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Coliseum Chronicle: Issue 207





League of Six Kingdoms Formed


After centuries of chaos, trade routes and worker's guilds have been united under an unprecedented new effort headed by the peace-seeking yet self-proclaimed "warlords;" Ehlek, Mantax, Pridak, Kalmah, Takadox, and Carapar. Despite fearsome names, the Six Kingdom Warlords Alliance (SKWA) were formed under the direction of the Great Spirits to ensure peace and prosperity in our time.



SKWA leader Pridak takes the stand to address citizen's concerns

over new government systems at yesterday's meeting in the heart of the coliseum


When asked about current and future political ambitions, the leader of the SKWA and overseer of the great northern trade routes, Pridak, said he wanted only to be a boon to the working class and not a hindrance, citing economic spikes as tied to good government-guild relations. Concerns about military and police force were brushed off with a simple "only law-breakers need worry." The crowd, composed of many of Metru-Nui's hard-working citizens, seemed to visibly relax at this. Not everyone was in high spirits about the new mandatory government; some feeling that the toothy, charismatic leader smelled a little fishy.


"So what's the law, yanno?" one carver spat angrily at the podium. "If we don't do somethin' to help you, is that an offense? And if we object, that's another one, right?"


It is well known to trade circles, certainly, that the Po-Metru carver's markets are not the most brilliant example of well-to-do citizenry, but once more our fears were quelled as Pridak took the opportunity to address some concerns personally: "We are here to ensure diplomacy and prevent war. I'm sure we can all appreciate the need for safer communication in our markets. To that end, the minor quibbles of day-to-day life are not police matters. I advise you to take care of personal matters and move right along with no fear of retaliation."


Pridak will be holding additional public forums in the months to come in order to ensure a smooth transition for citizens under his control. His first step will be to establish patrols along the pirate-infested trade routes between the Ga-Metru ports and Xian manufacturers. "I think this is a good step for everyone," Pridak said. "It's important to keep safety our priority."


:pakari: Ceteran Malivus for the Coliseum Chronicle can be reached through local offices; extension 50464. New contributors may request a free press kit and journalism guide.


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