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People's Inabilities To Use Proper Spelling And Grammar



I know I'm not the best at grammar or spelling...


I hope I'm not the only one who goes into an almost never-ending rage when someone misspells words and disregards grammar. You look like you're five years old, and I'm fairly sure that almost nobody on BZP is only five years old.


It also enrages me when people mix up their, there and they're. Same with you're and your.


Lastly, it annoys me greatly when someone uses 'alot', which is not a word. The words you are looking for would be 'a lot', with a space between the a and the lot. '


Because I feel the need to ask questions 75% while blogging, here are some questions that you may or may not feel like answering:


1. What do you feel when you see someone disregarding grammar and spelling?

2. Are you annoyed by a particular thing when someone disregards grammar and spelling? (example: mixing up your and you're)

3. Have you ever disregarded spelling and grammar?


Recommended Comments

1. I dislike errors in grammar and spelling generally, and I occasionally make fun of them IRL.

2. I especially dislike comma splices and when people mix up the three forms of "their/they're/there."

3. I don't intentionally disregard spelling or grammar, but they both is quite challanging.


~ BioGio

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1. I feel like they missed a part of their education, or imagine them as younger than they really are.

2. Mixing up "its" and "it's", "your" and "you're", and "their", "they're", and "there". Leaving out proper punctuation also irks me, unless it's done purposefully for humor.

3. Only on purpose if I want to seem more humorous (and by extension, poke fun at people who disregard grammar all the time).


I use semicolons on chats sometimes, just for practice; that ought to show just how much of a grammar nazi I am.

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Dude, I know exactly how you feel! I get ticked off every time they do it too! It's proof at how pathetic the education systems of the WORLD really are!


To/Too/Two (yes, even two) and lose/loose (THEY DON'T EVEN SOUND THE SAME!) are horribly common problems too.


I, personally, am a perfectionist. I always try to get my spelling and grammar right, and feel awful whenever I'm unsure of the spelling of something.


BTW, one last thing:


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I often forget 'a lot'. Anyway. And there are some words I constantly get wrong to this day, even though I should know them perfectly well.


As well as those you listed, the other one that really bothers me is that people do not seem to know the difference between bought and brought. I probably hear the mistake when verbalised more than when its written, which is worse.


But yeah, it annoys me. What I'm finding more annoying is those people that can't seem to talk properly either, like pronounce things right or usually especially bad grammar. That's worse.



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some reasons why people dont(hahaha grammar fail right there) have good english grammar/spelling would be 1. foreign 2. homeschooled by busy parents (my case here!) and 4. school they go to ain't(bahahahahahahahaha that word don't exist!) that good (or any of the above mixed with the possible fact that they are a slow learner)


on to the questions!

  • i feel GOOOOOD

  • no....

  • on the 'net, yes. real life, no.

I use the best i've got in real life. if i didn't. I wouldn't be showing any signs to my parents that i am learning anything.


When it comes to the internet, i pretty much use messy grammar mixed with decent

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YES THANK YOU GNARITAMANCER. I feel vindicated now.



1. I feel... deep-seated annoyance.

2. I hate "alot". Hate. I can't think of any others right now, but there are plenty.

3. There are two things I have to admit at this point. Firstly, I make use of stylistically horrible grammar and spelling to prove points or invoke certain memes. Second, I occasionally break up my sentences while in chatboxes, which technically isn't perfect grammar. Both of these, however, are done intentionally for effect, and I really don't think I could use them any other way.


Anyway, for this you have earned a blog approval.








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