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My Sydney Holiday Part 4



On Thursday we didn't do that much. Mostly we took the train around a few places looking for a Bendigo Bank, which we believed was also not in NSW. Thankfully we did eventually (at about 3pm) find one in a suburb a fair distance from Sydney. The biggest pain with this search was that we had to get separate tickets for each trip, unlike with Victoria's Metcards, where a single card could be used for every trip.


Later, we returned to Central station and took the tram there. Sydney has only one tram route, and that route only takes about 20-25 minutes to go from one end of the line to the other.


Later we looked at the small railway museum back at Central station, which, as always, was very interesting. I always love looking at the train models places like that have.


After that, we had Hungry Jacks for dinner, and then my dad tried in vain to charge up his phone. Then I tried to use a nearby Internet cafe, but it was pathetic! They had a version of Internet Explorer that was so old that it didn't even have tabs! Worse, many places --- INCLUDING BZPOWER --- were inaccessible "for security reasons"! Then the whole computer crashed and restarted itself! What a pathetic waste of $2! NEVER USE THE INTERNET CAFE AT SYDNEY'S CENTRAL STATION! IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!


Afterwards, we returned to the hotel and picked up our luggage, and then quickly had the Countrylink staff pack it away on the train. We then went in to our allocated seat and took the train home overnight.


It was not a pleasant trip. I suddenly got Hay Fever, forcing me to take frequent toilet breaks to dry my nose with toilet paper, because the train had no other medication. For that reason (among others), I was unable to sleep pretty much all night. I'm surprised I wasn't that exhausted when we finally arrived back in Melbourne!


On the way, we got delayed for an hour when the police showed up to escort someone from the train. I don't know the exact details because no-one told us anything, but I believe it was because someone was drunk.


After 12 hours on a train, it felt REALLY good to step out and get fresh air! And that comes from someone who loves trains!


All in all, a surprisingly eventful holiday!


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