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Just Another Day With Teridax

aditlot Teridax Gorast

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#1 Offline ShadowBionics

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Posted Jul 23 2012 - 02:30 AM

All right, now I know I might be a relatively old member on BZPower, but I still have some writing left in me. For those who aren't familiar with my comedy A Day in the life of Teridax?, this is somewhat of a sequel series. I'll post a link to it some other day, it's in the old forums somewhere. This picks up after the final story arc that involved a mysterious monster taking out various Brotherhood members. Only Teridax, Gorast, Mutraine, and Chirox survived (until Gorast disposed of him). The attack was carried out by rogue Makuta "Hodge Podge" Algorox-Almaine and his newly recruited son, Sergeant-Detective Makuta Ailles-Almaine.Episode Alpha: The Horror is Rebooted*Somewhere on Destral…*Teridax: Um… what are we doing here again?Gorast: I’m not sure, Teri. Then again, our ending wasn’t all that clear.Mutraine: No kidding. So why are we back on Destral?Antroz: Perhaps the same reason why I’m here.Teridax: Antroz! You’re alive again!Chirox: He’s not the only one.Mutran: It’s physically impossible to really know how we went from being dead to alive again.Teridax: Shut your mouth, you pointy-headed lab geek. No one likes you.Mutran Fangirls: >:[Atheron: Personally, I don’t really care, so whatever works, I guess.Velixa: Hey, what happened to Icarax?Norenka: I don’t see him anywhere.*Somewhere in the real world…*Icarax: I already told you, I’m not a vampire! I’ve been telling you this for the past 2 and half years! Why don’t you listen to me? :(Girl 6: He has to be a vampire! Just like in Twilight!Icarax: ARGH! Why must I get tormented like this?!*Back on Destral…*Teridax: Ah, we don’t need him. He always got on my nerves, anywhere. He could be in some other universe being tormented by girls who admire him for no good reason, for all I care.Bitil: What’s the point? We’re only going to get killed off again. Or bet brought back in some comedy after 2 years of being ended.Vamprah: >_>Torah: Ah, you’re both just sticks in the mud.Zartross: Easy for you to say.Gyzerox: Yeah, since you aren’t one of the missing members of our group.Teridax: I don’t care, as long as I don’t have to deal with Icarax mentioning the Natalie girl or Krika doing something stupid.Gorast: UM, Teri?Teridax: What?Krika: Look upon me, for I am your Miss Destral 2008!All: O_OTeridax: How is it he is back and we’re still missing a few of our number?Atheron: Because he’s Krika? And he thinks we’re still in 2008?Teridax: That is a plausible theory. So he still thinks this is the beginning of the series?Velixa: I guess so. Then again, I wasn’t even here the beginning of the series, so whatever.*Knock at the door.*Antroz: I’ll get it.*Antroz opens the door to find the Ask Roodaka salesman*Salesman: I’m going door-to-door to make you this incredible offer!*Antroz slams the door on his face.*Antroz: What is it with these salespeople and them trying to sell us things on Mondays?Torah: For you, it was Monday. For me… it was Amonday.Teridax: What?Torah: Amonday. It’s like Monday. But Amon. Because… because he’s Amon.Gorast: You’re dumb. You got more annoying since Icarax disappeared forever.Teridax: Well, since we’re running low on members, I guess the only thing left to do is…Gorast: Teridax, don’t say it…Teridax: Bring in our old servants.Gorast: Darn it, you said it!Antroz: Can we go out for smoothies later?Teridax: No! There won’t be smoothies until I have these guys employed again.*Some few hours later…*Roodaka: Why in the world am I even here? I’m done with Makuta, especially after everything he put me through.Sidorak: Yeah… and he did kind of destroy my house with a helicopter.Roodaka: No… that was me.Sidorak: Wait… *pauses to remember* That’s right! You never even fixed my house! You Roodaka-copter ruined it all!Roodaka: Calm down. Don’t make me have to get the stupid pills to calm you down.Sidorak: You’re making me crazy… and you don’t want to see me when I’m crazy.Teridax: Ah. Roodaka.Roodaka: Makuta.Gorast: Hussy.Roodaka: You’re still here?Gorast: You’re still living?Sidorak: Oh, burn, Roodaka.*Roodaka hits Sidorak on the head, making him fall to the floor.*Teridax: I brought you here for a very special reason.Roodaka: You’re going to apologize for putting me through all the pain and torment of a broken heart?Teridax: No. Why would I do that?Roodaka: Never mind, that was asking too much.Teridax: I’m going to give you your old jobs back.Sidorak: Yay! I’ll have a job again that won’t involve Roodaka embarrassing me on TV!Roodaka: You don’t need me to do that, Sidorak. And why should I help you?Karzahni: Because… you’re… mine now.Music: Four, tres, two, uno.Sidorak and Roodaka: NOOOO!!!!*Sidorak and Roodaka break down the doors and hide from Karzahni… who isn’t Karzahni at all.*Teridax, laughs: Thanks for going along with the plan. I knew they’d crawl back to me if they thought Karzahni was after them again.Spiriah: No problem. As much as I hate being having to change into that dreadful Karzahni, it was worth it to see Roodaka so scared.Norik: Makuta Teridax…Teridax: Ah, Norik, I see you and your team got my message.Pouks: You got some nerve.Gaaki: I can feel them… Everywhere! They’re everywhere?!Gorast: What’s with her?Bomonga: That mask of hers drives her crazy. I know how to fix it, but no one will let me.Kualus: Because hitting someone over the head with a boulder doesn’t always work.Bomonga: It worked for me.Teridax: I’ll cut to the chase. I want you to work for me again.Iruini: Why should we work for you? You tried to kill us.Teridax: Oh, come on, just think of the good time we had together.Norik: There weren’t any good times, you creep.Gaaki: Stop the voices in my head! They’re angry… they won’t leave me alone! *screams*Spiriah: Can someone get this insane woman out of my presence? She is giving me a headache.Norik: Don’t you talk about my girlfriend that way.Spiriah: Well, you’re a moron and your girlfriend needs to be institutionalized. Wait, why am I even rationalizing with you urchins?*Spiriah takes all of them in his fist in Hulk-like rage and then he jumps through the other wall. Like the kool-aid man.*Spiriah: You’re going to work for us and you’re going to like it! Or else you’ll end up like MY team of Toa Hagah!Teridax: Well, that was effective.Gorast: I’ll say.*That’s when the doors burst open and a familiar unstable female warrior shows herself.*Teridax, laughs to himself: I was beginning to wonder if you would ever show.Elitha: You really think I’d miss a chance to see your ugly face again?Gorast: Teridax is not ugly! You take that back!Teridax: No, Gorast, let her vent off some steam. She’s nothing more than an angry little child, after all.Elitha: You sadistic fool! You made me!Teridax: No… you complete me.Gorast: :(Teridax: Not like that, you weirdos.*That’s when ShadowBionics goes off to make his own ElithaXTeridax fanart and post it up for all to see.*Gorast: :)Teridax: Besides, if I hadn’t have interfered in your life, you’d be just some silly Matoran girl with silly fantasies running through your silly head all silly.Elitha: -_- You’re a creep. And a selfish, oblivious fool. You can’t even see that your little mosquito friend is madly in love with you.Gorast, blushing: Cut that out! Besides, Teridax will love me someday.Elitha: Well, technically he did love you in Episode 95 of the original series, which got undone by The Shadowed One after he made a deal with the Farshtey.Teridax and Gorast: What?Elitha, giggles: I have knowledge and powers you can’t even begin to imagine.Teridax: What are you?Elitha: I’m your worst nightmare, Makuta Teridax.Teridax: You can’t get to me, you’re just trying to scare me.Elitha: Then I guess it’s time for this little night nurse to take the night shift… I’ll be keeping my eye on you, Teridax.*Elitha turns to her spirit form and escapes from Destral.*Teridax: She scares me.Gorast: Don’t worry, Teridax. If that little terror in red returns, I’ve got your back.Teridax: Thank you, Gorast, I knew I could count on you. Yet, I can’t help but feel we forgot something…*On some deserted island…*Hodge Podge: Soon, my son, you will be able to avenge me and get back at the Brotherhood of wrecking my life.Ailles: Yes, father… This is all just so much for me.Hodge Podge: I know, and I’m sorry I had to hide you as a Matoran on Pana Nui, but that was the only way I could protect you from the Brotherhood. Luckily, you were made from my untampered DNA… I’ll get that lousy science school dropout Mutran!Ailles: Did you say something about Icarax?Hodge Podge: Yes, but he’s out of our reach now, suffering a fate worse than death. Never the less, we will strike soon…

