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  1. Is the last spot still available? (If it is sign me up please)
  2. Terrorsaur: screw the stone regionTimelord: haha yeah TL: TL: Screw you guys Nato: No, screw YOU. Pulse: quests and allies Burnmad: cool Vox: not cool Everyone: yes cool Nato: scarred for eternity Burn: surrender Smoke: nah Burn: Burn And that's season 1 So...it's BZPGOT: Screw Everyone? That's actually not too far off from the actual thing.
  3. Claiming my spot. I'll send PM in a bit.
  4. Voting Trijhak. Was going to vote Smoke Monster, but being on the suspect list twice in a row feels fishy to me.
  5. Voting xccj, if three people can't die then why not make it two.
  6. I'll take any spot please
  7. bit late there Voting is 48 hours for each round. So I definitely wasn't late when I posted that.
  8. Welp, looks like I didn't get to survive too long. Oh well.
  9. I didn't know Canadians were Pokemon. I didn't know Canadians were Pokemon. What if you're Canadian and a Digimon. I know almost next to nothing about Digimon don't kill me
  10. I'm a little surprised it's not "the people who voted will now also perish" now. Edit: a word
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