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  1. Hey everyone, I'm not very active on BZP these days, but I just wanted to share this here. I made a TrueType font of the Okoto Alphabet, using the guide at the back of the Gathering of the Toa graphic novel. You can download it here. Currently it's just the letters, no numbers since no official Okoto Numerals have been shown (as far as I know). If and when they are, I will go back and add them. Until then, I'm planning on adding the Toa's masks plus a few others in place of actual numbers, like the Mask of Light-era Matoran Font. But that will be a while from now. Hey, look at that, I actually did it. Go me! I drew the symbols as perfectly square 9x9 images, so I recommend only sizing this font in multiples of 9, so that it scales properly and doesn't get stretched or squished. The characters are vector images now, so you can disregard this. Enjoy!
  2. This might belong in the Official Video Game General Topic.
  3. Okay, this is getting ridiculous. You could say that about literally every single non-Matoran species. There is absolutely no reason to think that Axonn and Hydraxon are related in any capacity, and I stand by my original statement that if Hydraxon was named something else, then no one would have ever had this thought. Just because no one ever said that it isn't, doesn't mean that it is. No one ever said it isn't because there is literally no reason why this should ever come up.
  4. I wonder if the new BIONICLE is going to have a story bible, with the basic plot points already planned out, like the old one did. And if so, I wonder how long it's going to take for people to complain about them "making it up as they go along".
  5. Neither console game were very good, but I'd take BIONICLE: The Game over BIONICLE Heroes any day. It at least wasn't just the same level copy-pasted 24 times. I haven't played any of the handheld games for any substantial amount of time, so I can't really comment on them.
  6. I'm short and fairly lean, I have friends who are tall and bulky...going by your logic, I'm not the same species as them. I like how you ignored the part about being covered in spikes... Because neither me nor my friends are covered in spikes, last I checked. So it wasn't needed to make my point. I didn't ignore it, I omitted it. You do realize the spikes thing was part of how different they looked, right? If any of you were covered in spikes, then yes, I would say that you weren't the same species.
  7. No, I've never liked how multiple masks have similar / outright identical powers. Kinda defeats the point of having Noble and Great Kanohi in my opinion.
  8. I'm short and fairly lean, I have friends who are tall and bulky...going by your logic, I'm not the same species as them. I like how you ignored the part about being covered in spikes...
  9. You're too focused on the tiny similarities and are ignoring the plethora of differences. Lots of Kanohi have a smooth forehead, in fact I'd say at least half of them do; doesn't mean they're all related. The Elda and Volitak also have the features you mentioned, so you could say the same about those. Hydraxon's face isn't even a Kanohi, so this is a moot point. As far as I know, the only sets that were originally meant to be different characters than they ended up being were Toa Norik and Toa Iruini. Hydraxon having a similar name does not mean he was ever intended to be Axonn. His name is a pun on "Hydro", to go with the underwater theme of the Mahri Nui arc. There's no reason they would've changed Axonn's name anyway; Jaller didn't become Hydraller.
  10. If Hydraxon was named something else would you've ever had this thought? Probably not, because aside from them both being humanoid and partially silver, they don't really look anything alike. At all. Axonn's short and bulky, Hydraxon's taller, thinner and covered in spikes. Hydraxon's face also looks more like a Kiril than anything else, least of all the Rode. Honestly, Hydraxon resembles Brutaka more than Axonn.
  11. I first discovered Red vs Blue when Bungie shared the "Sargeisms" video on their site years ago. I bought Seasons 1 - 4 on DVD soon after, right before Season 5 started. I've been a fan ever since. RWBY is good too. Volume One had its problems, but I still enjoyed it; Volume Two fixes most of them anyway. I don't really keep up with their other shows. I used to watch every new video they posted, but at some point - I think around when RT Life debuted - I just lost track of them. Now there's so many shows I have no idea what's an actual show and what's just an offshoot of RT Life or Achievement Hunter, neither of which I'm particularly interested in.
  12. Hurt Norman Bates, heal Mega Man. 1. Neku Sakuraba: 12 2. Anna: 14 4. Marth: 10 5. Sho Minamimoto: 12 6. Captain Nemo: 13 7. Samus Aran: 14 8. Phoenix Wright: 10 9. Solaire of Astora: 12 10. Master Chief: 11 12. Sherlock Holmes: 8 13. Mega Man: 11 14. Professor Layton: 11 16. Darth Vader: 13 20. Hannibal Lecter: 11 21. Oberyn Martell: 12 23. Jaime Lannister: 10 24. Optimus Prime: 12 25. Boba Fett: 12 27. Jack Sparrow: 8 30. Edward Kenway: 10 31. Quote: 11 33. Paul Muad'Dib: 10 34. Madotsuki: 10 35. Audrey Parker: 10 38: The Slender Man: 13 39: The Courier: 11 41: The Doctor: 12 43: Captain Olimar: 10 44: Scooby Doo: 10 46: Nathan Drake: 10 48: GLaDOS: 11 50: Captain Falcon: 5 51. George Bailey: 11 52. James Bond: 10 53. Norman Bates: 10 54. Beowulf: 10 60: Dominic Cobb: 8 Dead: 60. Bigfoot 59. Dwight Schrute 58. The God-Emperor of Mankind 57. Superman 56. Woody the Cowboy 55. Hazama 54. Saber 53. Doc Brown 52. Jesse Pinkman 51. Geno 50. Nick Fury 49. Sauron 48. Ren 47. Yu Narukami 46. Trevor Phillips 45. Paper Mario 44. Hiccup 43. James T. Kirk 42: Commander Video 41. Sonic 40: Epic Sax Guy 39: Fawful 38. Michael Bluth
  13. Where did everyone go? Double hurt Michael Bluth. 1. Neku Sakuraba: 122. Anna: 134. Marth: 105. Sho Minamimoto: 126. Captain Nemo: 137. Samus Aran: 148. Phoenix Wright: 109. Solaire of Astora: 1210. Master Chief: 1112. Sherlock Holmes: 813. Mega Man: 1014. Professor Layton: 1116. Darth Vader: 1320. Hannibal Lecter: 1021. Oberyn Martell: 1223. Jaime Lannister: 1024. Optimus Prime: 1225. Boba Fett: 1226. Michael Bluth: 127. Jack Sparrow: 830. Edward Kenway: 1031. Quote: 1133. Paul Muad'Dib: 1034. Madotsuki: 1035. Audrey Parker: 1038: The Slender Man: 1339: The Courier: 1141: The Doctor: 1243: Captain Olimar: 1044: Scooby Doo: 1046: Nathan Drake: 1048: GLaDOS: 1150: Captain Falcon: 651. George Bailey: 1152. James Bond: 1053. Norman Bates: 1054. Beowulf: 1060: Dominic Cobb: 9 Dead:60. Bigfoot59. Dwight Schrute58. The God-Emperor of Mankind57. Superman56. Woody the Cowboy55. Hazama54. Saber53. Doc Brown52. Jesse Pinkman51. Geno50. Nick Fury49. Sauron48. Ren47. Yu Narukami46. Trevor Phillips45. Paper Mario44. Hiccup43. James T. Kirk42: Commander Video41. Sonic40: Epic Sax Guy39: Fawful
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