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Look at all these LGBTQ things that are being said, just look at them



I don't have sad story. Sure there was stress, and crying (from my mother) and anger (from me when my mom decided to tell my dad even though I asked her not to. Then she told my sister, who was mad at me for my not telling her myself. Then she told my cousins for some reason, I have no idea. I don't think she told any of my grandparents though because none of them have had fatal heart attacks).


No, I just have a humorous anecdote (at least I think it's humorous).


A little setup: About, eh, a third of my friends know I'm gay. I only, like, for srs sat down and told a handful of them. For most it just came up in casual conversation (it took me a long time to get to the point where I could treat my super gayness as anything casual). Two of my three roommates know, and I keep it super secret from the third because I don't know him as well and also our brains function differently and talking to him in any capacity is hard. HUMOROUSLY (i.e. shenanigans) he is the roommate I share a room with. I'd like to say stuff deserving of yakety sax happens but he's totally 100% not my type (see different brains) and old and taken so whatever.


that was too much setup, REGARDLESS


I was riding in an automobile (I believe it was of American origin) with a roommate, a second roommate, that roommate's girlfriend, a lady friend who wants to become a reporter, and the girlfriend of the aforementioned CLUELESS ROOMMATE. For some reason we were talking and the difference between feminism and "feminism," and somehow several minutes later (the conversation must have bunny trailed, because this sounds completely irrelevant) it seemed natural for me to sigh and say, "Man, I think I'm going to be one of those people that doesn't go on a date until he's, like, 26, and it's going to be awkward and awful. It seems like it would have been better to start earlier and get most of the terrible mistakes out of the way."

And then driving girl (aka girlfriend of CLUELESS ROOMMATE) was like, "You know, you have some say in this. You could, like, go on a date."

And so I was like, like, hesitantly, like, "I just don't meet many people that are my type."

And she was like, "What is your type?"

And I was like, without hesitation this time (for maximum comedy), "Dudes."

And then there was an amazing silence that was pretty great and lengthy. Oh, except the roommate sitting next to me (sans girlfriend) snickered awkwardly.




I met all of these people at church.


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Perhaps we should start the BZP LGBT Pretty Well Off and Generally OK People Club. Raise money for the BZP LGBT Guys This Is Really Kinda Serious and I Need Honest Emotional Support Club.

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:kaukau: I guess it's one of those things that you had to be there. I'm just wondering, though, if you intentionally meant to essentially say that there aren't that many dudes in the world.



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