Edited by ShadowBionics, Jul 27 2012 - 11:33 PM.

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#2 Offline Axilus Prime

Axilus Prime
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Posted Jul 23 2012 - 06:59 AM

This was truly hilarious. Best parts were the Icarax/Twilight, Amon, and Farshtey jokes.A good tip would be to first introduce some of the non-canon Makuta. I've been on BZP for two years, but I never went into Comedies before the downtime. So now, I have no idea what's going on in your reboot.
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#3 Offline ShadowBionics

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Posted Jul 27 2012 - 11:29 PM

This was truly hilarious. Best parts were the Icarax/Twilight, Amon, and Farshtey jokes.A good tip would be to first introduce some of the non-canon Makuta. I've been on BZP for two years, but I never went into Comedies before the downtime. So now, I have no idea what's going on in your reboot.

I'm glad you liked it. I am going to introduce the non-canon Makuta more in the future chapters. If you do want to know what is going on and why this is a reboot, then I guess it would be a good idea to actually link to the main series. These links are from the old BZPower, so it will log you out.A Day in the life of Teridax?This is the original series where all the character originate. Sadly, there's 23 chapters missing since they were deleted in the Dataclysm back in the day. However, they're not like super essential to the story, but if you'd ever want to know what happened, I can give you a main overview. Also note this was written by the old me. The old, insane, elaborate humor, singer Natalie Horler fan me who no longer exists in the same form. So with that said, my writing from 2-6 years ago will be different from how it is now.Ask RoodakaAsk Roodaka is a somewhat "sister series" to ADITLOT seeing as they have crossed over near the end of the AR series and this is the same Teridax who appears in ADITLOT, as do Icarax and Spiriah. This also has a few chapters missing, but that's mainly due to a weird thing I did when I made a sequel series, but then I went back to writing AR. None of those are important, to be honest, but if you want to know what happened, just ask. What mostly happened was just a lot of insane stuff on the moon that revolves around Teridax disguising himself as Maxilos and Karzahni wanting to enslave Roodaka and her crew. Aside from that, you can skip the "missing chapters." Like ADITLOT, AR was also written in my old style, and this was in 2006 so at around this time was when I was trying to find my roots. I did get better, so don't worry. However, in its day a lot of my friends and fans thought this was one of my best. ADITLOT kind of carried the same spirit of AR and took it to a newer level. I did think of reviving Ask Roodaka a third time, but that never happened.

Edited by ShadowBionics, Jul 27 2012 - 11:30 PM.

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[Bionicle: Unsolved Mysteries] [The Knights of Terankos]

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#4 Offline Slyzor the Conquerer

Slyzor the Conquerer
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  • 01-September 12
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Posted Sep 02 2012 - 10:41 AM

Yes! One of my favorite comedies makes a return. I've read all of Ask Roodaka, ADITLOT and Vezon Tv. I'm new to this whole member thing so if this violates any rules just let me know. Can't wait to see what happens next! :happydance:
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Make room for the Creeps from the Deep!

