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Surrender or Run

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#1 Offline Hitoshura

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Posted Feb 21 2013 - 05:09 PM

Okay, this is my entry for the FFFC#4 "Surrender or Run", and my first story on BZPower. I'm bad at grammar, so feel free to point out my mistakes. Read on...




The Toa of Plasma opened his eyes. He adjusted his Kanohi Volitak, and looked around.Smoke was everywhere, and massive piles of rubble blocked off his path, reminders of the proud buildings that once stood there and the war that was being fought in the present.


I wish I could be free of this madness, the Toa thought. I wish I could just run away.


But he didn't. He is a Toa, and Toa don't run.


His name is Gorus, a member of the Toa team that defended Lorkahn Nui, a village on an island in the south. Once a very beautiful place, but that was long ago. And Lorkahn Nui was falling.


Two weeks ago, an army of 50,000 showed up at the northern shores. The Toa thought that the army was here to help them prepare for a war, in case, but they were wrong. Very wrong. Their commanders claimed to be srevants of the widely feared Brotherhood of Makuta, demanding them to hand over the island or fight for it. The Toa had chasen fight because they loved their island and its Matoran inhabitants very much, but they did not understand why the Brotherhood had wanted Lorkahn Nui. It was only when the Toa sent Gorus to spy on the commanders at one of their meetings did they find out. The Brotherhood was looking for a "treasure" hidden deep under Lorkahn Nui.


The Toa had held their own meeting. Their final decision was to check for any information on the treasure while fighting. Gorus, however, wasn't having any luck. He found nothing on it, not even a single note, and found himself almost cornered by a group of Rahkshi.


Gorus shook himself out of his thoughts. He'd better be going before anyone found him. Picking up his longsword, he melted a few piles of rubble in his path, clearing the way to the center of the village, their chosen rendezvous point. The other Toa would be meeting him there.


It took Gorus a half hour to get there. Usually, it would take him around ten minutes to get there, but too much debris and a small scouting squad of Visorak had got in his way. He headed towards the small Suva there.


"You're late", Shaden said. He was a Toa of Ice with a Komau and the leader of the team. Depite this, Gorus saw Shaden smile, probably glad that his fellow Toa is still alive. "Well, since Gorus is here shall we start?"


Gorus looked at the rest of his team. Out of ten, only six Toa remained, including himself and Shaden. Darion, Toa of Fire  with a Kakama. Larkia, Toa of Psionics with a Kualsi. Barlin, Toa of Iron with a Kadin. Tokard, Toa of Stone with a Rode.


"Any reports?" asked Barlin."I found nothing but a map of Lorkahn Nui that doesn't say anything."


"Enough about reports", growled Darion. "We have more to worry about, like fighting."


"He's right," said Larkia. "We can't just worry about the treasure."


"Alright", Shaden said. "We'll split up in to three pairs. Each group will scout around and try to find out as much information as possible. Darion with Tokard. Barlin with Gorus. I will go with Larkia. Goodbye."


Gorus and Barlin went to the southern area. Gorus was unsure about it, because a lot of Rahi had lurked there, but Barlin said that it shoud be fine. A sound like footsteps was heard behind them. Gorus turned around, seeing about two dozen Rahkshi.


"Behind you!" cried Gorus.


Barlin spun around quickly, just in time to block a blow from one of the staffs. Gorus joined him, and they quickly disposed of the Rahkshi, then trapped them in an iron box created by Barlin.


This went on for a few days, and Gorus was getting tired. He was going to tell Barlin to turn back when he tipped on something. A Great Kakama buried in the sand, and not far away, a Rode, a Komau, and a Kualsi.


Oh no, he thought. We let them meet their doom.


"Barlin!" he shouted. "Come look at this."


Barlin looked at the masks, and almost collapsed. He was silent, then finally spoke.


"We will honor them by continuing", he said. "We won't fail.."


"Barlin, use your Kanohi, and fly up to look at the army", Gorus said."Tell me what you see."


Gorus sat ther for a few minutes, thinking about his teammates when Barlin returned with a look of fear in his eyes.


"There were so many troops out there. We are surrounded. We are under siege."


"Any hope?"


"No. I know a secret passage, though. Two options. Surrender or run."


Gorus thought for a moment. Then he said:


"We run."




Word count (not including title): 791

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