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The Matrix Reloaded



Well I saw the second one. Not as good as the first, and to me the effect were a lot easier to tell that they were fake....but still not bad.

I think the story kinda got funky this time around, and a lot of unnecessary suggestive stuff in this one. It almost seems like it should end too, then suddenly something happens and it's a cliff hanger ending. :P

So...of course, I'll be seeing the third one sometime soon. :P


I think if I ever buy The Matrix for myself, instead of watching it at my friend's, I'll just buy the first one....unless they come in a cheap triple feature pack or something....


But, until next time, remember, disco is in this year!


-Jordboy1 :miru:


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The second one was pretty good, to me, even if it doesn't come quite as close to the first. I haven't seen the third one though, even though I should. D= Remind me to watch that whenever I can. =P


First one's awesome though, yes. ^_^


But back to the second, it had some sequences that were just awesome, though not quite the same as the first. That car sequence was pure awesome, for instance. =P

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Yeah, I think the second one had a LOT of awesome moments actually, just, in my opinion, the story lacked more this time around.


Also, I have my thoughts on the first one blogged two entries ago. In case you were curious. :P lol


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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The whole trilogy was great, I don't see why Reloaded and Revolutions get so much hate.


And yes, there is a combo pack which has all the movies in it, including The Animatrix, which I've yet to see. It's $10.

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That's cool. I'll have to get that then.

And actually, I still think it was a great movie, just not compared to the first one. I dunno, I guess being a writer I get really picky when it comes to storylines. :P


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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I liked Reloaded cuz it was total mindless action. You can tell it'll have a sequel, but nobody cares. I didn't like three because it was just overly bleak.


But the special effects were amaaaazing.

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