#5 Offline ShadowBionics

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Posted Sep 11 2012 - 11:57 PM

Wow. Well, I'm glad to hear that. I'm also glad to know this makes you happy. Well, yup, ADITLOT is back, albeit in a new form, but it's still there. This next chapter is going to be packed with a lot of stuff in it, but it'll mostly cover a lot of stuff in the original ADITLOT that didn't make it in. I did plan to make chapters explaining the origins of Hodge Podge and Elitha, so here you go. Plus there'll be some nostalgia thrown into the mix. Episode 2: Somewhere in Clipsville*Somewhere on Destral…*Teridax: So does this looks like everyone who used to work for us?Spiriah: I’m going to guess so.Kojol: I bet you’d let just about anyone walk in here, the way your memory works…Teridax: You’re just asking me to drop an inferno-filled building on you again, aren’t you?Kojol: The thought never occurred to me.Vanisher: If you want me to, I can DESTROY him for you.Teridax: No, let’s save that for later. Surprised you’re still on one piece after that whole mission The Shadowed One went on. Whatever happened to him?Atheron: You know, it was very unclear…*Little do they know that somehow when they all got home, The Shadowed One found himself in some strange alternate dimension where he took control of the old Hand of Artakha after Teridax took over the whole universe with Icarax acting as his sentry and law enforcer… Now back to our story.*Gyzerox: So then what do we do now? Now we’re just stuck with a bunch of freaks on our island.Teridax: I’ll figure something out.*Teridax turns and faces his newly forced recruits.*Teridax: All right, you clowns, since I’m very very hungry, I want all of you to pick me up several large pizzas.Kojol: I didn’t realize you were THAT hungry.Teridax: Not all of it is for me, you know. I was thinking of sharing, but I might change my mind. In fact, you don’t get any!Kojol: I’m so sad now. I’m so sad, I forgot to cry.Roodaka: Why do we have to go get something you can easily go out and get yourself?Teridax: Because it’s more fun making others do things for me. Just look at most of the actual Bionicle story.Sidorak: And if we refuse?Vanisher: Then I will DESTROY you all!!!“Karzahni” (Spiriah): And I’ll just get on my dance routine.All: AAAHHHH!!! *The all run off to find the nearest pizza place.*Teridax: Darn, I didn’t get to tell them what I wanted. Well, hopefully they get it right.Norenka: Um, Teridax?Teridax: What is it, Norenka?Norenka: I know it’s not my place, but… Algorox and Elitha are still at large.Teridax: Well, Algorox is far gone by now. And Elitha is just a silly Matoran girl. I remember the first day we met… It was all shimmery and in sepia tone…*Flashback…**Antroz is riding through the forest while it’s on fire atop his horse Nexus.*Antroz, on fire: This isn’t even the right story! Stop showing this flashback!!*End flashback.*Teridax: Oops. Sorry about that.Antroz: Yeah… so am I.Teridax: Let’s try that again.*Flashback…**We see some random Matoran on some unnamed island running and screaming in one direction before scattering about and hiding. As they do, a shy, timid “Ga-Matoran” runs after them, speaking in a soft voice with a cute little accent.*Elitha: Wait, please come back. Surely my Danny Phantom fan art will make you happy. Oh… Why doesn’t anyone like me?Teridax: Hey, you, silly girl. How’d you like to be my labrat? My other labrat quit on me.Ahkmou: No, I didn’t. I’m right here, still worshipping you.Teridax: Get away from me. *He kicks Ahkmou into a building, causing a massive explosion.*Elitha: You blew up a condominium development.Teridax: You know a bunch of big words. I think I’ll like you.Elitha: Oh, but sir, I don’t want to leave my home. Even though no one likes me, or invites me to their block parties, or their slumber parties, and everyone makes up mean sayings about me, it’s still my home.Teridax: You lost me at “sir.” Your voice is cute.*That’s when Teridax just takes her up in his arms and makes his way back after shape-shifting some wings to Destral as Elitha screams in terror at being so high up.**End flashback.*Teridax: And that’s how I turned a sweet, innocent, silly girl into an insane, deliciously evil nutcase whose sole purpose in life is to destroy meGorast: I still don’t even know why you took her in.Teridax: I was bored! What else could I have done? Plus, it was funny first time I brought her here. She was so easy to scare. Plus she was scared of her own shadow. And she was blue.Vamprah: >_>Zartross: You having some problem with blue, comrade?Teridax: No, not that. It looks great on both of you. Besides, she was a lighter blue. Of course, she’s red now… and angry. And insane. At least not as insane as Miserix.Gorast: Don’t even remind me…*Flashback…*Miserix: You wanna know why I look the way I do? Well, you see… When I was younger, I used to go out to the movies a lot. I had this girlfriend who liked to go to late-night showings at the theaters. So naturally, I’d go along with it and take her. She used to enjoy it and she’d tell me every now and again how much she loved my smile. Well, one night… there were these two creeps who followed us from the theater. So me being the brave, kind-hearted guy I was, defended my girl from them. They just laughed at me and closed in on us. What else could I do? I mean, they wanted to attack us. So I just… *he puts his hand above his head and raises his hand up.* And then I just… *he holds out his hands to look like a pair of jaws.* I scared them off good, let me tell you. But my girlfriend… she was scared out of her mind. So first thing she does when I turn around… she just takes off… She’s too horrified to even look at me! Can you believe that?! Well, on the plus side, I’m always smiling now.*end flashback.*Kojol: What’s the deal with the clip show all of a sudden?Teridax: It’s not a clip show if we show never-before seen material. Plus the author guy just wanted to put in another Miserix story.Norenka: So there was almost no point to this episode?Teridax: That’s right, my dear.Gorast: Well, it’s not all that bad, right?Kojol: Well, no, but I mean… nothing happened. No dinner jokes. No insane and wacky shenanigans. No Gorast trying to make Teridax love her. Not even Elitha or Hodge Podge trying to conduct some evil scheme! NOTHING!Gorast: I’ve… never seen you so emotional about something.Teridax: Well, I mean The Shadowed One is missing and Miserix is dead, so we lost our major antagonists. And plus I don’t consider those two much of threats anyway. But since we’ve shown flashbacks for Miserix and Elitha, why not one for Algorox then?*Flashback…*Algorox: Are you listening, Icarax? Teridax instructed us to follow these orders EXACTLY. I’ve rung up the numbers a few times, so by my calculations, we should be able to make off with this loot as long as you don’t mess it up. Got it?Icarax, with bucket over his head: Got it.Algorox: Good. Now let’s move.Icarax: Wait, where’d you go? Who turned off the lights?*Icarax, being the doofus he is, turns around and knocks Algorox off the edge of a cliff.*Algorox: Icarax!!!!*Before Algorox can really do anything, he falls into a pit of mutagenic acid, which sadly but surely, eats away at his Makuta armor.*Icarax: Sorry, I didn’t hear that? Algorox? Algorox?[pause]Icarax: I’m in trouble, aren’t I?*a few hours later…**Because Icarax was too stupid and too late to save Algorox, it was now up to Mutran to try and save his life. However, Mutran is a horrible doctor and very absent-minded. So instead of saving Algorox’s life, he turns him into a Skakdi-faced mutant with a body made entirely of junk. When Mutran removes the tarp covering Algorox’s body, Algorox himself awoke to see the horror that awaited him.*Mutran: Oops.Algorox/ Hodge Podge: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did you do to me?!Mutran: There was nothing I could do.Hodge Podge: You always say that, you science school drop out! I should have known better than to think Teridax would place my life in good care. Now I look like a mutated freak! You’ve ruined my life!Mutran: Your armor was beyond help and your head and mask were mutated into that green shape. There really was nothing I could do.Hodge Podge: Well, soon enough, there will be something you can do! But the time for that will be much later on!*In a dashing move, Hodge Podge manages to break through the lab, stealing a very important box he left for safe keeping, and then he runs through the wall, falling to his doom, only to be saved by a Klang bird.*Mutran: That was awkward.*end flashback.* Gorast: What was so special about that box of his?Teridax: Algorox liked doing a lot of DNA work to create Rahi. Not all of it worked. How else do you think the Klang came into existence? And that’s the story of why Algorox wants to wreck all of our lives.Gorast: I feel sort of bad now.Teridax: Don’t. It’s Mutran and Icarax who should get the blame. Plus Algorox was in love with you anyway.Gorast: WHAT?!Teridax: Yeah? Wasn’t it obvious? He used to talk about you around me all the time, asking about how to impress you and whatever. I never really said anything.Gorast: I’m glad you didn’t… I just… don’t know how to react to that.Teridax: I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Not like he’s going to try another plan like he did the last time. After all, the last time he did, it spawned 3 30-chapter comedies all revolving around The Shadowed One.Atheron: And 40 chapters of ADITLOT.
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[Bionicle: Unsolved Mysteries] [The Knights of Terankos]

