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My Sydney Holiday Part 1



Okay, so I was wrong. Turns out my dad brought his laptop and wireless Internet on holidays with us! :biggrin:


Okay, so yesterday dad and I walked to the nearby station and took it to Southern Cross station, which took about an hour. The train trip was quick because it was the biggest express on the line, bypassing 10 stations, and not taking the City Loop!


When we arrived at Southern Cross, the diesel train that would take us to Sydney was already there, on the platform on the other side of the station! It was about 8:30am when we left, and it would be 8pm when we would arrive at Central station in Sydney. However, it didn't quite work out that way!


At about midday, not long after we had passed Albury station and were nearing Culcain, the next station, the train stopped. Apparently the front passenger carriage and the carriage with the buffet had lost power, and before long, so did the whole train! In other words, IT BROKE DOWN!


It was an hour and a half before it was deemed too dangerous to continue its journey, so everyone had to get out into the heat of Culcairn station after the barely-running train was able to limp there, and await a series of chaches (buses that carry luggage) to pick us up. Three were express coaches straight to Sydney, which took us straight there. Dad and I took the first coach that arrived, and made it at 9:30pm, after taking a dinner break along the way.


We then got lost in the city trying to find our hotel in the night, and I was constantly afraid we'd get mugged (as I do). Eventually, about half an hour later, we finally found it and settled in for the night. We have to use a card to access the venue, the lift (we can't go up without using the card, for security reasons) and our room. Our room in particular is a pain to get into because we can't use the handle to get in like we're supposed to. We have to push the door when we scan the card, and even then it's difficult.


BTW, if you think this non-fiction story is gonna be as dramatic as Taming A Street Teenager, then you're going to be disappointed.


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And see, this i can believe.




Cause it doesn't look like a load of **** right after the second paragraph :P



Also lucky, you just had to wallow around in heat. Heat. Blessed glorius HEAT.


It was minus twenty five all day D:

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