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A Fact About Manly Men



Are we allowed to have a Manly Man beating up weak weaklings?

I see this kind of question FAR TOO FREQUENTLY.




A true MANLY MAN is COURTEOUS and only beats up men his own size. And only if he has good reason. Like if the other MANLY MAN cut down a TREE with a CHAINSAW when MANLY MAN NUMBER ONE was planning on cutting it down with a SHARK.


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Manly gentlemen are courteous, but manly men do beat up weaklings.


Only they do it without effort and it's over so quickly that you couldn't capture and MOC the moment.

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The proper word for a manly man is Mentalgen, because that is what all "manly men" are inside. :P


This logic being provided by a very Pepsi crazy Akaku.


Besides, we all know a manly man couldn't stand up to a female. :P "Is glared at, threatenly"



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A true manly man (such as me) is just so manly that his manliness is radiating such an aura of awesome that all nearby less manly men will immediately seize all activity to annoy the manly man and all other truly manly men will respect their fellow man just as much as he respects them.

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