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Bionicle Mafia Plans



Sequels (of a sort) to Bionicle Mafia 12: Dead Sea

  • Bionicle Mafia 23: Red Sea (confirmed!)
  • Bionicle Mafia 34: Endless Ocean
  • Bionicle Mafia 45: Sea of Troubles
  • Bionicle Mafia 56: Cruellest Mistress
  • Bionicle Mafia 67: Pirate Latitudes
  • Bionicle Mafia 78: Seventh Sea

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There's going to be 78 Mafia games? Won't you guys have gotten tired of that by then?

There's been well over that by this point. This is the third "age" of Mafia

I am kinda sure that the First age went to at least 41...

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First age went to 35 "main" games, and an unknown, but likely greater number of what we would now call "side games." Overall probably we had about 70-80 mafia games before the forums went down. 


Unfortunately we lost the other games. =(


I wrote a really long post about this then I decided that is was A: pretentious as heck and B: way overdone and C: sounded slightly passive aggressive.


So I didn't post it. =P


But yeah. Mafia has been a staple of G&T for about 6-7 years now. And some of the major players now even played way back then. Blade, Xae, etc have pretty much been playing from the beginning. 

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Not to mention I am sorta partially responsible for the Third Age existing, what with my first hosted game being Bionicle Mafia: The Gritty Reboot That Has Its Full Title Cut Off or something. Colloquially known as Gritty Reboot.

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Bioncle Mafia: The Gritty Reboot That Refuses to Acknowledge any Previous Installments


According to the wiki, at least. =P


(which reminds me, I should go update that some.


Considering we are updated to like, XIII right now.)

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