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The blogs have become an uncomfortable place lately, and, due to some disagreements on the way a few things have been handled, I have found myself at odds with people I would rather count as friends. I don't see an end to this situation coming as soon as I would like it to, so there is something I would like to make clear before things go too far.


I do not want a fight.


I have never logged onto BZP with that desire in my mind. I have enough people to argue with elsewhere, were I the sort of person who revels in confrontation - but I'm not. When I log onto BZP, I want to relax, laugh with my friends, and maybe debate minor matters of philosophy. No matter what is said in the rather more serious debates happening now, and those still to come, no matter what my errors of communication or careless, accidental, hurting words, I am here to talk, relax, and have fun. Not to make enemies.


If the time ever comes that I do not respect you, I will not fight you. I will not argue with someone for whom I have no respect, whose views, desires, and feelings hold no value for me. I will ignore them. I will give such a person up as a lost cause, and happily avoid the irritation they brought me.


So unless the time comes that I never reply to anything you say, never visit your blog, and never argue with you, know that I respect you. I may not be your friend, I may not agree with you on anything, you may not even like me, but I would rather have you as a friend than an enemy, and if, by some chance, all the people who are so much better at being human and nice and comforting than I am have disappeared, know that, if you need it, I will try to have something good to say. I will try, in the small ways available to me, to make your day better.


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Hokay, so, in case anyone comes scrolling through the least interesting blog on this site, some context


Back when this entry was made, there was a pretty big kerfuffle on the blogs between two sides. One side was undeniably wrong in their beliefs, while the other side was angry. There were some, myself included, who, while nominally agreeing with the people who were angry, insisted that being angry made them less right.


This is an incredibly silly belief, and a dangerous one.


While I still, generally, believe that people are deserving of a basic level of respect, the same cannot be said for beliefs. There are beliefs that deserve no respect, which ought to be eliminated as soon as practically possible. For the people who hold these beliefs... Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is tell them that they are wrong, and hold firm in that until they recognize it. Gentle treatment is not necessarily called for.

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