No, I didn't see you playing with your dolls again!

#6 Offline ShadowBionics

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Posted Dec 01 2012 - 01:52 AM

Sorry I haven't posted in this for a long time. I've had a lot of things arrive to my attention and I couldn't afford to really be writing any new chapters of anything when I had to be writing three important papers.


To make up for it, this one is going to be a longer chapter than usual. It's also going to have a few key plot points that are going to be important later.


as a bonus, I figured since people wanted me to introduce my OC characters a little better, how about I show two of the more prominent ones so far. That, and the only ones I have MOC's of.


Makuta "Hodge Podge" Algorox-Almaine

Makuta Algorox-Almaine (Pre-mutation)


Shadow Toa Elitha

Matoran Elitha

Elitha with Teridax



So starting with Hodge Podge, he was originally a Makuta who worked for Teridax. Initially cold and calculating, he was usually off to the side doing his own thing. Funny enough, he had a crush on Gorast secretly. He created a vicious bird rahi named Klang and he lives on an island inhabited by them. On a mission, Icarax was being clumsy and threw him into some mutagenic acid, which ruined him greatly. Icarax later claimed "I said I was sorry!!" Teridax then took it on himself to let Mutran fix him up. Sadly, because Mutran is a terrible scientist, he instead turned Algorox into a mutant freak instead of fully restoring him to his original self. Angered and appalled at his new form, Algorox went on a rampage and left Destral, vowing revenge on the Brotherhood, especially Mutran, Icarax, and Teridax. He abandoned his name and picked up the alias "Hodge Podge." As part of an experiment, he took the "good" part of his DNA and made a genetic twin a la Jango Fett. He named his "son" Ailles and disguised him as a Matoran, who appeared in 2006 in my first comedy "The Mask" as a hard boiled cop. He later appeared in "Ask Roodaka" and the original ADITLOT, reprising his role as a cop, albeit more insane as a side effect of not being able to handle Hodge Podge's initially brilliant mind. Hodge Podge reunited with Ailles at the end of Ask Roodaka.



Elitha was a very shy and timid Av-Matoran who lived on an unspecified island after the great time slip. Teridax took her under his wing for various reasons, one of which was to create a mask that would never exist: a polar opposite to the Mask of Life. Despite how impossible it was, she did it after suffering under Teridax long enough. While weaker than the Ignika, the mask could do mostly everything it could do, but at a lesser level and at random chance. Elitha struck back at the Brotherhood, but not before they struck at her afterwards. Using the mask she made to recover, she became a Shadow Toa, ironically modeled after Teridax. Her powers can rival a Makuta's and she is dangerous especially because she wears the Mask of Death. However, she's not used to her powers and there's only a 1% chance something like "instant death" would work. Having been under Teridax's oppression, she went insane and more aggressive. In her previous life, she was friends with Takua and Solek and she was described as being very shy, yet very warm and caring. Elitha first appeared in my comedy "The Moron's Mask" as one of the main antagonists and has since appeared in more of my works. Useless trivia: You could say her Shadow Toa personality is like that of an evil version of a singer whose music I like. 



So, if you're not bored of reading all these explanations yet, here's the actual chapter.




