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Wait whaaaaat?




Hrm, it displays as a link when you embed them in posts....


Who uses bitmaps though? This is the 21st century. PNGs are where it's at.

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Hey Bunda :D


Also yeah, they completely redid the system. All your previous favorites SHOULD be in your "followed" list. I'm not exactly sure how you access those blogs, though. I suggest reading the latest BlogAlert post. I haven't had time to read it all, but it should give an overview of all the changes.

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I still can't find all the blogs I'm following. The closest I get is clicking "View new content" and then trying to get only blogs from there, but it doesn't seem to work.



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I go to Content I Follow and find the blog list, but I can't get it to arrange itself in order of most-recently active. Actually they only appear in the Blogs > Blog listing, where they are in no order. My blog appears in the Blogs > Entries listing, which seems to be a good place to be because my blog appears at the top of the Community Blog list with a star by it for me. I just can't get other blogs to do the same. MILDRAGEFACE.bmp


Edit: Never mind, it doesn't appear at the top, just with a star.


I am not certain what the Dashboard is.

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