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  1. alien worms who amplify sound to liquifie your brain. Rooster teeth
  2. Rwby or Red vs. Blue. Prefer Caleb or Joel, Lindsay or Barbara, let us unite under fandom of one company.
  3. C, duh berries only hurt someone that one time
  4. Sup, this is my first comedy so cut me some slack. Anyways, here are the characters tapp: Writer of this amazing piece that only he, and the admin's, will see Akari: tapp's self M.O.C, somewhat of a Deadpool wanna-be. Other Bionicle Characters: You know these guys. Now for the comedy you are probably overlooking due to my misspelling of the word adventures. We meet our heroes (heroes, yeah right) in a packed diner that tapp loves. Akari: So why did you call me here. tapp: I wanted to tell you before we do this you need therapy in a place where you won't choke me. Akari: That was that one time!!! tapp: Akari: Okay, several times. tapp: But here's the name of the therapist. When you get back tell me what you think and how it probably didn't help you. Akari: If it won't help me why would you go through the trouble. tapp: We've done dumber stuff, more specifically you have. Akari: I'LL BEAT YOU WITH YOUR OWN ARMS!!! tapp: I'm sorry sir. Akari: Bowing to your own M.O.C., shameful Just at that moment, tapp punches Akari in the stomach repeatedly tapp: Never call me that again . Akari: So much violence , alright, I'll go. Later, at the therapist office. Akari: So what do I do, tell you my life story? Well let me tell you, you are not ready, doc! Woman: Uhh, I'm the receptionist. Akari: oh, so when do I see the shrink. Receptionist: Now, actually. Akari: Well that was fast. Akari: So that's my story doc. Kongu: But... you never said anything. Akari: Oh, well. So what do I, ahh it' won't be funny anymore, thanks to SOME PEOPLE! Receptionist: What did I do? Kongu: How about I read your mind, so I can easy-fix your problems. Akari: I feel like I know you. We go to school together? Of course not we don't have schools. You date my cousin? No impossible I don't have cousins. Are you legendary Toa Kongu? Kongu: GET OUT!!! Akari: Okay, okay geez! That night at the apartment lair of our heroes(still can't say that with a straight face). tapp: How did your session go. Akari: He kicked me out. tapp: I knew that would happen. Akari: Doesn't he look a little like Kongu. tapp: I never saw it. Akari: Eh I'm sure it was just me. A card falls onto the table that says, ''Doctor Toa Kongu'' Well that is the first installment of my comedy. Took me two hours for me to make this comedy no one will see but whatever.
  5. Welcome to BZPower!

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