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Free Comic Book Day!



Today was Free Comic Book Day!

(Sorry for telling you so late, but maybe your local comic shop is still open and has some good stuff left.)


I picked up a Serenity/Star Wars flip-cover comic and a preview of The Hypernaturals. And got an extra DC New 52 comic which preluded the Earth 2 #1 I picked up today (along with World's Finest). And I really want to keep reading those!

Oh and an X-Men comic.


I also stopped by TRU today. When I called they said they had the Series 7 figs. What I failed to comprehend is that they wouldn't have a nearly full box to sort through.

So from about a dozen or so figs I picked out the dark knight, rocker chick and space marine.

Which is what I wanted. But I also want at least another spacer, an Aztec, and a bagpiper (for a friend). But I live near a TRU at home, when I'll have a car.


Good day, except for the terrible game of Risk. Oh well.


-CF :kakama:


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Went to mine, the place was packed! There was tomato pie, candy, cookies...


I didn't get one of the free ones, but it's all good. I still got to see some new inventory that I didn't know they had on stock, and I was able to leave with a Captain America and Hawkeye comic book.

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