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A New Direction for Glee




Okay, yes, I watch Glee (or have been watching it since the third season, anyway, but I've seen most of the first season, too). It's just so hilariously bizarre at times, borderlining so bad it's good, that I kind of have to watch it.


So, naturally, the always-active gray matter in my skull (which some people call a brain) came up with this brilliant idea for a Glee fanfic, an idea I came up with after watching the end of the third episode of the fourth season.


At the end of the third episode, Rachel Berry (one of the protagonists) is in her apartment with this guy named Brody Weston, who goes to the same dancing school that she does. Long story short, the two have had unresolved sexual tension for a while now and end up kissing, but just as they do so, Rachel's real boyfriend, Finn Hudson, arrives and finds Rachel with Brody.


The episode cuts off just when Rachel opens the door and finds Finn standing there (instead of her roommate, Kurt Hummel, who she expected to see). So you don't get to see how Finn reacts to seeing his girlfriend with another guy.


How they resolve this cliffhanger is revealed in the next episode (which aired yesterday, in fact), but that bored me, so I came up with another (and better) idea.


See, Finn went to join the army at the end of season three (which is why he wasn't with Rachel at the beginning of seaon four) to follow in the footsteps of his father.


So I thought, "What if Finn, now trained in the use of military-grade guns, killed Rachel and Brody in a fit of rage and then went on the run from the police?"


It's a bizarre idea, one that certainly wouldn't fit the Gleeverse (as the writers portray it) at all, but it intrigues me so much, partly because of its serious nature, partly because it's ridiculous, and partly because I'd get to turn Finn into a certified butt-kicker who doesn't afraid of the law (which is why he is on the run from it, obviously).


I was thinking he'd escape to Ireland, where he'd team up with Rory Flanagan, an Irish exchange student from season three who was his friend, who'd let him stay at his house until the whole thing blows over. I'm sure Puck, another old friend of Finn's, would end up helping as well (not sure how, though, considering he's supposed to be in LA, if I remember correctly).


I can just imagine the news reaching the Glee club at the school. Mr. William Schuester would be horrified, while other members of the Glee club (such as Artie and Brittany) would be involved in a master plan that requires Finn to be stopped, although not for noble reasons. Sue Sylvester would probably just quip "I knew he'd crack one of these days" and probably be secretly trying to undermine Artie and Brittany's evil plan while appearing apathetic to it. (No, I don't know why Artie and Brittany are the villains. But that's the fun of writing, though, isn't it?)


I think Kurt would probably go insane or depressed upon learning the deaths of Rachel and Brody (especially Rachel). He'd probably wonder why his brother killed them and then work with the police to capture Finn and bring him to justice (maybe Kurt could become a super hero/vigilante with a fabulous costume, with Blaine as his sidekick. Not sure).


If it turns out anything at all like my other stories, it'd have some big mystery surrounding the whole story that the protagonists are trying to uncover. I'm thinking this mystery would explain how the heck the characters are able to spontaneously sing any song on the spot on-key and with perfect dance coordination. Yes, that would work.


This may just be my NaNoWriMo novel. As I've finished writing The Legend Imploded, I really would like another crack fic to work on and this seems just about perfect. Doesn't mean I will write it, though, but I am very tempted to. Very tempted to.





Recommended Comments

Sounds a bit dark,tovarisch. Will this be a black comedy?


Most likely. I imagine it'll be at least partly serious, though.

I'd read it. And I don't like Glee. :P


That's at least one taker, then lol.


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