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  1. What a vaction I'm having. Lovely location, great weather, got engaged. ^^

  2. Looking good, LK! ^^ Don't worry too much about release dates; taking care of yourself is more important. -Inferna
  3. Caught the Giant Horse in BotW! Named her Astara :)

  4. I'm having the worst luck trying to tame horses. Admittedly, part of the problem might be that I've been going after the giant horse that's in the Gerudo section of the map. I refuse to give up, though. Clearly I just need a lot more stamina potions. Also, since my last entry was made a while ago, I do in fact have a job now. Not a particularly glamourous job, but it's busy, I have good coworkers, and it's not in downtown Seattle, so there's no traffic to deal with on the way to work. =)
  5. >insert snazzy picture of Fern facepalming in response here< =P
  6. I'm gonna get Chapter 3 done and posted even if it kills me; I'm tired of writer's block.

  7. So, not much has been happening, outside of the job search. Went and saw Kubo and the Two Strings the other night; I loved it. If you haven't seen it yet, please do so; it's wonderful. Also, I've been preparing for both Rise of Iron and BrickCon; I should hopefully be planning transportation for the latter better than I did last year. Reborn's next chapter is in the works; there's just a scene that's been causing me trouble. I'll hopefully have it done by BrickCon itself.
  8. I'm coming, don't worry. I'm dragging Potu and Akaku along for the ride as well. =P
  9. I'll make sure he sticks to that, guys. =P (Or try to, at least.) Well, I would've given this to you earlier, but thanks to various things (*glares at wi-fi*), here it is now. Page 10: The scene with Rivnak works a bit better this time around, partly because Ak's sword isn't comically oversized and partly because Ak looks legitimately angry about Rivnak being there. (Also your style has improved a lot, but I've said that many times before =P) Page 11: For some weird reason, I'm finding the fact that background character fell out of her seat face-first really funny xD Page 12: And now she's running away. (I don't blame her at all.) Also, Nemesis looks really sinister in that first panel. =P -Inferna
  10. "If you must blink, do it now. Pay careful attention to everything you see, no matter how unusual it may seem. If you look away, even for an instant, than our hero will surely perish."

  11. College done. Now for real life ... I think.

  12. @Letagi: Probably, if we're going by historical value. Though a four-year college degree costs about four years and roughly $10,000 in student loans, plus whatever interest I have to pay before I get rid of it, so I think my point still stands.
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