Episode 3: Guess What's Coming to Dinner




*Somewhere on Destral…*


Teridax: Did those servants of ours ever return?


Atheron: You know… I’m not even sure.


Teridax: Blast it! I knew we should have kept better tabs on them.


Atheron: Yeah, that probably would have helped.


Teridax: Gyzerox! Zartross! I want you to find those clowns on the double!


Gyzerox+Zartross: Yes!


Atheron: Wait, why are you so worried about them all of a sudden?


Teridax: It’s more so the principle. Besides, I can’t have anyone else bailing out on me again. Not since we’re all of a sudden missing so many of our operatives from the old days.


Atheron: True. There’s only one who we have an idea of what happened.


Teridax: Ugh, don’t mention him to me. He can stay lost for all I care. It’s so much more peaceful around here. I mean, no more blabbering about some singer, no more stupid antics, no more causing me misery. And do I need to mention how he would always be outside of my door every time I opened it?


Atheron: No. But still. Plus he was a fan favorite back in the day.


Teridax: Well, it matters not. In the mean time, why don’t I send his subordinate to get me something to eat? Torah?


Torah: Yes, Teridax?


Teridax: I hunger!!


Torah: What would you like?


Teridax: I’m in the mood for pizza. Go get me some pizza.


Torah:  You’ve got it. *With that, Torah leaves to get find a place that sells pizza.*


Teridax: Okay. So we got our bounty hunter-type operatives hunting down the deserters and we’ve got the other moron getting my food.


Gorast: You know, Teridax, the holidays are coming up soon.


Teridax: What? Oh, yeah… we should get to doing something about that. Maybe I’ll have Chirox and Bitil set something up. Come to think of it… did we have do something in the previous years?


Gorast: You know, it was very unclear…


All: -_-


Zartross: Found them, comrade.


Gyzerox: Yeah. Turns out they were trying to sneak their way out of our sights.


Sidorak: Lies! All lies!


Gyzerox: Then explain these plane tickets to anywhere?


Sidorak: Um… those aren’t mine?


Roodaka: Give it a rest, Sidork. You were always bad at making up lies anyway.


Sidorak: Like you could do any better?


Roodaka: As a matter of fact, I could.


Teridax: Silence! Zartross, take Sidorak and Roodaka to the dungeon.


Gyzerox: What about the Toa Hagah.


Teridax: Hold onto them, I have some questions for them.


*Teridax approaches Gyzerox and the Hagah as Zartross carries Sidorak and Roodaka to the dungeon to be locked up.*


Teridax: Well, well, well, what do we have here?


Norik: I liked you better when you were defeated.


Teridax: I liked you better when you sounded like Kagome’s grandpa, but we all have to move on. Now, tell me, do you really think it’s wise to try and run out on me when I have ultimate power and the Brotherhood backing me up. You’re on thin ice.


Kualus: Oh, we’re so scared.


Bomonga: I’m quaking in fear.


Teridax: Enough bad puns. Take them to the dungeon.


*Somewhere elsewhere…*


Torah: Okay, Teridax wanted me to get... what was it again?*Torah walks down the street to the market when he passes by a randomly placed radio for the sake of being random.*DJ on radio: You're listening to DJ HP on Radio KPodge, where we bring you smashing and crushing great hits. Here is a preview one of my personal favorites, coming up later on.Carly Rae Jepsen: Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me, maybe?Torah: That song is annoying.Zombified crowd: Must crush Brotherhood of Morons. Must crush Brotherhood of Morons.Torah: Uh... why are you all coming at me with torches and pitchforks? Can't we talk this out? Wait... please! Don't come any closer!*As the crowd begins to clobber the dimwitted Makuta, we see that just above the building where the radio was placed, the DJ himself sits down and looks upon the horrible sight. Who is the DJ?*Hodge Podge, with microphone: All that and more coming up on Radio KPodge. HA HA HA!


Torah: OH, MY LEG!!!


Hodge Podge, pulls away from microphone: Oh, this is just too delicious! Ha ha ha! I wish I had my camera so I can relive all this! Oh, wait… this is just the beginning!


*Back on Destral…*


Teridax: How many fools does it take to deliver a pizza!


Chirox: Wait, I know this one!


Gorast: It isn’t a joke, Chirox. Torah’s been gone for like… ever.


Teridax: Exactly. And you know what happens when I don’t get my food on time.


Kojol: Haven’t the good citizens of Metru Nui suffered enough?


Teridax: Not as much as you have if you don’t be quiet!


Kojol: Fine. I’ll go see what Mutran’s up to.


*As Kojol sulks away, there’s a knock at the door.*


Gorast: I wonder who that is.


Teridax: If it’s that crazy Salesman, he can stay at the door.


Antroz: I’ll go answer it since you’re all so afraid.


*As Antroz go to answer the door, a huge surge of power blasts the door down, crushing Antroz with it.*


Elitha: Knock knock.


Teridax: Ah, it’s you again. I was hoping I’d see you again.


Elitha: Please, don’t flatter yourself, Teridax.


Gorast: Why is she here again?


Antroz, from under the door: Why do you think?


*At Mutran’s Lab…*


Kojol: Hey, science school reject. What’re you up to?


Mutran: I’ve been working on my prototype weapon from the last show.


Kojol: You mean the one that doomed Icarax?


Mutran: Bingo.


Kojol: Why would you do that?


Mutran: It’s not supposed to blast people into alternate dimensions.


Kojol: Oh, so that’s what happened to him. Here I thought he was dead or something.


Mutran: No. After a careful analysis, I’ve deduced this blaster can send targets to other dimensions.


Kojol: So what will this accomplish?


Mutran: I don’t know. I’ll have to analyze it on the computer.


Kojol, taking bottle: And what is this thing here?


Mutran: Be careful with those. I found those on Roodaka’s person.


Kojol, reading: “Stupid Pills.”


Mutran: I have yet to determine what they do.


Kojol: I might have been buried under a burnt building for about 2 years, but even I know my Ask Roodaka trivia.


