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Listening To Some Eminem




The circumstances currently occurring are those which would generally fall under my jurisdiction or skill set,

So I wish to inquire that all those reading this would emulate my actions,

I was somewhat hoping that our actions would bring about some who would appreciate my actions and others who would question my motives

Mainly for the reason that there seems to be a general air of insubstantiality when I'm not currently participating in whatever may be happening.


Now this looks like a job for me,

So everybody follow me,

Can we get a little controversy?

Cause it feels so empty without me.




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ahaha that was the first song by Eminem I ever heard


that entire album brings back good memories :'D

It's the most recent for me. My first, if I remember correctly, was The Real Slim Shady.


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Wait, I thought you don't like homophobes... I've heard he has some very anti-gay lyrics. Not trying to sound rude or anything. :)



He isn't THAT homophobic, anymore at least.


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The first Eminem song I heard was Lose Yourself.

Gotta love that one.


My favorites are Just Lose It, No Love, 25 To Life, Not Afraid, and Spacebound

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