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The Matrix



Well, believe it or not, folkadanions, I, for the first time, finally saw the Matrix tonight. (or should I say last night...since by now it is in the morning? :P)

'twas an awesome movie and before anyone goes like WHAT!?!? AYTYARAS*FNHSDYAGSNUAHG^&E(OJ&*68THJg67H&^9 YOU NEVER SAW THE MATRIX!?!??!?!


Everyone has those certain movies that they never got around to watching. Sure, I already knew what it was, heard about it several times, and even had a Klondike bar tell me his favorite part of the movie before I ate him, but I just never watched it.


Anyway, it's like midnight....soooooo, I'll be off to bed now...gotta get up for stuff tomorrow. BUT! This brings a whole new meaning and understanding to my good ol' turkey haired friend (Neo)'s name. (well...old name that is... :P)


So think twice before watching the Blues Brothers....they might be agents, but also, remember that disco is definitely in this year!


-Jordboy1 :miru:


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Funny, about halfway through the entry and my first thought was how I was putting off and finally saw The Blues Brothers :P
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Yeah, because of how the first one ended, I figured there wouldn't be much to make for sequel material, but I might end up watching them anyway.


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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