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    this is the only thing i've heard about stadia
  3. Chro

    5 Years on BZPower

    i remember when you first joined mafia! congrats
  4. love the chunky style, evokes classic transformers a little bit
  5. ahh mixels. miss those lil things, so many nifty parts. system balljoints and such. fun times
  6. oh wow i can't believe it's been eighteen years since bionicle debuted
  7. shame, no deaths yet! i demand bloodshed
  8. I second this. Join Pulse Vatten and Voxumo Ash on their crazy adventures in Campaign 2. i appreciate the offer but i would not be able to maintain adequate participation!
  9. winter is here folks feeling nostalgic and finally started reading asoiaf, might watch some of this go down
  10. Chro

    10 years

    this is pretty sick, but where's bionifight forever
  11. Chro

    piranha plant

    join us on discord u scrub i appreciate that but also i'm dead online and way busy irl : (
  12. Chro

    piranha plant

    haven't played smash since brawl almost a decade ago now i'm a lucina main in ultimate [we haven't unlocked piranha plant yet!]
  13. lovely construction on the head. gold adornment on the tail feels a little out of place with how far it sticks out compared to the sleekness of the rest of the build. either way really solid work
  14. Cold Weather Warning – Black Ice Advisory
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