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In the End Mondays 06/30




It's that time of week again, when the demons arise from the bowels of the earth and the sky rains blood on all.


. . . wait, you mean that's Tuesday? Oh, never mind. I guess that means that today is Monday. Here's an excerpt from the latest chapter:

Just as Night Vision was beginning to relax, Aqua pointed at the door and said, “Skrall, look!”


Night peered at the door, but at first saw nothing out of the ordinary. Then he noticed that the door was sweating.


No, it wasn't sweating. It was melting. The metal was beginning to pool at the door's feet, dripping off its surface in huge drops. Night Vision had no idea what the heck was going on, but if there was something on the other side of that door trying to get in, he wasn't going to be taken unprepared.


Shadow began arcing up and down his arms like lightning. Next to him, Aqua had summoned two spheres of water again, except these two were much larger than the last ones. The two exchanged one last glance as the door finally melted into a puddle of liquid metal. And then the scariest thing Night Vision saw in his entire life stepped through the door.


Read the rest of Chapter XII here.





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