Mutran: I don’t follow.


Kojol: Of course you don’t. These are what Roodaka used to either make Sidorak keep quiet or make him even more stupid. The effects are somewhat random and uncertain.


Mutran: Oh. Well, that answers that.


Kojol: Tell you wait, Dr. Pointy head, I’ll hold onto these for you and you just go back to doing your science guy stuff.


Mutran: Okay, see you around. Wait… you know, why don’t you test this?


Kojol: You sure?


Mutran: Yeah, why not. Just don’t fire it at anyone. Let me know what happens. I’m going to take a nap.


Kojol: Okay. *So Kojol takes the experimental blaster and the stupid pills and walks out of Mutran’s lab.*


*Back with Teridax…*


Chirox: So how do you want us to handle this one?


*Before Teridax could answer, Elitha uses her electrified whips to incapacitate him.*


Elitha: That answer your question?


Teridax: No. Why must you do this?


Elitha: Revenge takes no prisoners, Teridax.


Teridax, remembers: Oh, yeah… that. Come on, would you rather still be a small little Matoran afraid of her own shadow?


Elitha: Better than being some super-powered freak.


Bitil: What’s the commotion?


Gorast: This… thing is back.


Elitha: Look who’s talking.


Bitil: Well, in that case…


*Bitil rushes at Elitha, engaging in somewhat of a sword fight with her, which he ultimately loses. Kojol walks in just in time to see Bitil get defeated. Looking at what he had in his hands, he decided to play a bit of a prank on their “guest.”*


Elitha: I must say, I’m disappointed if this is all you can do against me.


Kojol: Then it’s time to eat your words!


*Kojol jumped out from his hiding place, hits Elitha on the neck, knocking her down, and giving her one of the stupid pills.*


Gorast: Um… what just happened?


Bitil: Kojol just became a ninja.


Kojol: What? You all have your own motifs, can’t I have my own?


Teridax: I’m almost not sure if you should have done that.


Kojol: It’s not like she’s going to turn all Crazy Siddy or something on us, right?


Teridax: That’s the thing… I don’t know what will happen with her. She was already kind of insane to begin with.


Kojol: Oh… I think I get you now…


Gorast: Should we be afraid?


Teridax: Possibly. On the plus side, I don’t think she’ll try and attack us anymore. She might be like Krika.


Krika: Here comes me!


*Krika charges headfirst and rams right through the wall.*


Kojol: Even then, that’s a scary thought.

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Posted Dec 14 2012 - 12:28 AM

MT's review plane temporarily hovers here next.


Right off the bat I'll spoil everything by saying that, at least in my opinion, this is a pretty good start to a comedy. The character roles are well defined, the characters themselves are interesting, and the humor is fairly consistent so there's no need to read through nearly half a page of dialogue before getting to a joke.


Gorast and Mutran are probably my two favorite characters, as they both take fairly common elements of comedy characters(Gorast being the overreacting mean person and Mutran being the moron) and put a new twist on them as well, allowing for Gorast to react in bizarre circumstances(such as Algorsomething falling in love with her), and Mutran to look back and think about the stupid things he did while getting away with it, whereas in most comedies the moron generally gets hammered by the mean, smart character for being stupid.


Some of the characters kind of fall on their face in this regard. Teridax just comes across as an archetypical evil leader who does random stuff for seemingly no reason with some rather forced lines, and Hodge Podge was rather bizarre, but overall, the cast of characters is an entertaining bunch. So this comedy gets an approval from MT, and I hope that more of it comes out in the future.



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Posted Dec 15 2012 - 03:06 AM

MT's review plane temporarily hovers here next.


Right off the bat I'll spoil everything by saying that, at least in my opinion, this is a pretty good start to a comedy. The character roles are well defined, the characters themselves are interesting, and the humor is fairly consistent so there's no need to read through nearly half a page of dialogue before getting to a joke.


Gorast and Mutran are probably my two favorite characters, as they both take fairly common elements of comedy characters(Gorast being the overreacting mean person and Mutran being the moron) and put a new twist on them as well, allowing for Gorast to react in bizarre circumstances(such as Algorsomething falling in love with her), and Mutran to look back and think about the stupid things he did while getting away with it, whereas in most comedies the moron generally gets hammered by the mean, smart character for being stupid.


Some of the characters kind of fall on their face in this regard. Teridax just comes across as an archetypical evil leader who does random stuff for seemingly no reason with some rather forced lines, and Hodge Podge was rather bizarre, but overall, the cast of characters is an entertaining bunch. So this comedy gets an approval from MT, and I hope that more of it comes out in the future.





One thing people liked with the original ADITLOT was how every character had their own personality and how I made "Every character crazy in ever way possible," with the exception of Teridax. Speaking of him, the reason I think you feel that way is because Teridax is my jab at your stereotypical cartoon villainy. So yeah, he's supposed to be that way. That's kind of why I like writing about him in this way. Same goes for Mutran and Icarax, and why they had some of my favorite lines in this series and the original series. Gorast is a close fourth as well, so she definitely gets some good lines and moments.


Hodge Podge is meant to be bizarre, sort of showing how he is became a mutant and thus reflecting his bizarre appearance, versus his suave sophisticated personality as Algorox (which unfortunately you don't see in this series, and I wish I had an episode fully dedicated to Algorox as his old self). His son/twin Ailles had this sort of personality, but as he went on he became insane as Hodge Podge. I'm glad to hear you like the series and I hope you continue to enjoy it in the future. Definitely an honor to hear your thoughts and to know you actually went and read the first few chapters. 


Here is the next one, speaking of which. Caution: Part of this chapter was written by the old ShadowBionics. For those of you familiar with the old ADITLOT, you know what to expect. For those of you who aren't... well, get ready for a joyride!




