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Oh Boy



This is it. There are two days until the class trip to Japan. This will be the first time I will have left the US. I will be living with a Japanese family for nine days.


I have never been less confident in my Japanese-speaking abilities; not even when I first started learning the language.

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Hopefully that wasn't too bad; I haven't actually used Japanese in a month or so. In case I did completely butcher that (and for anyone else reading) your host family realizes you're still just studying Japanese, so it'll probably be fine even if you do make mistakes. I also hear that Japanese tend to laugh a little when foreigners make mistakes speaking Japanese in Japan, but it's not out of any sort of ill-will; it's just in the culture. Personally, I'd like to go to Japan sometime, but my major really doesn't have any sort of connection to Japanese, so I can't exactly study abroad.


In any event, have fun!

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