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at radioshack


we're gonna be dead in the water by this time next year


my job is standing around for five hours a day and hoping someone comes in to this store in the middle of nowhere in the mall


on the upside, it's the same mall my lego store is at, so i may be able to swing a job there now that i have actual work experience.


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Yes, Sumiki. Just, yes. xP


Also, congrats! There's no real Radioshacks, or even that other equivalent that was around for a while, here anymore... At least, I think. =/

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We don't even have the parts to build hardly anything. Unless you can build a death ray out of a trillion friggin earbuds.

Sound cannon maybe?




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You know, Radioshack saved my butt today and actually had the Thermal Compound that they said they had.


That was pretty awesome, actually. And I didn't get fried, so bonus. 

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