all my characters into the thick of it. If I left some plot threads hanging or something of the like, please let me know so I can try to make up on that for you all. Here's to having a (very much belated) good new year, -ATC
  17. IC: "People like my mother," Jiyu stated, "She was devout, and believed that her faith would protect and guide her."
  18. IC: ::Sometimes, I honestly don't know what to expect of others.:: Jiyu rolled his shoulders, a frown clouding his face, "I feel that many others put too much faith in things beyond their control."
  19. IC: ::Then we are in agreement then,:: Jiyu thought back, visibly relieved as he took another bite.
  20. IC: "Eat first," Jiyu said, closing his eye. He took a bite out of the fruit, letting out a soft sigh. He still had yet to fully heal- The healers had ultimately done their best, but the best couldn't fully heal everything, and Jiyu hadn't spent much time resting. :What do you think of Zuto Nui?:
  21. IC: "Personally, I think it's because they don't compare well to the dragons," Jiyu said with a shrug as they stepped into the garden. While it was walked off from the rest of the complex, the garden had moss creeping along the walls, giving it a somewhat more natural look. Several trees were scattered throughout the garden, a rich vibrant green that was echoed in the grass that seperated the trees from flower beds and the stream. All of the flowers were arranged to move alongside the walkway through the garden, almost like a natural barricade to encourage visitors to leave nature untouched. In the middle of it all was a worn stone bench, one of the ends of which was more weathered than the other. It was obvious that someone had spent an insane amount of time sitting there in the past. True to Jiyu's word, several artificial nests hung from the lofty branches of the trees, and occasionally a small bird poked it's head out of the best before his info again- or flying off in search of small prey. From outside, a stream ran into the compound and through the garden, no doubt funneling into the fountain at the compound's center- But here it was a babbling little stream, enough to ensure that the living things in the garden would be nurtured and that no modicum of silence could truly be found in the garden. "Come, let us sit," Jiyubsaid with a small smirk, swiftly walking to the stone bench and taking a seat, "I do not know about you, but I have never been one to eat while standing. "
  22. IC: "There's a stream that runs through the garden, it make's a quaint babbling sound," Jiyu said, beginning to ramble, leading Shuuan onwards at the same time, "Apparently, my great-grandfather was such a fan of bird-watching that he installed several bird houses so that he could try to keep an eye upon the various Rahi of flight..."
  23. IC: "There's not much time to dwell on my mother while I'm busy trying to run a clan," Jiyu remarked. "But let us not dwell on it too much, the gardens perhaps? They offer moments of silence when trying to distract oneself from the nuances of day-to-day life." Or inane quests led by idiotic boys.
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