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(Apparently, I'm slightly crazy according to someone speaking to me while I was typing this? I don't believe that one bit. I would only call myself crazy in a sad attempt to be cool.)


Apparently, I have the ability to be good at Mathematics and English (or so I'm told). Except I'm not because I hate both Mathematics and English, and as such I choose to neglect and be unaware of those (non-existent) abilities. As such, I do not even care what grade I get in my GCSEs for either of them. That's right, I don't even care. Because I truly believe those abilities do not exist and are fabrications made up by my teachers in a poor attempt to motivate me. If they say that I should be getting a good grade in a test (a test of knowledge and skill that is supposed to prepare us for GCSE exams) and shove that in my face I will intentionally do poorly in a test in an attempt to spite them. If I unintentionally do well and the teacher of whatever class it may be and hands it back to us for us to self-mark using a mark scheme and the teacher, I have been known to mark every single answer to a question wrong even if it was right. In fact, I did this in maths last week. Unfortunately (for me), the teacher as far as I know has decided to mark it herself sometime. Other times, when a teacher has marked a test and gives it back to us, I will subtly change a few marks from 'good' to 'wrong/bad' and change my overall grade on it to a lower one that I deserve rather than one way too high for my liking. I just wish that my Maths/English teachers would get it into their heads that I am nowhere near good in English or Maths and that I deserve no higher than a D grade. So many incorrect grades... they've even wrongfully estimated a B for Maths GCSE result. I'll need to change that to a D somehow. I only managed to correct my estimated English grade, but not by much. At first it was borderline A/B and now it's a C.


I'm not good at Maths or English but at least now I'm actually attempting to correct what teachers think my ability is in Maths and my ability in English, rather than a completely wrong estimate.


Unneeded TL;DR: I hate Maths and English and I attempt to get bad grades in them because I am bad at them rather than good grades, which teachers wrongfully give me.




1. Is there any subject in School that you absolutely hate?

2. Is your ability in it good or bad?

3. Do you even care about it?

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*Opens mouth* *Closes mouth* *Glances from previous entry to this one* *Notices the perfect to my knowledge grammar* Okay then? Whatever floats your boat then, Impulse. =P

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