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bionicle 2015 is a reboot



so why are people theorizing about how it could fit into the old storyline

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because it's obviously a soft reboot

it's not like they said "it's a hard reboot" during the con or anything.

spoilers: they did.

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It's like asking how many Earths can fit inside Jupiter.
Jupiter being the cloudy, humongous and inhospitably suffocating wasteland based on a small but solid core in this allegory.

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What I don't get it is how so much speculation can be going on with so little information to work from. Slow down, wait to see what happens. It's impossible to know anything right now until it's told to us.

I personally really don't like speculation about what's going to happen 'cause inevitably someone is gonna stumble upon the correct theory and then it takes away from the wonder when it happen canonically, or worse, someone comes up with something so great that everyone believes will happen, and something a lot more boring happens instead.

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