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TransforMOC: Dr Holloween

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Hi again, I'm going to show you my best attempt at TransforMOCs ever. Watching Transformer movies helped me a lot to make some decent transforming robot. This one was made for the sixth BCBS challenge on MOCpages, a Halloween-themed contest. I wanted to build a skeleton or pumpkin man, and I thought of a TransforMOC, and I mixed all three ideas, which explains the color scheme and the transforming ability of my entry.Car formNormal formBack viewBackstory: There was a man, a mad scientist, who worked on mutagens. In the night of Halloween, dressed up as a Skeleton, he was driving his car with a bottle of mutagen in his bag. He accidentaly crashed on a wall and broke the bottle. Instead of dying, he fused with his car and his clothes. When becoming biomechanical, he felt most of his internal organs were missing, giving him a hollow feeling. So he called himself "Dr Holloween" and disappeared in the night for new adventures.Thoughts welcomed.

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Now that is awesome.I love combining Bionicle and TF, and it fits well with the Halloween theme.Though, typically the shoulders will not be broad on a skeletal being. That's my only critique here. Aside from that, this is perfect. 8.5/10.


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That guy is so evil looking good job. I think the normal form is better than the car form though.

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