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I Need Pumpkin Ideas!

Avohkah Tamer


As some of you may know, I try to carve a geeky/video-game related/pony Jack-o'-Lantern every year for Halloween.


The problem is, tomorrow is Halloween, and I still haven't picked out a pattern to carve this year! Anyone have any ideas?


I don't have any particularly nice tools (just cheap plastic saws from dollar store kits), and I'd prefer not to have any shaved/thinned parts as I found out they don't light up well with just a candle inside. I'd like to do another pony-themed pattern this year, but video game ideas are fine too.


Examples from the past few years (Click the images for larger):


2009 - Half-Life 2 (Click for a mock-up of how this pattern looks lit-up)



2010 - Portal 2 (Particularly proud of this one, designed the pattern myself)



2011 - Mare in the Moon



Recommended Comments

Portal 2 and the Mare in the Moon are brilliant.

I've still got printable patterns available, if you or anyone else is interested.



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Do a pumpkin pattern, so it's a pumpkin within a pumpkin, making it PUMPKINCEPTION.


Nerdy and obscure and....pretty dumb.


- Tilius

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