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General Discussion Forum Rules

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Do NOT Spam

Spouting random jibberish at every opportunity is not good, especially if it is done in a thread that has a clear point. If you want to chat, do it elsewhere or on IM, but don't do it here. Excessive roleplaying is also prohibited, and please stay on topic. Derailing a thread risks getting it closed.


Do NOT Flame

Tearing into other users is not productive for anyone. If they have broken a rule, use the Report button. If they need to be pointed to the Rules & FAQ, point them to it, and leave it at that. If you disagree, present you opinion in a courteous manner. If you don't like something that's being discussed, say why, or perhaps, keep to yourself. Flaming isn't tolerated here.


NO Inappropriate Content

NO links, pics or even REFERENCES to porn or hentai, or any adult content whatsoever. This will result in instant banning. BZP has no age requirements which means there are people of all ages here, including very young children. We're a site with the primary intent of discussing a kids toy line-- keep things safe for everyone. If you want to talk about adult subjects then find yourself another messageboard that allows it.If you don't know what the above rule is talking about and referencing, then don't worry - you won't break it accidentally. If you do, be warned... this is an automatic suspension and then banning.


Use the Report Button

There is a "REPORT" button in the lower right-hand corner of each post. If you feel that that post is breaking the rules, hit the report button, enter an understandable reason, and leave it at that. Posting "Will a Moderator please lock this thread!?" or "This should be in (Forum X)." does nothing to bring the thread to our attention.


Leaked Images

Leaked images happen when a company has broken its agreement with Lego for disclosure. This means they agreed promotional images would not be used for advertisement or distribution. Since this is looked down upon by Lego, LEAKED IMAGES OF SETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON BZPOWER.

Do not POST them, LINK to them, or DISCUSS them. Those who do so will lose Proto or have their posting privileges suspended. If you are not sure that an image is leaked, ask a staff member. You will not be punished for linking to them in a PM between you and the staffie.


"Post It Here" Topics

  • A post it here requires these criterion,
  • Must ask you to consider a scenario where you create something. A character, a setting, a mood, etc.
  • The author must ask you to record your conclusion in the topic
  • Most importantly, it must have the exact same function as an existing BZP forum

These topics will be closed.


Topic Revival

In the General Discussion forum, if a topic has not been posted in for 60 days, you may not revive it by posting again, or it will be closed. If a topic is inactive for that long, people didn't want to continue discussing it, so let it stay dead. If there's new information/interest/etc in the topic, feel free to just create a new topic for it instead.


No Advertising

Read this topic for information on the advertising rule. This advertising rule includes creating topics to simply advertise a site that you know of/own; that's what your signature is there for.


Introductory Topics

Brand new! See: The Revolving Door


Dream Topics

Dream topics turn into spam. Tahu making a sundae at your local Dairy Queen has very little discussion value.


Birthday Topics

Creating birthday topics for people on the day of their birthday is fine. However, topics celebrating the birthday of current or retired BZP staff members only are for the General Discussion forum. When their birthday is over, it will be closed by a staff member.



Coincidence Topics

Coincidences happen. Sometimes a quote from a TV show reminds you of a BIONICLE quote. Sometimes a new LEGO character reminds you of one of your old drawings. In nearly every case similar to these examples, resemblances to BIONICLE are most likely unintentional and there is not much to discuss in these types of topics.


Yours Truly,

Geedee Forum Staff

Edited by Makaru
edited for drastically outdated rules

Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!

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