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Bionicle Table-Top Roleplaying Game?

bionicle tabletop table top rpg

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#1 Offline The Mask of Ice

The Mask of Ice
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Posted Sep 27 2012 - 02:29 PM

It would be nice if a third party Bionicle tabletop RPG were made. I think FATE would work best for a system. For those unfamiliar with the FATE system; It's a generic freeform system framework which can be built upon to create any number of genre-specific systems. What makes it differ from other systems is that all players play a part in creating the game world, and can influence the story out of character. Reading the core rules will help clarify the following ideas (FATE core rules: http://www.faterpg.com). Here are some system ideas:
  • At the beginning of a campaign, probably during the whole first session, each player (including the referee, or Game Master) creates the following for the game world:
1. A world: A planet, giant robot or other celestial object. There will typically be one, with every player designing a portion of it. 2. An island. 3. A faction: A gang, corporation or other organization. 4. An event: A current event which could bring about change. Once it is fulfilled, it changes the world (or island, if it happens on a small scale) on which it occurs.
  • All characters have a race and role which grant them benefits. For example: Toa gain elemental manipulation as their top skill, Matoran get extra knowledge or profession skills, Vortixx gain extra profession related stunts, Skakdi gain vision powers and cooperative elemental manipulation as a skill, etc. Role benefits could include: Stalwart, which can take damage for others; Mastermind, which has a few NPCs or a faction which he plays in addition to his character; Artisan, who gains two extra profession-based stunts; Sage, which has extra knowledge skills, etc. Other character creation options are the same as any FATE system's. Characters gain two stunts, have a 10-skill pyramid, and have three stress tracks: A health track, a reputation track and a race-specific track, usually tied to their special abilities: For example: Toa (and Skakdi) get an elemental energy track they must deplete to use their powers, Vortixx get a raw materials track they must deplete to create items related to their profession, Matoran instead get a bonus to reputation as they are usually more involved in a society.
  • Non-player characters are divided into three: Full-fledged NPCs, who function the same as a normal character; extras, who are a bit simplified for shorter use and minions, who have a 3-skill list and are very simplified to be used and discarded.

Edited by The Mask of Ice, Sep 27 2012 - 02:55 PM.

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#2 Offline Kimiko Kusanagi

Kimiko Kusanagi
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Posted Sep 27 2012 - 07:12 PM

Interesting idea. I personally don't play RPGs of any kind, but this seems like a nice concept. The complexities of RPG worlds seem to go perfectly with the intricacies that Bionicle formed over the years.
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#3 Offline BenLuke

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Posted Sep 28 2012 - 11:57 AM

There's this.
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