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Finished, Back To Work

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


I finished Halo last night, so I'm back to answering my messages. The inbox is still full, though, so don't write me back (unless you like getting the error message; then you can write me as much as you want). As soon as I get everything answered, I'll unfullify it.


TLH managed to beat him to one of the messages, but the last two...


Hi, turakii! :D Did you know that there's a chicken in the pantry, and it's not alive! :o
Warning! The chicken has flown the coop, and the Elephants on the roof! :o

So that's why the roof caved in yesterday...


On another note, kamikaze onions are truly something to be feared. Never, ever walk through a garden without first scanning with your high-tech laserfying kamikaze onion detector. Why the onion detector went kamikaze, I really don't know, but still...





P.S. This is a boring entry.


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It's not that boring. For example, I now know more about onions than I did before I read this entry!


P.S. Did you know that John Deere was part-deer? Our Social Studies teacher told us that.

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T-those onions... They destroyed my entire swarm... All those krana... splattered everywhere...




Please, all those who read this, heed Turakiis' warning, it may very well save your life.

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Uh oh. My mom went out to, uh, pick onions this morning. She hasn't come back.....

Could you supply me with a high-tech onion detector?


P.S. I wish I had a chicken...

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Guest Phyoohrii


My secret kamikaze onions scheme has been found out about! Need to rethink my strategy for world onion domination...


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you need to delete some pm's so I can send you A pic of me

Turakii's email address is in her profile. You can send it to her that way if you'd like. :)

thanks I didn't think of that.


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