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From: 2015 Nui Rama





So recently, inspired by an offhand comment my twin brother made about wanting to see/build an updated version of the classic Nui-Rama set, I decided to try my hand at a MOC.


After much planning, preparation on LDD, and scavenging parts from recent Technic sets, the result is what you see here. A "Skull Sandfly" (still not 100% sold on the name, but I like the alliteration). I tried to recreate the look of the classic set while giving it a much-needed update, with CCBS parts replacing the classic low-posability Bionicle limbs and the dated Throwbot/Slizer gearbox cleared out to make way for a custom gearbox which utilizes the knob gears from this year's Technic-heavy Toa and Lord of Skull Spiders. The function looks better (thanks in part to the wings from Gorast and Thornraxx) and arguably works better, with less wobble and a better grip for the handle. The jaw and claws are now posable, thanks to parts from last year's Hero Factory sets, and the eyes are now solidly attached instead of weirdly popping off like other masks. And at 103 pieces, it gives the original a run for its money in terms of bulk and building experience as well.

More photos, video, and even a digital download are available from the MOC topic!


Source: 2015 Nui Rama

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