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My Sydney Holiday Part 3



On Wednesday, I took a monorail for the first time! :D We went to Darling harbour and went on a sea cruise on a catamaran. My dad exhausted his phone's entire memory taking photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House! :P


Next, we went to the aquarium. I noticed there was a LEGO Store next door, so naturally I went to have a look... and naturally I walked out broken-hearted. There was NOTHING Bionicle-related in the store AT ALL!!!!! It was like Bionicle never existed, because even the cashier had no idea what Bionicle was!


The aquarium itself appeared to have affiliated themselves strongly with Lego: they had lego models, mostly of minifigs, scattered throughout the tour area, as well as a large statue of Poseidon (I think that's him) out the front. However, the constant presence of Lego models all over the place simply rubbed in the face that Bionicle has been banned. Thus, I don't want to go back until either the models disappear (which won't be for ages because of how detailed the models were; it'd be a waste) or Bionicle comes back, whatever comes first.


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that is saddening, that the cashier didnt know bionicle. one time, I went to a lego store in late 07, in what might be considered the second golden age of bionicle, when this cashier guy, probably an AFOL, noticed i was taking bit too long staring at gadunka and the bionicle section. he showed ,me this epic moc he made, which was taller and hydraxon and had one giant eye and it was just epic. nowadays, I guess cashiers lost their coolness

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[...] Bionicle has been banned.
god, would you justwould you please just learn to use words properlyplease

I knew someone would whinge about that. :annoyed:


I'm afraid I'm stubborn, and I feel to blame for what happened, so I'm not gonna change.

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Forgotten, maybe? Obsolete? Archaic, even? Or maybe what BIONICLE is - canceled. Gone. History. Retired.


It's quite annoying to have to infer what I think you mean from a deluge of misused words - so in that case, I am forced to echo Laughin'Man's sentiment.


There is no valid reason that you can't change. It's just changing a word.

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