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  1. Hey, you still doing your comic from the old forum?

  2. where did you even go i love you i miss you come baaaaack

  3. Hey you should get back online because BZPower needs comics really badly kthxbai

  4. Bro if you are still around, make sure to tell me please.

  5. Nice as always. I think I must have missed comic 48 somewhere, but I got it via URL manipulation. :PAs for 49, that was good. You can portray my character very well.
  6. I have to admit I thought it was kind of weird.But the B6 bit at the end got me. XD
  7. Shadonix

    Blog Popularity?

    What he said.Basically, yeah.
  8. Pirok's comic: starring Sheldon Plankton as the tree.Nice comic dude.
  9. I could do it on Illustrator.
  10. Shadonix

    New Space Artz

    Daaaaaaaang, dude that is AWESOME. I really like how subtle you made the curvature of the base planet. Nice touch.
  11. Meteor showers in January? Probably.
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