Episode 4: I was a Teenage Natalie



*Somewhere in… Midgar?*


*Icarax, lost in his dimensional travels, falls through the ceiling and becomes unconscious for a while. He’s woken up by someone shouting in his non-existent ears.*Aerith: Hello-oooooooooooo?Icarax: Gah?!Aerith: Hooray!Icarax: I’m awake! Huh?*Icarax takes a while to look around, only to be more confused than he already is… which is even more confused than he’s always been.*Icarax: Am I dead?Aerith: Not quite.Icarax: Are you an angel?Aerith: No. I’m Aerith. *giggles* You fell through the ceiling. That’s hot.Icarax: Um… So you’re my rescuer, then?Aerith: Nope.*She turns around and imitates how she was when she found Icarax.*Aerith: Hello-ooooooooooo? *Turns back around* That’s all I did.*both laughing*Icarax: Why am I laughing like a moron?*Inside Icarax’s head, in his memories*(Teridax: you nickel-plated twit! You distasteful duncebucket! )Icarax: Oh, yeah… maybe that’s why I was a fan-favorite character based off an actual Bionicle character.*Then somehow, Icarax does a back flip and gets on his feet.*Icarax: I’m very good a back flips. Or at least, I’ve gotten good a back flips ever since I got lost on this weird voyage.Aerith: Really? What happened?Icarax: Well…*flashback, ADITLOT Chapter 116*Mutran: No, I was afraid of this!Mutraine: Stop saying that when you obviously aren’t!Gorast: What are you doing here?Chirox: Trying to stop the zombies Mutran created.Gorast: So you started this?! *She jump onto Mutran as he gets up, beating him senseless.* You’ve really messed up big time, Mutran! If these zombies don’t kill you, I will!Mutraine: Get in line, I called killing him first.Icarax: And what exactly are you trying to do to stop these zombies?Mutran: I made this gun-thing, and I was hoping it would return the zombies back to their graves. But now that Teridax broke it, I don’t think it might work.Teridax: Oh, sure, blame your mistakes on me.Chirox: It doesn’t look that bad. Try it out! *He takes the thing from Mutran and he aims it.*Mutran: Wait, it hasn’t been tested yet!Chirox: Then there’s no better time than right now! *He accidentally fires it at Icarax, sending him to his death.*Mutraine: What’d you do that for?Chirox: I don’t know.Gorast: So did you kill him or what?Mutran: I’m not so sure. Since I haven’t tested it yet, the results are yet to be determined.Teridax: Then may Mata Nui save Icarax, wherever he may be.*At some random house, in the Real World…**Within this particular house, there was a meeting among a few girls, but they weren’t just any girls, oh no. They were Twilight fans… Well most of them anyway. Caution: The following scene might become graphic. Pregnant children and small women are advised to leave the room.*Girl 1: I don’t think the series is good because I don’t like love stories or the supernatural.Girl 2: How dare you, it’s the best series that was ever made, better than Harry Potter!Girl 3: How can you not like it?! Something’s wrong with you!*Just then Icarax, just pops in from out of nowhere.*Icarax: Uh, what just happened?Girl 3: Wait, who is that?!Girl 2: He must be a vampire!Girl 4: Just like in Twilight!Girl 5: Are you sure?Girl 1: He’s just a Makuta. You know, from Bionicle.Girl 2: Shut up, you’re not welcome here!Girl 3: We don’t have to listen to you!Icarax: Oh, boy. I’m dead.*End flashback…*Aerith: Wow. That’s pretty strange. That’s hot.Icarax: And you have graphics that rival Doom 3.Aerith: I think you can think of better pick-up lines than that.Icarax: Hmm… something about this seems eerily familiar…


*Meanwhile, back on Destral where we have some actual plot development…*


Gorast: Teri… I’m scared.


Chirox: What’s all the yelling about?


Teridax: Kojol just added two negatives together.


Chirox: But I hate math!


Teridax: You pointy-headed geek, this isn’t about math!


Kojol: Um, guys? Where did she go?


Gorast: I don’t know! I was too busy looking at Teridax!


Kojol: When aren’t you too busy looking at him?


Gorast: That’s none of your business, Kojol!


*That’s when the lights turn off.*


Antroz: Hey, who turned off the lights?! *falls down the stairs painfully.*


Teridax: Somehow, I think I already know…


*That’s when we hear a somewhat eerie instrumental version of “Jingle Bell Rock” playing on what sounds like an old radio.*


Gorast: What’s that?!


Krika: That’s the song of the wax-maker before he dumps the wax on his victims.


Teridax: >_> Halloween is over, Krika.


*Their thoughts are interrupted when the music abruptly stops, turning into a more pop-style version of the song, lights shine from the floor, and from the ceiling comes a large disco ball with Elitha riding atop it. Not only was she doing that, but she was singing as well, showing off her surprisingly good vocal skills.*


Elitha, singing: Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock. Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring. Snowin' and blowin' up bushels of fun.Now, the jingle hop has begun. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock. Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time. Dancin' and prancin' in Jingle Bell Square, in the frosty air…


*The music continues as Elitha hops off the disco ball and dances happily over to Teridax.*


Teridax: See, Krika? If you want to scare me, this is how you do it.


*Chirox and Antroz try to go after Elitha, but she easily evades them, twirling around them and doing a spinning kick to Antroz’s face.*


Antroz: This better not be permanent!


Gorast: She’s lost her mind!


Teridax: That’s what the stupid pills do. That’s why Roodaka often hesitated on using them on Sidorak.


Elitha, singing: What a bright time, it's the right time to rock the night away. Jingle bell time is a swell time to go glidin' in a one-horse sleigh.


*The music continues as she resumes her happy dance over towards Teridax.*


Gorast: Who invented these?!


*Flashback to an unnamed island…*


Hodge Podge: HA HA HA! Now to send these to Roodaka as my test subjects!


*Back to present-day Destral.*


Teridax: Never mind that. WE don’t know what she’s going to do! Krika, tackle her!


*Krika takes his fire extinguisher jetpack and pulls the pin.*


Krika: Here comes me!


