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Somewhere Over the Reading Rainbow

Black Six


As mentioned last week, I had fallen a little behind on my reading goals, but I managed to finish Halo: Glasslands Friday night (early Saturday morning, technically). It was pretty enjoyable, and a good continuation of the Ghosts of Onyx. There were three main storylines: one following the Spartans, Dr. Halsey, and Chief Mendez as they try to learn more about the Dyson sphere they're trapped in, another following some Elites planning on overthrowing the Arbiter, and the last focusing on Kilo-5, an ONI team performing 'destabilization efforts.' They all intersect each other at various points, and there's some interesting twists along the way. It had quite the cliffhanger of an ending, so I'm looking forward to The Thursday War.


On Saturday proper, I started reading Primordium, and I finished it last night. Guess I'm back on track again. Primordium was excellent - it continued the story of Cryptum, but from a different narrative perspective and point of view, and answered a bunch of questions you had at the end of the first book. It ended with a huge reveal though, and now Silentium can't come soon enough. If you've read it and want to talk about it, feel free to PM me.


So tonight I'll be starting The Thursday War, and see where things pick up with Kilo-5. I'm hoping the remaining Spartan 2s and 3s make an appearance after they built their characters up so much in the other books. I'm figuring a week to go through that, then it'll be on to the graphic novels, since it seems like I'll have plenty of time!


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