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Putt-Putt, Fatty Bear, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam And Spy Fox



By any chance does anyone remember any of these classic computer game characters?


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Me too! :D


My favourite out of all characters in all of those series has to be Poodles Galore from SPY Fox 3. She's one of the few characters with a backstory.

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Fatty is one of the older HE characters. There were only 2 games under the name in '92 and '93. Died out pretty fast I guess.

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The only one we have is Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp. I remember wanting Putt-Putt goes to the zoo though.


Maaaan, I miss Humongous Entertainment. Wish I could get that old cereal-box version of Backyard Baseball working. I'd totally play that still.

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Junior Sports, Big Thinkers and Blue's Clues (except ABC Time Activities), we never had the full versions of. I really wished I could've gotten Backyard Football (Gridiron) though.

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