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Matau and Nokama finally got together



...In another show altogether.


Turns out they are voiced by Brian Drummond and Tabitha St. Germain. You might know them better as Mr. and Mrs. Cake from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.



Of course it's already well-known that voice acting can be a tightly-knit community, but it's still fun to find amusing little coincidences like this.


P.S.: I am not at all suggesting any sort of relationship between the actual voice actors. That would be a little bit weird.


P.P.S.: Feel free to substitute Onewa and Nokama, if that's your OTP for some reason


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Heh. I dont watch the show but I know they use a lot of people from Bionicle in MLP, with the exception of a few like Vakama.

Also Tabitha St.Germain is one of the most awesome names I have ever heard.

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This is because both the Bionicle movies and MLP hire their voice talents from Ocean Productions. Ed, Edd, n Eddy also has Tabitha St. Germain and Sam Vincent (Flim) as well as other Bionicle movie stars.


I don't think this holds true for TLR, though, since those seem to be American voice actors...



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