*Krika takes off full blast at Elitha, but she does an incredible jump over him, grabbing him, and then turning him around so he shoots through the roof.*


Krika: It’s getting pretty drafty in here!


Teridax: Krika, get back down here and shield me!


Gorast: I don’t think he’s going to be coming back down anytime soon.


Teridax: I was afraid you’d say that.


Elitha, singing: What a bright time, it's the right time to rock the night away. Jingle bell time is a swell time to go glidin' in a one-horse sleigh. Giddy-up jingle horse, pick up your feet. Jingle around the clock. Mix and a-mingle in the jinglin' feet. That's the jingle bell rock.


*As Teridax tries to run away, Elitha takes him with her electrified whips and reels him in close and forcing his arms around her.*


Gorast: You better not be doing what I think you’re doing if you want to continue living!


*Thinking quickly, Kojol decides it was no better time than to test out Mutran’s weapon. He fires it randomly but he misses, instead hitting a flowerpot, which teleports none other than The Shadowed One back into the main universe.*


TSO, breathing heavily: Wait… can it be…?


*He looks around, spotting Gorast, the incapacitated Makuta, Kojol with the weapon, and Elitha with Teridax’s arms around her.*


TSO: Yeah, I guess so. It’s nothing like the last place I was in.


Teridax: Now’s not the time, Morton.


TSO: That’s not my name, and you know it! And I have better things to do than deal with you!


*The Shadowed One dashes past Teridax, knocking Elitha away from him, temporarily displeasing her, and he jumps out the window. Ironically, TSO’s Christmas tree was impounded on Destral. He hops onto it and the tree takes off, rocketing into the sky as TSO makes his great getaway.*


Teridax: I never get tired of seeing that.


Kojol: Let’s try this again.


*Kojol fires again, hitting another flowerpot, this time bringing in Icarax.*


Kojol: Aw, no! That’s not what I wanted!


Icarax: Am I… home?!


*Icarax looks around and sees his old friends and his old boss, as well as a new face who reminded him of someone he once liked…*


Elitha, singing: What a bright time, it's the right time to rock the night away. Jingle bell time is a swell time to go glidin' in a one-horse sleigh. *She quickly uses one of her arm whips to take Teridax by the arm.*


Icarax: :OMG:   :love: THIS IS WHAT I WANT!


Elitha, singing: Giddy-up jingle horse, pick up your feet. Jingle around the clock. Mix and a-mingle in the jinglin' feet. That's the jingle bell… That’s the jingle bell… That’s the jingle bell rock….


*Icarax tries to run after Elitha, instantly bewitched by her beautiful voice and appearance, but Kojol fires the weapon at Icarax again, blasting him back to wherever he was before… which was Midgar with Aerith.*


Gorast: Why did you do that?


Kojol: I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand that guy. If you keep your mouth shut, I’ll keep my mouth shut about your crush on Teridax… or your OTHER crush from the before time…


Gorast: Oh! :bigsmile: Oh… fine, it’s a deal.


Kojol: On the plus side, she’s making this place so lively I almost want to dance.


Gorast: Now’s not the time to get down, Kojol.


Kojol: “Get down?”


Gorast: We have to get her out of here.


Kojol: Okay. Well, I remember this from before Teridax dropped the building on me…


Elitha, singing: That's the jingle bell… That’s the jingle bell… That’s the jingle bell rock…!


*Kojol went and snuck on Elitha one more time while she was forcing Teridax to twirl her around. Then he grabbed a boulder and hit her on the head. Elitha then falls over, unconscious.*


Gorast: Wait, so that’s all we had to do?!


*That’s when Krika fell through the ceiling and landed on Gorast.*


Krika: What’d I miss?


Kojol: Yeah, I guess so. I didn’t think it’d even work. I figured I’d just make her mad at me and then she’d chase after me and I’d have to run for it.


Gorast, pushing off Krika: So all the fighting, all the trans-dimensional transporting, all of that was useless?


Kojol: Well, you could say that. At least I brought back The Shadowed One.


*Gorast runs over to him and knocks his head off.*


Gorast: How is that good?


Kojol: Now we can have some actual excitement.


*Kojol’s body reaches for the head and puts it back on.*


Gorast: Hmph! You’re almost as dumb as Mutran.


Kojol: You would know, wouldn’t you…?


Gorast: … I thought I made it clear no one was to know about that! I’m in love with Teridax now!


Kojol: Trust me, this is too delicious for me to let go. But I’m not going to say a word.


Teridax, getting up: So… she’s out?


Krika: I must give her mouth-to-mouth resurgification!


Antroz, grabbing him: I wouldn’t do that, if I were you.


Teridax: Chirox! Mutran! Get over here!


Chirox: Yes, Teridax?


Mutran, waking up: What’s the commotion about?


Teridax: I want you to find a way to either contain Elitha or get rid of her.


Mutran: I’ll have to analyze the results on the computer.


Chirox: We don’t need to do that. We just have to think of a good imprisonment for her. And I think I got a good solution. Tridax showed me this. Before he went away.


Gorast: Where is he, anyway?


Tridax, southern accent: I’m right here. What makes you think I went anyplace?


Teridax: Oh… well, it’s just that you didn’t show up again until now and we thought you were gone like you know who and all of the other missing operatives.


Tridax: Well, no siree. I’ve been here the whole time, but no one ever paid me any attention.


Chirox: Well, in that case, get over here and help me. Grab her feet and I’ll take her arms. Mutran, help me get her up.


Teridax: And I guess that’s the end of that… although now, she’s going to be singing songs with her beautiful accented voice.


Gorast: Well, it’s better than he trying to kill you.


Teridax: That’s very true.


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Wow, this is amazingly random. Good job!

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Morally unambiguous.

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Posted Feb 01 2013 - 11:18 AM

AHAHAHAHA!!! XD this is so random! all this Icarax-fangirl stuff is awesome, though I would have thought he would have used his powers to incapitate them for fun. but the comedy is hilarious.

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