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In the End Mondays 07/14




Monday. Again. Weird how it seems to come every week. Just like how it's weird that my birthday is once a year. I suspect a conspiracy involving the Illuminati, gummy bears, and Luigi's mustache. Oh, and George Takei is in on it, too. Probably the mastermind now that I think about it.


Anyway, here's an excerpt from this week's chapter:

Night Vision put his fork down and looked at her. “And we do that, how? Elementalists aren't allowed to go into the main office. We aren't even allowed to walk around the Bunker wherever we please.”


Heavyweight smiled a wicked grin. “I've already got a plan. If it works, we'll know for sure just what the Project is really for and what's really going on here. You in?”


Night Vision exchanged a look with Blaze. The Ta-Matoran looked very much like she wanted to not get into trouble, but she nodded anyway and so did Night Vision.


“All right,” said Heavyweight. She lowered her voice again and said, “Now listen, here's what we're going to have to do. . . .”


Read the rest of Chapter XIV here.





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